Dark Man, The

Date: 1950
Director: Jeffrey Dell
Production Company: Independent Artists

Stars: Edward Underdown, Maxwell Reed, Natasha Parry, William Hartnell
Location(s): East Sussex, Kent, London

Region(s): ,


A killer commits a murder that is witnessed by a young aspiring actress.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson and John Tunstill


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Establishing shot of fictional Walsham Bay. The seafront and Pier as seen from Robertson Terrace / Carlisle Parade, Hastings, East Sussex.

image no 1

Originally viewed from the Queens Hotel. Now viewed from Debenhams restaurant window. SD

The titular 'Dark Man' (Maxwell Reed) takes a cab. The Taxi Driver is John Hewer of 'Captain Birds Eye' fame.

image no 2

Marine Parade, Hastings. The building on the left was demolished and replaced by flats. SD

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The Dark Man leaves a small farm where he has just murdered Mostyn, the owner. Unknown location.

Molly Lester (Natasha Parry) runs towards the theatre after seeing the Dark Man after he had murdered the Taxi Driver.

image no 4

Tonyk found the location. Claremont, Hastings in East Sussex. Location photograph replaces the Google Streetview image. SD

Can you spot the clue in this establishing shot? A stock shot of what is now known as The Norman Shaw Buildings, Victoria Embankment, London SW1.

image no 5

Now. SJ

A police car heads for Walsham Bay police station.

image no 6

Grand Parade, Littlestone, Kent. The police station was actually The Grand Hotel. Demolished in 1973 and replaced by Grand Court flats. SD

Detective Inspector Viner (Edward Underdown) and Molly walk towards Camber Castle, Rye Harbour, East Sussex.

image no 7

Now in the care of English Heritage. SD

The Inspector and Molly get closer. Camber Castle again.

image no 8

At the top of the castle walls, with the central tower on the left. SD

The police discuss tactics outside the Walsham Bay Repertory Theatre.

image no 9

This was The King's Theatre, Hammersmith, London. It stood on the corner of Rowan Road (seen here) and Hammersmith Road. It was demolished in 1963 and replaced with an office block which has now also been demolished to make way for another office block. The theatre was also seen in "Charley Moon". SD

Establishing shot of the following day in Walsham Bay. Verulam Place, Hastings.

image no 10

The brightly coloured building is the White Rock theatre. SD

The Dark Man at the seaside, Donald McGill postcards and all. Fremlins Ales and meringue cascading onto his hat! The "castle" is actually the ticket office of the East Hill funicular railway points out Jim Breeds. (RL)

image no 11

No, Hastings, the pub outside which 'The Dark Man' is standing is the London Trader on East Beach Street. It is still so-named advises Robin Leach and Bob C adds that the pub is mentioned as The Market Trader in dialogue. Location photograph replaces Google Streetview image. SD

A seaside, with trolley bus lines overhead, and cast iron work on the left. Is it still there? Ian Millington states 'North side of Grand Parade, St. Leonards-on Sea, Hastings, East Sussex. Approximately at its junction with Market Street, looking east towards the junction of Grand Parade with London Road. The trolleybus overhead wires also identify the junction layout with London Road'.

image no 12

A square of concrete identifies the spot where the lamp post originally stood. SD

Molly catches a Maidstone bus and heads for some peace and quiet at the beach. Marina in Hastings / St Leonards on Sea.

image no 13

Same location as darma012 but looking west towards Marine Court. SD

The Dark man heads for Molly's apartment.

image no 14

The house is on Rowan Road, Hammersmith, London. SD

The police head for a hotel after a report is received.

image no 15

Carlisle Parade, Hastings, East Sussex. The buildings on Denmark place (top left, and originally viewed from the Queens Hotel) were demolished in the mid sixties, only The Carlisle pub remained. SD

Detective Inspector Viner looks for clues in the room recently occupied by the Dark Man. A Lloyds Bank sign to the top right of the image.

image no 16

Harold Place, Hastings, East Sussex. Viewed from the Queens Hotel (which is now Queens Apartments). Opposite was the Freemasons Arms, now a cafe. Lloyds Bank is still there. SD

Another view through the hotel room window.

image no 17

Harold Place, Hastings. Viewed from the Queens Hotel is the tip of the old underground toilets. Now viewed from the ground, the new toilets. SD

The Inspector sees the back of the Market Inn from the Dark Man's room.

image no 18

Tricky one this. What little evidence there is points to this being Pelham Street, Hastings, leading into Harold Place. The buildings were demolished mid sixties and replaced in 1984 with retirement flats. SD

The Dark Man sits in a cafe opposite a hospital. This is Nelson Hospital, The Rush off Kingston Road in London SW19 identified by Ian Bolton.

image no 19

Now rebuilt as the Nelson Health Centre. SD

The Dark Man waits as Molly leaves the hospital. The Rush, London SW19. Ian Bolton adds 'As a fan of the Merton Park Studios films I recognised the decorative brickwork of the hospital and the unusual window configuration. So sad. Although the viewpoint of this image does not have any buildings upon it now, there used to be buildings there. Not sure when they were demolished, so the 'cafe' could be a fake view'.

image no 20

Now there is definitely no café, or hospital. Rebuilt, and re-opening as the Nelson Health Centre. SD

After leaving the hospital, Molly and her friend Carol take a taxi to Carol's house.

image no 21

Friars Road, Winchelsea, East Sussex. SD

Molly and Carol Burns (Barbara Murray) arrive at the cottage.

image no 22

Glebe cottage, St. Thomas Street, Winchelsea, East Sussex. SD

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The Dark Man looks to steal a car after finding out where Molly has been taken. Unidentified location.

The Dark Man arrives at Carol's cottage looking for Molly.

image no 24

Glebe cottage, St. Thomas Street, Winchelsea, East Sussex. Viewed from the back gate in Rookery Lane. SD

Carol's Mother (Betty Cooper) tells Viner that Molly has been taken by someone posing as a police officer.

image no 25

Glebe cottage, St. Thomas Street, Winchelsea, East Sussex. SD

Detective Inspector Viner drives off in pursuit of the Dark Man and Molly.

image no 26

Friars Road, Winchelsea, East Sussex. SD

The Dark Man's car is stopped at a level crossing as track workers come into view.

image no 27

Dungeness Road, Dungeness, Romney Marsh, Kent. The railway line (from Appledore) now ends to the left of the road. Originally it terminated at the lighthouse. SD

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The army are used to assist in searching for the Dark Man. Ian Millington advises that this is the Lydd Army Ranges, now called Cinque Ports Training Area, in Lydd, Kent.

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Orders are given to search Romney Marshes for the murderer. Lydd Army Ranges identified by Ian Millington.

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Watch is kept from another tower manned by the army. More of Lydd Army Ranges in Kent, located by Ian Millington.

The Dark Man looks for a way of escape.

image no 31

Camber Castle, Rye, East Sussex. Climbing on the walls is no longer allowed. SD

The fugitive hides in Camber Castle, East Sussex.

image no 32

Now he would find a metal grille preventing his escape. SD

The view from the Old Lighthouse as the Dark Man walks along the old railway line from Appledore at Dungeness with the Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway line curving away on the right.

image no 33

The view from the Old Lighthouse now. It was worth climbing all those steps. SD

The Old Lighthouse at Dungeness.

image no 34

Very much the "Old" Lighthouse now, since it was replaced by a new automatic version in the 1960's (RL)

The end of the line for the Dark Man. The now lifted railway line just north of the Old Lighthouse at Dungeness, Kent.

image no 35

The former Dungeness Station looking north along the platform in January 2006. Part of the base of the station building, seen to the centre right in the screen capture, remains. With thanks to Nick Catford and Disused Stations website at www.disused-stations.org.uk. Photo copyright Nick Catford.

The Dark Man heads for the Old Lighthouse. Dungeness, Romney Marsh, Kent.

image no 36

Easier access in 1950 (RL)

Romney Hythe and Dymchurch railway station at Dungeness (taken from the top of the lighthouse). Robin Leach, possibly preparing for a bungee jump!

image no 37

Now shot from Robin. Spot on.

The Dark Man runs to escape from the police and army. The Old Lighthouse, Dungeness, Kent.

image no 38

Difficult to get exactly the right angle with all the building in the intervening years. (RL)

Viner takes a shot at the Dark Man. The Old Lighthouse and Dungeness railway station, Romney Marsh, Kent.

image no 39

Almost the right shot but it was pouring with rain! (RL)