Da Vinci Code, The

Date: 2006
Director: Ron Howard
Production Company: Columbia Pictures, Imagine Entertainment, Skylark

Stars: Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou, Ian McKellen, Jean Reno, Alfred Molina, Paul Bettany, Jurgen Prochnow
Location(s): Lincolnshire, London, Paris (France), Midlothian (Scotland)

Region(s): , , ,


Based on Dan Brown’s bestseller, the first of the symbologist Robert Langton mysteries as a mysterious murder mystery could lead him to finding the Holy Grail. SJ

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Hanks gives a lecture on symbols in Paris, actually the Fairfield Hall, Croydon.

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Bettany's hideout: a good place for some speaking in Latin and self-castigation. Nice view of the Sacre-Coeur. This is rue Becquerel and rue de la Bonne, Montmartre with thanks to Tony Reeves.

Reno delivers Hanks to the Louvre. Another dark shot, indeed at least the first half of the film is set at night.

image no 3

Not quite perfectly centred. SJ

Bettany makes inquiries at Église Saint-Sulpice, Rue Saint-Sulpice just north of the Luxembourg Gardens. This church is second only to Notre-Dame in terms of size. Apparently permission to film the interior was turned down.

image no 4

This is the interior which looks a pretty good match to me. SJ

Part of the "Rose line" for which the church had to issue denials of paganism after hordes of tourists invaded after first the book and then the film's release.

image no 5

The gnomon today. The brass line on the obelisk is hit by the sun, if shining, at winter solstice's noon. SJ

Belvoir Castle, Lincs, and with some added CGI domes over the turrets to represent the (ex-)papal palace of Castel Gandolfo outside Rome. That could even be Lago Albano behind...with a little imagination.

image no 6

Not sure I've the correct angle but this is dome-less Belvoir Castle, taken from Woolsthorpe. Its kitchens were used in The Haunting (1999), and it has also appeared in Little Lord Fauntleroy, Young Sherlock Holmes, The Young Victoria and A Royal Night Out. SJ

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Looks like the chancel screen of Lincoln Cathedral.

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A reception committee awaits McKellen, Hanks and Tautou as they fly in from France, with a helpful sign.

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Burghley House, Lincs with some added cgi domes to make it look like Belvoir Castle (qv), oops sorry I mean the papal palace of Castel Gandolfo, which is now a museum after being given up by Pope Francis.

image no 9

Extraordinary. Only the ground floor matches with the upper levels victim to cinematic trickery. SJ

The trio make their way through Temple, London WC2.

image no 10

Peter made his way through too.

After visiting the Temple Church, Hanks and Tautou are forced to run for it.

image no 11

Church Court by Peter.

They take cover on Fleet Street.

image no 12

The very spot with stains, chips and markings intact. SJ

Bettany's safe (for the time being) house on Gloucester Terrace, London W2.

image no 13

The northern end of Gloucester Terrace just south of Orsett Terrace. SJ

About to take a deadly sip! A little further west of Trinity Buoy Wharf at the end of Orchard Place, E14. A popular spot with filmmakers for its views of the Millennium Dome, more details in London Movie Guide.

image no 14

Not an accurate shot, as the real location is behind locked gates. But this is the view from Trinity Buoy Wharf which shows the promontory which leads to East India Dock basin on the right and the blocks behind. SJ

Hanks and Tautou follow the trail to Westminster Abbey.

image no 15

Tothill Street at the corner of Matthew Parker Street, London SW1. And yes the road is closed for filming a Robbie Williams concert at the Methodist Central Hall. Perhaps best known for Calendar Girls and Mirren returned for Red as well. SJ

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The interior of "Westminster Abbey," though is actually Lincoln Cathedral.

Checking another clue after emerging from the Abbey.

image no 17

On a gloomier day on New Year's Eve. SJ

Rosslyn Chapel, Roslin, Midlothian, Scotland, but wasn't it even then covered in scaffolding?

image no 18

Scaffolding, the ubiquitous bane of RS. Taken by brother RJ on a special trip but the comments are mine.

The interior of the chapel. Some interesting reviews on Trip Advisor.

image no 19

Some of which complain about the crowds, the admission price and no photography inside. RJ

Finding the crypt.

image no 20

RJ found the spot.

More interiors

image no 21

Now. RJ

The exterior: the chapel was not shy to celebrate the film with screenings on the 10th anniversary of shooting in Sept. '15 and tourist visits increased five-fold at their peak.

image no 22

Good angle. RJ

Now we are suddenly outside the castle, a few hundred yards south of the chapel.

image no 23

Now. RJ

Hanks and Tautou say their farewells.

image no 24

This part of the castle is available as holiday accommodation. RJ

A long shot of the ruins of Rosslyn/Roslin Castle.

image no 25

Now. RJ

Reverse pov

image no 26

And now. RJ

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The Ritz, Paris

Hanks alone at the Louvre.

image no 28

Difficult to get that break in the crowds. SJ

Quite an iconic image.

image no 29

Look at that crowd! SJ

The final symbolic image below the Louvre. Intriguing!

image no 30

Pretty busy down below as well. SJ