Date: 1948
Director: Compton Bennett
Production Company: Sydney Box Productions

Stars: Ann Todd, Eric Portman, Maxwell Reed, Bill Owen, Edward Rigby, Maurice Denham
Location(s): Essex, Kent, London

Region(s): ,


A hangman conceals his true identity when he falls in love and sets up home with his girl on a barge in the river Thames.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson from source material provided by John Tunstill.


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Establishing shot of the prison where hangman Eddie Tribe (aka Mendover) is about to carry out the execution of Olaf. Wansdworth Prison, Heathfield Road, Wandsworth, London SW18.

image no 1

Taken from more central a view to avoid the parked cars. SJ

Whilst telling his story in flashback, Eddie Tribe (Eric Portman) walks from Paddington station. London W2.

image no 2

Now from London Road. SJ

Eddie crosses Praed Street, London W2.

image no 3

Now. SJ

Eddie and Frankie drive away from a Lex Garage incorporating a service station. This the Lex Garage on the corner of Pembridge Villas and Pembridge Place in London W11, located by Richard Lovejoy.

image no 4

The same, less deco location. (RL)

Panning from image dayb004. The pair head for Gravesend. RL identifies this as the Lex Garage at the corner of Pembridge Villas and Pembridge Place.

image no 5

Richard also provides this view of the same corner now, the garage having long since been demolished and replaced.

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Eddie and Frankie (Ann Todd) leave the Rialto Cinema. Studio set or unknown location?

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The couple walk along in the rain. Maybe a set but still unidentified.

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Barber Eddie inherits his dead fathers barge business and returns to the boat that was his childhood home. The name on the building is Manbre & Garton Ltd who were sugar refiners based on Manbre Road in Hammersmith W6.

Eddie and Frankie make the boat their home. The River Thames at Hammersmith with St. Paul's church visible in the centre right distance. Location identified by Martin Botting who adds "The far wall is alongside Hammersmith Parish Vestry which was where the borough dumped household rubbish into open barges".

image no 9

This modern image confirms the identification. Image taken from with an unknown copyright.

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Eddie and Frankie watch as a decorated boat sails by. Martin advises that the boat is the ill fated Marchioness, which sank in August 1989 drowning 51 people. The disaster happened near Cannon Street Railway Bridge.

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Bill Shackle (Edward Rigby) rows to Eddie and Frankie's boat. Martin Botting is a lighterman working on the river and he advises that this is the Thames looking toward Hammersmith. "You can see the north side tower of Hammersmith Bridge to the left of the image. The white building is Riverside Studios".

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Eddie visits another prison to carry out his 'other job'. Possibly a studio set but still an unidentified location.

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Olaf (Maxwell Reed) boards Eddie and Frankie's boat. An unidentified location but R D Marchant states 'This film is set almost entirely at Tilbury docks.

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After Frankie commits suicide, Eddie survives falling into the Thames. Unidentified location.

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Back in the present day, a studio set shot from near the end of the film where Ron (Bill Owen) returns to the barbers shop and finds that Eddie has killed himself.