Dance Hall

Date: 1950
Director: Charles Crichton
Production Company: Ealing Studios

Stars: Donald Houston, Bonar Colleano, Petula Clark, Natasha Parry, Jane Hylton, Diana Dors, Gladys Henson, Sydney Tafler
Location(s): London



Four young factory girls escape the monotony of work by spending their evenings at the Chiswick Palais.

Additional Information:

Screen shots uploaded by Phil Wilkinson from source material provided by John Tunstill.


Also see Sean Longden’s blog about this film’s connections at


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Eve sets off for a night at The Palais. The rather distinctive ironwork of Ebury Buildings on Semley Place in SW1 identified by Sean Longden.

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A friend waits for Eve. Ebury Buildings on Semley Place.

A cycle race passes the accumulator tower on Churchill Gardens Estate, Pimlico. The flats behind the tower still stand on Johnson's Place but this section of road is long gone. The location was also used in 'Genevieve'.

image no 3

Should be nearer: the other side of the wall. SJ

The cycle race heads west along Grosvenor Road, London SW1. The area has been redeveloped.

image no 4

It certainly has. Roughly where Darwin House of the Churchill Garden Estate is. SJ

Phil arrives after getting a lift in a truck. Alongside the Thames on Grosvenor Road SW1.

image no 5

And again. SJ

Phil (Donald Houston) looks for Eve. Sean Longden locates this as Ebury Buildings and the same block is seen in 'Hunted' 007.

image no 6

And this building occupies the spot now. Image copyright Google Maps.

Rushing off to catch up with Eve. Sean Longden identifies this as the forecourt of Ebury Buildings facing Ebury Square, which was hit by a flying bomb that did a lot of damage to surrounding properties.

image no 7

And here's a shot taken within the square, SW1. The two trees are the same as is the centre building, which is also seen from a different angle in For Better For Worse. SJ

Phil arrives at The Chiswick Palais, played by Streatham Gaumont, Streatham Hill, London SW2.

image no 8

Now a sad sight with a question mark as to when re-development might happen. (RL)

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Phil takes a friend to a gliding club. An unknown location that might be Dunstable Downs. Well yes, why has it taken us all so long? Ray and Ron Glenister pinpoint this as the very little changed London Gliding Club, Icknield Way Whipsnade, Dunstable Beds. (RL)

Alec takes Eve for a drive. Ray and Ron Glenister do it again! They identify this as Queensberry Mews West, London SW7 looking towards Queens Gate. (RL)

image no 10

And we have a match to confirm. SJ

Alec (Bonar Colleano) and Eve talk. Queensberry Mews West, London SW7 found by Ray and Ron Glenister. (RL)

image no 11

But this has been altered. Fortunately diagonally opposite, behind me, the original architecture survives. SJ

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Phil and Eve (Natasha Parry) outside the factory. Dave King advises that "It looks like this shot is taken at Ealing Studios. The windows in the background are to the lower floor of the cutting room block known as S Block in the BBC's days when I worked there. I believe that these rooms were used as Dressing Rooms in Balcon's time".

A wedding car drives along a blurry street.

image no 13

The wedding car was about to pass the "Chiswick Palace" in Streatham Hill. (RL)

Alec and Eve talk. Richard Lovejoy located Wilton Road from the junction with Warwick Way, London SW1.

image no 14

And it's still a chemist on the corner. (RL)

Alec and Eve in the street.

image no 15

The same crossroads as danha014 but looking down Warwick Way. Picture and identification from Richard Lovejoy.