Deadly Nightshade

Date: 1953
Director: John GIlling
Production Company: Kenilworth Film Productions

Stars: Emrys Jones, Zena Marshall, John Horsley
Location(s): Cornwall, London

Region(s): ,


Criminal on the run swaps identities with his double but discovers that he was leading a double life even more dangerous. SJ

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An establishment shot only but an intriguing, perhaps Cornish, harbour.

image no 1

There is no perhaps, it is Looe harbour in Cornwall. A Google Image until someone can enjoy an away break in that part of the country and wait for the tide to go out. (RL)

Panning left.

image no 2

Panning left with Google Image. (RL)

And left again.

image no 3

Panning even further left with Google Image. (RL)

Emrys Jones is arrested outside the pub: "The Cannon", 80 Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith, W6. Also seen in No Trace 008 and 009 and Home to Danger 022. Demolished and the area re-developed.(RL)

image no 4

At least I just managed to have the tower of St. Paul's in the right place. (RL)

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A shot of Jones's houee, supposedly close to the establishing shots and overlooking the sea in other studio looking scenes.

Jones emerges from a corner shop.

image no 6

Geoffrey Ellis, as one of the young lads looking into the window in the screen capture has resolved this long outstanding location. It is, as supported by this Google Earth capture, on the corner of Wharf Road and Frimley Green Road, Camberley, Surrey. Geoffrey, as a young lad "would go to the shop for ice cream, that had to be ordered in. You could only have one a week. I would also buy a penny bag of Smith's broken crisp's". As with Geoffrey one is left to wonder why they chose to film at Frimley Green. (RL)

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Jones by the riverside.

Also by the riverside...the riverside has a removable high-tide / flood barrier in the sea / river wall. Maybe significant. JT Jules Ballantyne found it, riverside indeed, Lower Mall, Hammersmith W6 with Furnival Gardens behind.

image no 8

Some re-development but some excellent conservation as well, including two pubs! (RL)