Day in the Death of Joe Egg, A

Date: 1972
Director: Peter Medak
Production Company: Domino

Stars: Alan Bates, Janet Suzman, Peter Bowles, Sheila Gish, Joan Hickson
Location(s): Bristol, London

Region(s): ,


A couple use black comedy to survive taking care of a their severely disabled daughter.

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Screen shots uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

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Teacher Bri (Alan Bates) leaves his class as the school day ends. Liz identifies this as Lavender Hill Girls Secondary School which is on Amies Street in London SW11.

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Bri gets into his car only to find that it doesn't start. Lavender Hill Girls School in Battersea located by Liz.

Night draws in after Bri gets the car going and heads through the city. Looking the other way, the street also appears in 'Some People'.

image no 3

This is looking along The Horsefair from the junction with Merchant Street, Bristol. (PW)

The light fails as the journey home to his wife and severely disabled daughter continues. Following the car from image ddje003 around a corner.

image no 4

The tell tale roof lines still exist. Merchant Street in Bristol looking towards Broad Marsh. (PW)

It's even darker as Bri arrives home at last. Freeland Place in the Hotwells area of Bristol.

image no 5

Yes, the top three single windows, centre frame, correspond, as do the covered balconies and the openings to the store-rooms below. Rotten angle though.

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During one of his fantasy tales, Bri tells his daughter Jo of the time that he and her mother, Sheila (Janet Suzman), visited a fantastic new church. Unknown location.

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A flashback sees the couple taking Jo to a residential school. Unidentified location.

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The reluctant parents wheel their daughter Josephine (Elizabeth Robillard) into her new home.

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After leaving Jo with a nurse, Bri follows his distraught wife as she runs to the car.

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When they realise what they have done, Jo's mother and father turn back into the institution to take her home. Unknown location.

An establishing shot of the family's domain. Hotwells in Bristol with Royal York Crescent at the top of the image. The Georgian crescent was seen in 'Some People'.

image no 11

Facing the river, docks, road bridges, fly/overs and motorway. Taken from across the Avon some 300 meters south of Clifton's famous suspension bridge.

After the latest health scare, an ambulance brings Jo and her Mother home. Freeland Place looking towards Hotwell Road and the River Avon in Bristol.

image no 12

Trees have grown, so has the traffic, but the small walls are still there adjacent to the "village green".

As the strain on life becomes too much, Bri makes his prepared escape from the house. Freeland Place, Hotwells, Bristol. Andrew Lynch adds "The house used for the exteriors in Freeland Place was No 1 and the film company put up the then owner in the Avon Gorge Hotel during filming. Playwright Peter Nichols thought it was too posh for a teacher to live in."

image no 13

The first house in Freeland Place, with an entry in Granby Hill. The red roof in the background is still there, behind the foliage! Honest!

On the pretense of going to work, Bri runs away. Freeland Place.

image no 14

.......and here I dropped, and smashed my camera. ^%$£^%$£_*&^%$!!!!!!!!!!11

The pained father runs past The Rownham Hotel at the end of Freeland Place. The pub was demolished to widen Hotwell Road. Bristol BS8.

image no 15

PW took up the reins, as the previous correspondent now had no camera, and didn't even have his box of watercolours!

More, now demolished, buildings are passed along Hotwell Road as Bri runs for the departing bus.

image no 16

The same location from a similar viewpoint across the River Avon in Rownham Woods. (PW)

Bri just catches the bus to the city. The General Draper public house behind the bus has been replaced by . . .

image no 17

. . . . a stone wall and a lovely wide road, the A4 Portway. (PW)

Upon arriving at the station, Bri goes to the booking office. The booking hall at Temple Meads station. Station Approach off Temple Gate in Bristol.

image no 18

The same, brighter location now. I hope no one has forgotten their mobile phone! (PW)

Sitting on a barrow waiting for the London train. The sign says Platform 9 at Bristol Temple Meads station.

image no 19

Not Platform 9, this is Platform 3 after acting lessons. With thanks to the staff of First Great Western. (PW)