Deadly Strangers

Date: 1975
Director: Sidney Hayers
Production Company: The Rank Organisation

Stars: Simon Ward, Hayley Mills, Sterling Hayden
Location(s): Bristol, Somerset



A killer is on the loose when a salesman picks up a young woman. But which one is the murderer?

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

Re: Capture 034: The link to Weston, Worle & Somerset Mercury.


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A petrol tanker pulls into the car park at a transport cafe. Richard Pearson advises that this is the Bristol Motel, rebuilt and renamed as the Town's Talk and now the Town & Country Lodge on Bridgwater Road, Bristol.

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Lorry driver Jim Nicholls (Ken Hutchison) makes his way inside where he's approached by Belle Adams who asks for a lift. Richard identifies this as The Bristol Motel.

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Steven Slade (Simon Ward) follows Jim and Belle outside and watches as the lorry pulls away. The Bristol Motel on Bridgwater Road located by Richard Pearson.

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Jim pulls his lorry over and attempts to rape Belle who resists and is left at the side of the road. The lay by at Herriot's Mill Pool on the A368 Bath Road near West Harptree identified by Richard Pearson.

Slade had been following and picks up Belle who asks to be taken to the nearest railway station. Yatton station.

image no 5

Confirmed by Martin R. who captured the same place.

Belle watches through the rear window of the car as Slade goes to find the time of the next departure. Station Road, Yatton.

image no 6

Martin and Nyah provide the proof.

Slade walks along the front of the station. Yatton station on Station Road.

image no 7

A great match in the same location now. Image from Martin.

Yatton station in Somerset.

image no 8

Captured by Martin and Nyah.

A thought comes into Slade's head before he returns to the car and lying to Belle that the last train has departed.

image no 9

Martin and Nyah were there.

The two drive away from the station. Hewish level crossing on the railway running between Yatton and Worle in Somerset.

image no 10

The same crossing now by Martin.

The road runs between Hewish and East Hewish in Somerset. Hewish Crossing signalbox was demolished after re-signalling of the line in the late 1970s.

image no 11

Martin captured the same location.

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After they stop to fill the car with petrol, Slade catches sight of the garage attendant dressing.

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Belle Adams (Hayley Mills) spots Slade looking through the window before he returns to the car.

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After we see that the attendant has been murdered, Slade and Belle get back into the car. The now closed filling station on the A370 in Hewish identified by Richard Pearson. The site is currently occupied by a car dealership.

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The Austin maxi is driven out onto the main highway and the two drive into the night until pulling off the road before sleeping in the car. Looking north-east on the A370 in Hewish with The Full Quart public house in the middle distance. Location found by Richard Pearson.

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Belle rises early and makes her way into a nearby village as Slade sleeps. Unidentified location.

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Belle leaves a shop after Slade wakes up and finds that she is missing.

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Belle fails to attract Slade's attention as he drives through the village.

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Slade arrives in town. The entrance to Tollgate car park in Bristol.

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The Tollgate car park featured access and exit ramps in a double spiral design.

The building in the background is the former Mission Hall which still stands between Champion Square and New Street.

image no 21

David Harvey provides this view adding that "The Tollgate car park no longer exists and the area has been redeveloped but the Cabot Circus car park is now roughly in the same position."

  • 'Now' required

The top of the access ramp of Bristol's Tollgate car park.

The spire of St. Paul with St. Barnabas church stands to the left of centre. Tollgate car park dates from the mid 1970s and was demolished in 2006 to be replaced by Cabot Circus car park.

image no 23

David Harvey got a few odd looks from the security staff whilst taking this one.

Belle gets a lift from Malcolm Roberts and the two end up at the coast. The Grand Pier in Weston super Mare. The location was also used in 'The Beauty Jungle' and 'Sons and Lovers'.

image no 24

The same ramp by Martin R.

The Grand Pier in Weston super Mare, Somerset.

image no 25

Martin and Nyah had lovely weather for this shot.

Malcolm Roberts (Sterling Hayden) and Belle walk along the pier. Facing buildings on Marine Parade from Grand Pier.

image no 26

The pier is much the same now. Piers need upkeep and so does Reel Streets. If you are able to help us towards meeting server and support costs, please click on the 'donate' button. (JT)

Grand Pier in Weston super Mare.

image no 27

It even costs to look through the telescope! (JT)

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After parking his car, Slade walks into town. Unknown location.

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Interest is shown in an adult publication.

Slade walks along the seafront. Marine Parade in Weston super Mare.

image no 30

Martin R. provides this shot of the same place.

Roberts and Belle are spotted. The entrance of Grand Pier seen from the junction of Marine Parade and Regent Street in Weston super Mare.

image no 31

Another comparison from Martin and Nyah.

Slade runs across to Belle. Looking towards Beach Road from Marine Parade.

image no 32

And here's the location now, with added roundabout. Image by Martin.

Marine Parade in Weston super Mare.

image no 33

The same spot taken by Martin and Nyah.

  • 'Now' required

Slade and Belle head away from the sea front. Martin R. is almost certain that this is Haberfield footbridge over Bond Street in Bristol. Jonathan G disagrees, he remembers the footbridge between Weston-super-Mare beach and Carlton Street being a sandy colour whereas those in Bristol were grey. I am inclined to agree with Jonathan, a few frames earlier shows the pier before the "major revamp" and before the fire in 2008. Jonathan has subsequently ascertained that the pink building was The Cambridge Private Hotel. Jonathan has recently brought to our attention a picture, published by the Weston Mercury, of the bridge just prior to its completion. Unfortunately, the Mercury have not had the courtesy to respond to requests for us to publish. So long as it remains on their website it can be viewed via the link in the Header Section of this film. (RL)

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The pair return to Slade's car in Bristol. Martin advises that this appears to be a car park that was just off Houlton Street in Central Bristol. And he's right, this is Wellington Road with Tollgate car park to the right.

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A suspicious Roberts arrives at the car park. Facing south-west on Wellington Road, Bristol.

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Slade catches sight of Roberts as he drives into the car park.

After Roberts enters the car park and makes his way to the top deck, Slade and Belle drive away. To the left of centre stands Aldworth House between Frome Street and Wellington Road.

image no 38

David Harvey provides this closer view of the background buildings.

The two speed away. This is Wellington Road with what was Whiston House, now Field Marshal Slim Court, fronting River Street BS2.

image no 39

Panning right, David Harvey captures a modern view of the location.

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Roberts follows the pair into the country. Unidentified location.

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The camera pans with the car.

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After Roberts is shaken off, the pair stop off in fictional Whickham, where Belle grew up. This appears to be at the rear of the 'Castle of Comfort' public house on Old Bristol Road, East Harptree.

Slade and Belle head to the pub for a drink. The 'Castle of Comfort' pub in East Harptree near Bristol. Identified by Martin.

image no 43

From a different angle, but Martin sent in this picture to confirm the location.

The couple rush out of the pub when a Motorcyclist (George Collis) recognises Slade from an earlier 'road rage' incident. The 'Castle of Comfort' pub on Old Bristol Road, East Harptree, Somerset located by Martin.

image no 44

Some alterations have been carried out since filming in this image from Martin.

The Motorcyclist catches a glimpse of the pair as they disappear behind a wall. Uphill Sands near Weston-super-Mare located by Martin.

image no 45

A great comparison from Martin and Alyssa.

Slade and Belle run down onto the beach. Martin R. identifies this as Uphill Sands in Somerset.

image no 46

And Martin provides the proof, assisted by Nyah.

The car speeds away from the beach. Uphill Sands again.

image no 47

Location identification and 'now' shot by Martin and Alyssa.

  • 'Now' required

The two arrive at Hillcourt Hotel. The first of three dark and poor quality shots from the end of the film. Unconfirmed location.

  • 'Now' required

When they find that no rooms are available in the hotel, Slade takes a lodge in the grounds.

  • 'Now' required

The couple approach the lodge where the film concludes and the murderer is revealed. Unidentified location.