Danger Tomorrow

Date: 1960
Director: Terry Bishop
Production Company: Jack Parsons Productions as Parroch, Coronado Productions

Stars: Zena Walker, Robert Urquhart, Rupert Davies, Annabel Maule, Russell Waters, Lisa Daniely
Location(s): Oxfordshire, South East



Dr. Bob Murray and his wife Ginny move into an old house in an English village where he is to start a new job assisting the local GP. Over the next few days Ginny  begins to experience strange visions that can only be explained as extra-sensory perception and make her frightened that her life is in danger.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Richard Lovejoy. The majority of the film takes place in studio sets.

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Ginny Murray (Zena Walker) and her husband Bob (Robert Urquhart) arrive at their new home.

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The house of Dr. Robert Cambell (Rupert Davies) whom Bob has come to support.

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Ginny is concerned that she appears to have seen the following days news in advance of the events and telephones her friend Helen (Annabel Maule), a psychiatrist in Oxford. High Street with Brasenose College to the left.