Danger by My Side

Date: 1962
Director: Charles Sanders
Production Company: Butchers Film Productions

Stars: Anthony Oliver, Maureen Connell, Alan Tilvern, Brandon Brady, Richard Klee
Location(s): London, Middlesex, Surrey

Region(s): ,


With the help of the Met Police, Lynne Marsden tries to find the gang that killed her detective brother.

Additional Information:

Brian Lucas who lived in Hanworth at the time of filming remembers:

One day a school mate came round and said that there was some filming being done at the top of Bear Rd, Hanworth, by the Swan Pub. We both went along and watched some filming being done which consisted of a couple of police cars stopping; and later men (the baddies) being put into them. We were allowed to stand in shot in the background in some shots, supposedly as `nosey` public watching a police arrest!. I ultimately forgot about the filming until a couple of years ago when I saw those same scenes when the film was shown on TV.”

Screen captures uploaded by Stephen Dean.


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The gang leave Nicky's club in Soho. Meard Street in W1 which is also seen in 'Something In The City', 'King of the Underworld', 'Saturday Night Out', 'Man at the Carlton Tower', 'The Frightened City', 'The Six Men', 'The Teckman Mystery' and 'Something in the City'.

image no 1

Peter wishes to thank Adam (Westminster Cleansing) for moving his van so that he could take this shot, thanks from Reelstreets as well! (RL)

They turn left into Dean Street where their car is parked.

image no 2

Peter notes that a new window has been put in. (RL)

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A security van stops outside a bank. High Street, Whitton, Middlesex.

The car mounts the pavement outside the bank. Constance Road, Whitton.

image no 4

Ian Hedgcock shows how mounting the pavement would be a lot more difficult now. (SD)

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The gang attack the security guards and grab the money bags. Corner of Constance Road and High Street, Whitton.

As the getaway car speeds off, gang member Bernie Hewson (Brandon Brady) runs into a sign post and is held down by a passer-by. High Street, Whitton.

image no 6

This shot from Ian shows how an escaping bank robber would find his get away even more obstructed now. (SD)

Hewson spends the next two years in Wormwood Scrubs. The location was seen in ‘Street of Shadows’, ‘Up Jumped a Swagman’, ‘Beat Girl’ and ‘Go for a Take’ plus many more.

image no 7

A little less easy access now. (RL)

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Upon his release, Hewson pays his old boss Nicky Venning (Alan Tilvern) a visit. Unknown location.

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He enters the house to ask Venning for a job. Unknown location.

When Hewson begins work at Vennings warehouse he recognises one of the employees. The now demolished Swan Works on Swan Road, Hanworth, Middlesex. Replaced by Swan House.

image no 10

Brian Lucas who lived in the area at the time of filming has provided this Google Earth shot of the location now and also his memories of the filming that are included in the Header Section. He also advises that the name of the company at "Swan Works" was "Cement Gun".

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Hewson recognised Terry Marsden, working undercover for the CID. A man is sent to deal with him. Facing west on Main Street, Hanworth.

As Terry leaves work, the car is driven straight at him. Swan Road where it becomes Main Street, Hanworth.

image no 12

And Brian sends us this Google Earth shot of the same location now. Not so hazardous to cross the road now it would seem. (RL)

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Terry's sister Lynne (Maureen Connell) watches in horror as the car runs him over. Swan Road, opposite New Close. Now there are flats where the hedge was.

The office of Detective Chief Inspector Willoughby. Scotland Yard, Derby Gate SW1. Also seen in 'Meet Mr Callaghan', ' The Blue Parrot', 'The Frightened Man', 'Portrait of Alison'.

image no 14

Peter took best view possible now that new security arrangements are in place.

Lynne leaves the cemetery after visiting her brother's grave. Twickenham Cemetery Chapel.

image no 15

Ian Hedgcock visited the cemetery for this "now" shot. (SD)

After a tip off from Lynne working under cover, the police avert a jewellery shop raid. George Spencer Decorations at 36 and The Jewel House at 35.

image no 16

Sloane Street, London SW1 from ground level. That white van was clearly not going to move at a time that was convenient for me. (RL)

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Willoughby arrives at the quarry where one of Venning's night club performers was found dead. Russell Williamson recognised this as one of the gravel pits off Charlton Lane, Shepperton.

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Detective Inspector Willoughby joins his colleagues as they search for clues. Peter Brown advises that this is now Sunbury Golf Club (started 1991) on Charlton Lane, Shepperton and Russell Williamson confirms adding "This was my playground! There were three gravel pits on Charlton Lane. This one was partially filled in for the M3 when it was built".

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Willoughby gathers up a sand sample for forensics which he wraps in his hanky.

Hewson buys a newspaper - opposite the bank he robbed - and spots Lynne. High Street Whitton on the corner of Constance Road.

image no 20

In the film, the bank was called London And Counties Bank LTD. with the actual name covered, but Ian reveals the true identity of the bank. (SD)

Lynne heads down Percy Road, Whitton.

image no 21

Percy Road now from Ian. (SD)

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She enters a florist on the corner of Percy Road and Constance Road.

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Hewson follows Lynne to the cemetery where he discovers she has left flowers on her brother's grave, and who her brother is! Twickenham Cemetery.

Undercover PC Blackmore watches as Lynne approaches Vennings warehouse. Swan Road on the corner of Bear Road, Hanworth, facing The Swan pub.

image no 24

Brian Lucas provides this Google Earth shot showing that The Swan pub appears to one of the many that have now closed. (RL)

Lynne enters the warehouse compound. Swan House on Swan Road, facing what is now a parade of shops.

image no 25

Brian provides this Google shot of the shops that now stand on that site. (RL)

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Lynn is caught snooping around by Hewson. Swan House looking towards Green Lane.

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The police arrive to raid the warehouse. Facing north-east on Swan Road.

Blackmore, in workman pose, waits for the police to arrive. The corner of Swan Road and Bear Road.

image no 28

Brian Lucas sends this Google Earth capture of the same corner now. (RL)

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The police arrest warehouse manager Mills (Richard Klee) and discover where Lynne has been taken. Swan House, Swan Road.

Venning arrives where Hewson is holding Lynne captive. Facing north-east towards Walton Bridge, Walton On Thames, Surrey.

image no 30

The new bridge was opened in 2013. (SD)

Hewson is arrested after falling into the river from Vennings boat. Facing Walton Bridge.

image no 31

No such excitement today. (SD)

Venning is also arrested. Facing Walton Bridge.

image no 32

Very peaceful here now. (SD)