Dead Man’s Evidence

Date: 1962
Director: Francis Searle
Production Company: Bayford, RCH-Film

Stars: Conrad Phillips, Jane Griffiths, Veronica Hurst, Ryck Rydon, Godfrey Quigley
Location(s): County Dublin, County Fingal, County Wicklow, Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown, Surrey

Region(s): ,


A spy is sent to Ireland to investigate the death of a defected colleague who has apparently been found dead on a beach.

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A body is washed up on an Irish beach. Killiney Bay, Killiney in County Dublin during filming but now part of Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown.

image no 1

Mark o'Neill takes a similar shot 55 years on and little has changed, but now in colour. (RL)

An establishing shot looking north from O'Connell Bridge along O'Connell Street in Dublin where Gay Clifford's Photo News Agency is based. A similar view was seen in 'Johnny Nobody' and 'The Quare Fellow'.

image no 2

Mark shows that Dublin is now rather busier and greener. (RL)

In London, MI7 Agent David Baxter is given the task of identifying the body that was discovered on the beach. What appears to be a stock shot of Whitehall in SW1.

image no 3

Anything but a stock shot of Whitehall today. (RL)

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To begin his investigation, David Baxter arrives in Ireland. Dublin Airport to the north of Dublin, then in County Dublin but in County Fingal since 1994.

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While Baxter asks questions at the news agency, Gay Clifford drives to see Mark Fallon. Seen from Bray Head in County Wicklow is Bray and, in the distance, Killiney. A closer view of some of these streets in Bray can be seen in 'The Hard Way'.

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Fallon's house overlooks the beach where the body was discovered. The camera pans to find a house that stands above the ruined church of Raheen-a-Cluig.

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David Baxter (Conrad Phillips) visits the mortuary where the Andy, the attendant, is not very helpful.

The Agent goes to the the hotel to speak with Miss Howard, who found the body. Andrew Lees recognised the Petersham Hotel on Nightingale Lane in Richmond, Surrey.

image no 8

Andrew provides a wider shot showing that very little has changed over the years. (RL)

Linda Howard (Jane Griffiths) leaves the hotel. In reality the Petersham Hotel, Richmond, Surrey as spotted by Andrew Lees. (RL)

image no 9

And Andrew immediately provides a photo to support. (RL)

As Linda leaves the hotel she is watched by Gay Clifford and Paul Kay (Alex Mackintosh).

image no 10

Andrew found the car park to be equally busy. (RL)

Gay catches up with Baxter at the hotel and the two go to a Tea Room near to where the body was washed up. The Tea Room stood on Killiney Beach below the Dublin to Bray railway line. A few hundred yards to the south and fourteen years later, the railway line is seen again in 'The Next Man'.

image no 11

Mark proves that not all changes are necessarily for the worse. (RL)

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Out on a drive together, Fallon shows Gay a road junction that's less than 50 miles from the border.

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Becoming edgy one evening, Baxter looks from his hotel room window to see Gay lifting the bonnet of her car.

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Taking Linda along, Baxter returns to the mortuary where he finds Gay's photographer in the building.

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The two drive away just as the Gardaí arrive.

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Later that night, Baxter enters the gateway of the house where Gay and Fallon are playing cards together. The gateway stands on a lane that winds up from Newcourt Road, Bray.

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After being confronted by Fallon, Baxter escapes with Linda. The house seen earlier that stands above Bray and above the ruined church.

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The pair run from the property before getting into the car and driving away. The lane that leads from Newcourt Road.

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At a distance, Gay and Fallon follow Baxter and Linda through the countryside.

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Linda gets tired and suggests that she and Baxter rest at a remote pub . . . . . just over the border.