Defence of the Realm

Date: 1985
Director: David Drury
Production Company: The Rank Organisation, National Film Finance Corp., Enigma

Stars: Gabriel Byrne, Greta Scacchi, Denholm Elliott, Ian Bannen, Fulton Mackay, Bill Paterson
Location(s): Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, London

Region(s): ,


After a newspaper reporter helps expose a Member of Parliament as a possible spy, he finds that there’s much more to the story than that. JT/SJ

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Byrne on a press stakeout watches a taxi drop off a newsworthy customer. The glass above the seems to display Redcliffe Court.

image no 1

18 Redcliffe Square, London SW10. Thanks to Tony Reeves for this.

A clearer shot of the block in Redcliffe Square. The location was also seen in 'The Delavine Affair'.

image no 2

20 Redcliffe Square. SJ

Steps up from the Embankment, Boudicca's, or Boudicea's statue on the right.

image no 3

The same location. SJ

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This house now being watched by Byrne is opposite the war memorial on Church End, Haddenham, Buckinghamshire.

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Another shot of houses on Church End, Haddenham.

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Most of the press think their victim is in the taxi. And there's St Mary's Church in the background. The pond, not visible in this shot, was seen in The Great Muppet Caper.

Don't quite know which way round we are, but HoP in background, I think.

image no 7

Now, from St. Stephens Tavern looking west. SJ

Fleet Street and Ludgate Circus, London EC4

image no 8

The Punch Tavern with the railway bridge to Holborn Viaduct removed. SJ

Byrne's flat, London W1.

image no 9

Corey Lee-Koo provides an up to date shot now that the scaffolding hindering SJ's shot has been removed. (RL)

Is he being watched? The view from Byrne's flat.

image no 10

Unknown from 2007 until now. Old Marylebone Road, W1, next to St. Mark's Church. Info from Steve Cook, photo by SJ

Panning down.

image no 11

The view from the corner of Cabbell Street across Old Marylebone Road, W1. 29/09/14. SJ

Byrne drives to a block to the east of London Bridge, SE1.

image no 12

Wrong side of the road, but there's the block. Turning from Druid Street onto White's Grounds. SJ

Byrne approaches a red herring.

image no 13

Now. White's Grounds, SE1 found by Steve Cook, photo (29/09/14) by SJ

Nobody at home.

image no 14

Looks more lived in today. 29/09/14. SJ

Investigating the "Suffolk" airbase. Supposedly RAF Lakenheath but Paul Bellamy of the ARG Forum identifies this as the former Station HQ building at Duxford which is confirmed by Steve Woolford of IWM Duxford. Paul further advises that once the original, the entrance, this is now the staff entrance to IWM Duxford and the brick pillar on the left supports the canopy of the guardroom. (RL)

image no 15

Paul provides the Google Earth view to confirm until we can obtain the authority to take a Now shot at the correct angle. (RL)

Heydon and Chishill are in Cambridgeshire. Seems a long way to go for a night driving shoot. Is this the A505?

image no 16

Indeed it is, just south of Duxford airfield as identified by Paul Bellamy who provides this Google shot, noting that the telegraph poles have moved to the opposite side of the road. (RL)

Fairly ugly, fairly modern, fairly slab-sided place of worship, with a tower. Could it be Golders Green Crematorium? Byrne chases after Scacchi and who wouldn't?

image no 17

This one proved elusive for several years, during which vegetation has spread. But it is West Norwood crematorium, off Norwood Road, London SE27. 05/05/13. SJ

Hungerford Pedestrian Bridge, Charing Cross.

image no 18

Walking on Hungerford Pedestrian Bridge, heading for Villiers Street and looking towards The Strand. Original loading date for these next four snaps unknown.

Hungerford Pedestrian Bridge, Charing Cross.

image no 19

Hungerford Pedestrian Bridge, with the London Weekend Tower in the background. Many thanks to William Dundas for his help.

Hungerford Pedestrian Bridge, Charing Cross.

image no 20

Hungerford Pedestrian Bridge, with the Royal Festival Hall in the background. Many thanks to William Dundas for his help.

Hungerford Pedestrian Bridge, Charing Cross.

image no 21

Hungerford Pedestrian Bridge. Many thanks to William Dundas for his help.

Are those pair on Waterloo watching Byrne and Scacchi?

image no 22

A few changes on the skyline in this image from Peter.

At the Athenaeum Club Byrne takes his investigation into the upper echelons of authority. Paul Weir points out that the actual address of the Club is 107, Pall Mall despite the entrance being on Waterloo Place. The location is seen in The location appears in 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle', 'Brannigan', 'That Riviera Touch', 'The Man Who Haunted Himself', 'Murder Without Crime', 'The Sandwich Man' and 'Nothing But the Best'.(RL)

image no 23

On Waterloo Place, SW1. SJ

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The interior of the club. A much loved location, as listed in London Movie Guide. Occasionally open to the public on open house day.

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Another stately interior.

Byrne is ejected after interrogation.

image no 26

The pavement has taken over. Horseferry Road with Lambeth Bridge in the background, SW1. SJ

A bomb goes off in Byrne's flat. A model or clever pyrotechnics?

image no 27

The real thing, still recovering under scaffolding. SJ