Daleks – Invasion Earth 2150 AD

Date: 1966
Director: Gordon Flemyng
Production Company: AARU Productions, British Lion Films, Amicus Productions

Stars: Peter Cushing, Bernard Cribbins, Ray Brooks, Andrew Keir, Jill Curzon, Roberta Tovey
Location(s): London, Surrey

Region(s): ,


The Daleks’ plot to invade Earth in the year 2150 is foiled when Dr. Who and his companions arrive from the 20th century.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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Special Constable Tom Campbell (Bernard Cribbins) walks his beat as thieves prepare to rob a jewelery shop. A studio set included for completeness.

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After a fight with the escaping robbers, Tom looks around for assistance.

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A police call box is spotted.

When Tom arrives in the year 2150 with Dr Who, Louise and Susan, the view of London that greets them is one of devastation. A heavily matted shot of Lots Road Power Station in London SW10.

image no 4

A similar shot now by Simon James, borrowed from 'McVicar'.

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David (Ray Brooks) and Dr Who (Peter Cushing) run from the Daleks. Looking towards Hamlet Drive from David Lean Drive inside Shepperton Studios, Surrey.

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Susan and Wyler head into a Dalek patrol as they attempt to escape towards Bedfordshire. Another studio set.

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Following their flight from London, Wyler (Andrew Keir) and Susan (Roberta Tovey) approach a remote house in the country. The footbridge over the River Ash in Shepperton Studios' Littleton Park formerly in Middlesex. Information from http://www.doctorwholocations.net The area was also seen in 'Dr. Terror's House of Horrors', 'The Earth Dies Screaming' and 'Monster of Terror'.