Danger Route

Date: 1967
Director: Seth Holt
Production Company: Amicus Productions

Stars: Richard Johnson, Carol Lynley, Barbara Bouchet, Sylvia Syms, Gordon Jackson, Diana Dors
Location(s): Jersey, London

Region(s): , ,


A British secret agent returns home from an assignment in the Caribbean and attempts to resign but he is persuaded by his superiors to undergo one final mission.

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Screen shots uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

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image no 1

Now for the film . . . . .

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Following his safe return from the Caribbean, agent Jonas Wilde rows his way towards the yacht belonging to Brian Stern. The Old Harbour at St. Helier on Jersey in the Channel Islands with the entrance to the English Harbour on the right.

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When he leaves Stern, Jonas Wilde (Richard Johnson) visits the farmhouse of another colleague, Peter Ravenspur, where he meets Marita, a newcomer to the team.

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Returning to London, Jonas arrives outside the building where he shares an apartment with his girlfriend Jocelyn Kirby. Simon James identifies this as Haven Green Court in Ealing W5.

After receiving payment for his last assignment, Jonas distributes his earnings in several bank accounts. Richard Lovejoy recognised Grosvenor Gardens in SW1, looking towards the corner with Beeston Place.

image no 5

And Peter provides a modern comparison.

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The National Provincial Bank at the corner of Victoria Street and Allington Street in London SW1. Not only has the bank gone, but the corner and Allington Street have disappeared too.

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The Midland Bank at 22 Victoria Street SW1 advises Richard. The building has been replaced.

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A last deposit is made before Jonas hands his resignation to Tony Canning, his boss. Richard believes this to be the Victoria Street Branch of the District Bank but again, the site has been redeveloped.

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After Canning requests that the agent carries out one final assignment, Jonas finds himself checking out the Dorset home of Sir Reginald Wood.

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The blonde haired housekeeper is spotted.

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Jonas gains entry to the house by seducing the housekeeper before he assassinates Balin, a Czechoslovakian defector.

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Marita (Barbara Bouchet) is taken to be interrogated by Brian Stern (Gordon Jackson). This is highly likely a back projection. The French Harbour in St. Helier, Jersey with the chimney of La Collette power station rising above South Hill.

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As the yacht is taken out to sea, Stern discloses that he's a traitor, running a network of enemy agents. Looking towards the exit of St. Helier Harbour on Jersey, Channel Islands.

With Stern and all of his team now dead, Jonas returns to his London flat . . . where Jocelyn attempts to poison him. Haven Green Court in Ealing, found by Simon and also seen in 'Doctor in Distress', 'The Sicilians' and 'The Wrong Arm of the Law'.

image no 14

The east side of Haven Green Court, W5. Straight into the sun with a shot of John Stephens who looks after the site. SJ

Jonas leaves the building after killing the enemy agent where he to see his boss approaching. Simon advises Haven Green Court.

image no 15

A modern comparison shot of Haven Green Court provided by SJ.

Tony Canning (Harry Andrews) blackmails Jonas into continuing to work as an agent. Haven Green Court in W5 located by SJ.

image no 16

Taken at nearly the same time of day as well as season. SJ