Deadly Affair, The

Date: 1966
Director: Sidney Lumet
Production Company: Sidney Lumet Film Productions

Stars: James Mason, Simone Signoret, Harry Andrews, Maximillian Schnell, Roy Kinnear, Lynn Redgrave, Kenneth Haigh, Max Adrian, Robert Flemyng, Leslie Sands, Corin Redgrave
Location(s): London, Middlesex

Region(s): ,


The usual John Le Carr‚ net of intrigue, betrayal and death (based on his Call for the Dead) as Mason’s Foreign Office security inspector investigates a colleague’s suicide and finds himself under threat from an espionage ring.

Additional Information:

Original screen shots with comments and uncredited ‘now’ images by John Tunstill with updated and additional screen shots by Phil Wilkinson.


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Charles Dobbs (James Mason) questions Samuel Fennan (Robert Flemyng). St James's Park, London SW1. Also used in 'The Breaking of Bumbo'.

image no 1

The Blue Bridge, where one meets everyone in the whole world if one stays there long enough! The two were standing just a little more to the right. SJ

When Fennan apparently commits suicide, Dobbs visits his Widow, Elsa. The Crescent, Barnes Common.

image no 2


Dobbs gets out of the car. The Crescent, Barnes Common.

image no 3

Now. The Crescent, Barnes Common, Jason Manley. Thanks

The Security Officer approaches to door of the film's Merridale Lane, Walliston address. The Crescent, Barnes Common.

image no 4


Elsa Fennan (Simone Signoret) opens the door to Dobbs. The Crescent, Barnes Common, London SW13.

image no 5

Yes, the background is different. The mock (or even real) Tudor building gave way to something more 'up to date'. (PW)

Dobbs drives to Walliston Police Station. Staines Road East, Sunbury, Middlesex.

image no 6

The same location now. (PW)

Retired CID Inspector Mendel waits inside for Dobbs.

image no 7

Outside the former Sunbury Police Station, Staines Road East, Sunbury. Google image sent in by Steve Legg replaced with a 'now' picture. (PW)

Dobbs enters the Police Station. Staines Road East.

image no 8

The Police Station is no more. Steve Legg's Google shot replaced by PW.

  • 'Now' required

Mike Bradford tells us; This is Lombard Road, looking south towards York Road. James Mason drives along here several times, in both directions! Everything in the picture has been demolished. That's that then!

Lombard Road, London SW11.

image no 10

For what's it worth, here's the now. I was hoping to get the tower or steeple in the background of the then but I think even that's gone. SJ

Dobbs notices that he is being followed. Lombard Road in SW11.

image no 11

Only the tiny bit in the middle of this picture survives. SJ

Mike Bradford again; Battersea, Lombard Road, looking north. The chimneys of Archer House (deaaf014) can be seen above the advertising poster on the bridge. Now there's a sharp eye for you!

image no 12

Archer House and bridge in the right place. SJ

Dobbs drives on. Lombard Road, London Borough of Wandsworth SW11.

image no 13

Slightly wrong angle. To be improved. As I wrote in May 2013. 4 years later, here we are. SJ

Speeding up to shake his pursuer . . .

image no 14

Approaching Archer House on Vicarage Crescent by car: living the part! The terrace in the foreground is now a park. SJ.

. . . Dobbs corners from Lombard Road into Vicarage Crescent. Archer House, Battersea, London SW11.

image no 15

Now. Well spotted, George Myers.

Nearly Home. Grosvenor Road, London SW1.

image no 16

Even the row of trees match. From the east side of St George's Square. SJ

The car is swung into a parking space. Pimlico in South West London.

image no 17

Now. St Georges Square, London SW1.

Pimlico SW London, leading down to the Embankment, where the White Elephant Restaurant used to be, perhaps St Georges Square SW1.

image no 18

St Georges Square, Now, provided by Harry Moffatt. Well done that man!

Dobbs watches as his pursuer drives past before entering the flat and finding that his old friend Dieter Frey is visiting. St Georges Square, London SW1.

image no 19


Another day and Dobbs is followed again. A previous frame shows the car turning into Harroway Road, which is in SW11. This doesn't appear to be that street . . . .

image no 20

. . . . but Mike Bradford found the location adding 'This one has bothered me for a while. It is Market Road in Richmond. Quite a bit different from the film, but the wall of the shop on the left and the low wall at the side of the fire station on the right are still there'. And PW took this 'now' shot, just around the corner from where part of 'Payroll' was filmed.

Charles waits for his tail to pass. Richmond Fire Station tower in the background gives this away as Market Road. Identified by Mike Bradford.

image no 21

The same Fire Station drying tower now and a bit more of the building without James' head in the way. (PW)

The MG Magnette overtakes after Dobbs pulls over. Market Road, Richmond, Greater London located by Mike Bradford.

image no 22

Housing has given way to industry on this street. (PW)

Karel Harek (Les White) realises that he has lost Dobbs. Mike found Garden Road off Market Road in Richmond.

image no 23

Yes it is the same street. The gas holder has succumbed to a Sainsbury's supermarket. (PW)

Inspector Mendel (Harry Andrews) and Dobbs arrive at Scarr's garage. Lots Road in SW10.

image no 24

The little window to the left of the tree has replaced the doorway, which has moved to the left, and the bricks on close inspection look like an alteration. SJ

The pair enter the yard.

image no 25

Now. Not all obvious but this is the garage entrance nearly opposite the Balloon Tavern, Lot's Road, SW10. The building to the left in the "then" grab has been demolished and is now a car pound. The ones to the right, not captured but visible in the film, are still there. SJ.

Mendel briefs Dobbs about Scarr. Lots Road, London SW10.

image no 26

BRITISH FILM POSTER - DEADLY AFFAIR, The; Vertical Original poster, British quad size, 65cm x 100cm, about 25” x 39”, good condition, normal folds, tape marks and pin holes. € 50.00 + p&p.

The Inspector shouts for Scarr. Looking out of the yard onto Lots Road.

image no 27

BRITISH FILM POSTER - DEADLY AFFAIR, The; Original poster, British quad size, 65cm x 100cm, about 25” x 39”, good condition, normal folds and pin holes. € 50.00 plus p&p.

When Scarr can't be found, the two head to the pub. Lots Road, London SW10 with the Power Station chimneys in the background.

image no 28

Now. SJ

The Balloon Public House in Lots Road, Fulham.

image no 29

The Lots Road Diner, Lots Road, Fulham, formally known as The Balloon Public House. Also used in "Sid & Nancy" and "Optimists of Nine Elms".

Young Eunice Scarr (Sheraton Blount) tells Mendel that her Dad is in the pub. The Balloon Public House in Lots Road, Fulham.

image no 30

The Lots Road Diner, Lots Road, Fulham, formally known as The Balloon Public House. Also used in "Sid & Nancy" and "Optimists of Nine Elms".

An ambulance attends after Dobbs is attacked by Harek. Lots Road. SJ.

image no 31

Now. Pic by Simon James.

Mendel beats Adam Scarr (Roy Kinnear) when the MG Magnette is found in his yard. Outside the Balloon Public House in Lots Road, Fulham.

image no 32

The Lots Road Diner, Lots Road, Fulham, formally known as The Balloon Public House. Also used in "Sid & Nancy" and "Optimists of Nine Elms".

Dobbs returns to Elsa Fennan's Surrey home to confront her with what he has found out. The Crescent, London SW13.

image no 33


Charles waits for Mendel outside the Police Station. Staines Road East.

image no 34

The once busy Police Station awaits it's fate. (PW)

Mendel accompanies Dobbs to his flat where they prepare a trap for Elsa Fennan and her contact, Sonntag. Staines Road East, Sunbury.

image no 35

Different fence, and actors replaced by a car! (PW)

Elsa takes the bait and sets off for London. The Crescent, Barnes in SW13.

image no 36


Crossing Barnes Green towards Station Road, Barnes.

image no 37

The same Church, trees, path and . . . a newer building to the right. (PW)

Mendel follows as Mrs Fennan passes Walliston Methodist Church, in reality Barnes Methodist Church as noted by Tonyk. Barnes Green, London SW13.

image no 38

A sunnier day for this now shot. (PW)

The bus to London arrives. Station Road, Barnes SW13.

image no 39

No green Southdown buses along this road now, only red London General ones owned by a company from Newcastle upon Tyne. (PW)

Elsa boards the bus. Station Road, Barnes SW13.

image no 40

Looks like the same fence, and hasn't the tree done well? (PW)

After telephoning to update Dobbs, Mendel gets into his car. Station Road, Barnes.

image no 41

The phone box may have been a prop but the buildings are more visible now. (PW)

Mendel sets off to beat the bus to London.

image no 42

Station Road, Barnes, Greater London. (PW)

Mrs Fennan arrives in London. Victoria Coach Station in Buckingham Palace Road, SW1. Also seen in 'The Knack, and How To Get It' as well as 'Rattle of a Simple Man' and others.

image no 43

40 years on. SJ

Elsa makes her way out of the Coach Station and onto Buckingham Palace Road in SW1.

image no 44

"Updated" but essentially the same. SJ

Mendel jumps onto the bus that Elsa has caught. The junction of Buckingham Palace Road and Elizabeth Street in London SW1.

image no 45

A new glass structure appeared behind Colonnade Walk years ago. SJ

Elsa arrives in the city. Aldwych in London WC2 showing Aldwych Theatre and the Waldorf Hotel. Identified by Tonyk.

image no 46

On the corner of Drury Lane and Aldwych. SJ

Elsa buys theatre tickets for herself and Sonntag. Outside the Aldwych Theatre on Aldwych in WC2.

image no 47

Gosh that leaning to the left tree has thickened. SJ

A theatre ticket is posted to Sonntag. Aldwych, London.

image no 48

East of Drury Lane, looking west down Aldwych. SJ

After Sonntag is revealed to be Dobbs' old friend, Dieter Frey (Maximilian Schell) heads for his houseboat on the Thames.

image no 49

Patrick Brown corrects the location to that of Wandsworth Bridge Rd looking towards the junction of Stephendale Rd and Hugon Rd, London SW6 with fond memories of his motorbike in the early sixties. (RL)

Dieter Frey passes through the gates of, what is now, the Chelsea Yacht and Boat Company. Cremorne Road SW10.

image no 50

Same pillars but somewhat smarter. SJ

Frey walks along the gangway to his boat. The Thames near Cremorne Road in SW10 with Battersea Bridge in the background. The area was also used in 'The Naked Truth', 'Otley' and 'The Horses Mouth'.

image no 51

Now. SJ

Mendel followed Frey and calls for Dobbs to come. Looking towards the Power Station on Lots Road from Cremorne Road. London SW10.

image no 52

The same location now from Tonyk. Image copyright Google Streetview.

  • 'Now' required

Bill Appleby (Kenneth Haigh) sees Dobbs off at London airport.