Deadly Record

Date: 1959
Director: Lawrence Huntingdon
Production Company: International Artists

Stars: Lee Patterson, Barbara Shelley, Jane Hylton, Peter Dyneley, Geoffrey Keen, John Paul, Everley Gregg, Edward Cast, George Patell, Ferdy Mayne, April Olrich
Location(s): London, South East

Region(s): ,


When pilot Trevor Hamilton touches down at London Airport, his wife Jenny is not there to meet him. Their marriage is on the point of collapse and when Jenny is found dead, Hamilton becomes Suspect Number One. With the police searching for enough evidence to arrest him, Hamilton desperately interviews everyone in Jenny’s social circle to find the real murderer.

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Following stock shot of Lockheed “Constellation” G-AHEN landing at London Airport its supposed pilot Trevor Hamilton (Lee Patterson) is seen walking towards a terminal building. The plane had an "interesting" history and was only in the ownership of BOAC, shown in the film, from 1946 to 1951. The same footage also appears in "Night of the Demon" (1957).

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As his wife had failed to pick him up Susan Webb (Barbara Shelley) agreed to run him home…but he wanted to drive!

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They arrive at his home where Susan drops him off where he sees uncollected milk bottles and a newspaper. A later scene would suggest that this is a set.

Having, together with the police, found his wife dead in the house the story switches to where Susan had seen his wife and a man leaving a restaurant whilst he was away. Brewer Street, London W1.

image no 4

The same view from ground level, one day the work on the right hand side will finish.

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Finding that his wife’s doctor (Dr. Morrow – (Peter Dyneley)) had been away in Wallingford at the weekend where his car had been involved in a minor accident he and Susan go to visit his home.

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They pull up at Dr. Morrows cottage.

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They later arrive back at London Airport with the murder solved in studio sets.