Date with Disaster

Date: 1962
Director: Charles Saunders
Production Company: Fortress Film Productions Ltd.

Stars: Tom Drake, William Hartnell, Shirley Eaton, Maurice Kaufmann, Michael Golden
Location(s): London, Middlesex

Region(s): ,


The honest owner of a second hand car business has crooks for employees.

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A dissatisfied customer returns to Highgrade Autosales where Miles Harrington orders his partner Don Redman to refund the money for the car that's misfiring. This yard is Southall Studios which stood on Gladstone Road in Southall, Middlesex.

image no 1

It wasn't great as a studio entrance but it's a lot worse now! (PW)

A Morris Minor Convertible turns into the garage. Looking out onto Gladstone Road, Southall, now in the London Borough of Ealing.

image no 2

The view across the street. (PW)

Miles Harrington (Tom Drake) greets Sue Miller (Shirley Eaton) before she goes inside to find Don. Southall Studios closed in 1957 and the site was later redeveloped.

image no 3

This is what fronts Gladstone Road now. (PW)

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While Don Redman and Ken Prescott carry out a robbery with professional crook Tracey, a Policeman notes down the registration of the gang's car.

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The Officer looks back at the Jaguar when he hears the engine being started.

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A police car approaches the house where Tracey lives. Queen's Road in Southall, Middlesex. Just around the corner from the studio, the street was also seen in 'Three Steps to the Gallows', 'Miss Robin Hood', 'The Oracle' and 'The Gay Dog'.

Detective Inspector Matthews (Michael Golden) and Sergeant Brace (Peter Fontaine) get out of the vehicle. Queen's Road with properties at the corner of Hartington Road to the left of centre.

image no 7

The same street with added parked cars. (PW)

The two call on the known criminal and question him about the robbery. The door number is 147, and this looks correct for the location on Queen's Road, Southall.

image no 8

Just a few changes. (PW)

Tracey (William Hartnell) stands at the door as the Detectives leave. Judging by the good continuity throughout the film, this is looking out onto Queen's Road.

image no 9

A similar scene still exists. (PW)

After the detectives visit Don Redman at the garage, Tracey is brought in for more questioning. High Street in Southall, Middlesex opposite the former Odeon cinema.

image no 10

Changes to the right but remarkably similar on the left. (PW)

Sergeant Brace accompanies Tracey towards the police station. Opposite the former Odeon that still stands which, at the time of filming, had become the bowling alley featured in 'Bitter Harvest'.

image no 11

From a similar viewpoint. (PW)

The camera pans as the two enter the building. The old police station at the corner of High Street and North Road in Southall.

image no 12

The building hiding in the bushes is the replacement Police Station. (PW)

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Constable Wilson (John Drake) speaks with Ken Prescott (Richard Shaw) as he leaves the garage office. To the top left of centre, the gas holder of Southall gasworks rises above the roof-tops.

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Opening the boot of Harrington's car, Constable Wilson discovers a clue. The studio yard off Gladstone Road with the chimneys of properties on Featherstone Terrace marching across the skyline.

Prescott gets out of his car and looks over at the garage. Gladstone Road in Southall with houses on Queen's Road in the right background.

image no 15

It's all still there with minor alterations. (PW)

Flattening against the wall when he hears Sue's voice, Prescott makes his way into the yard to recover a holdall. More of the former Southall Studios.

image no 16

This is what now stands on part of the studio site. (PW)

Harrington follows when Sue is kidnapped by Prescott. Looking onto Gladstone Road in Southall, which was also seen in 'The Gay Dog' and 'One Jump Ahead'.

image no 17

To get sight of the gas holder, this is taken a little along the road. (PW)

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Prescott drives across Hammersmith Bridge.

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The Hillman Estate takes to quieter roads. Looking north-east on Chiswick Mall W4.

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Water covers the road during a high tide on the Thames. Chiswick Mall at near the junction with Chiswick Lane. The area is seen in 'Father Brown' and 'Three Steps to the Gallows'.

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Harrington continues to follow in his Humber Hawk. Chiswick Mall, opposite Chiswick Eyot in the Thames, with Oak Cottage to the left.

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Judy (Deirdre de Peyer) spots her boyfriend as he gets out of the car with Sue. Grove Park Road with Kew Railway Bridge crossing the background.

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The crook takes Sue into the empty workshops that are being used as his hideout. Now demolished buildings on Grove Park Road in Chiswick.

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The jealous Judy calls the police. Grove Park Road W4 with the River Thames providing the background.

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Prescott holds on to Sue as he leads her up the stairs to the workshops. To the left can be seen Kew Railway Bridge that carries the District Line between Kew Gardens and Gunnersbury stations.

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Harrington arrives outside the workshops. Facing eastward on Grove Park Road.

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Detective Inspector Matthews arrives on the scene. At the junction of Grove Park Road with Riverside Road in Chiswick W4.

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Harrington and Prescott continue fighting as the Detective Inspector makes his way to the riverside.

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Sue watches Harrington knock Prescott out. The rear of riverside buildings that once backed onto the Thames in Chiswick.

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Harrington and Sue embrace. Looking to the north-west along the River Thames with the gas holder of Brentford gasworks in the left distance beyond Kew Railway Bridge.