Dead Men are Dangerous

Date: 1939
Director: Harold French
Production Company: Welwyn Studios

Stars: Robert Newton, Betty Lynne, John Warwick, Peter Gawthorne
Location(s): London

Region(s): ,


An unsuccessful writer exchanges his identity with a dead man and is accused of murder.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson from source material provided by Bob Nicholls

Also known as ‘Dangerous Masquerade’ (US Title)


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An establishing shot of Marble Arch, to the north east of Hyde Park in London W1.

Hyde Park, where struggling author Aylmer Franklyn sits with Nina, his sweetheart.

image no 2

The same location now by Peter.

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Aylmer Franklyn (Robert Newton) crosses the street after swapping clothes and identities with Muller, a man apparently killed by a falling tree. A studio set included for completeness.

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A police officer turns as Aylmer is about to dispose of the parcel containing the dead man's check suit.

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Aylmer heads away from London as police and the criminal gang who killed Muller start to close in.

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The fugitive writer continues his drive through rural surroundings.

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The last location, a half hidden house, where Nina meets with Conray, leader of the gang.