Delavine Affair, The

Date: 1955
Director: Douglas Peirce
Production Company: Croydon-Passmore

Stars: Peter Reynolds, Honor Blackman, Gordon Jackson, Valerie Vernon, Michael Balfour, Peter Neil, Peter Swanwick, Laurie Main
Location(s): London

Region(s): ,


A freelance reporter discovers a murder which leads him to investigate an unsolved jewellery robbery.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson


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Reporter Rex Banner (Peter Reynolds) approaches the flat where he had discovered the body of Gospel Joe. Outside Winch House on Edith Grove, London SW10.

image no 1

Peter captures the scene today and acknowledges that he should have been further back to get six course brickwork in. (RL)

Sammy, Rex’s photographer, approaches in his Land Rover. Edith Grove in West Brompton. The Fulham Road end of the street appears in ‘The Party’s Over’.

image no 2

Although Peter prefers cider he was happy to give Guinness (Trust) a free ad. (RL)

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As he continues his investigation, an Old Man (Hal Osmond) leads Rex towards the phone box where he last saw Gospel Joe. Looking towards Station Approach and Ranelagh Gardens Mansions from Ranelagh Gardens in Fulham SW6 with Putney Bridge station visible to the top right.

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After leaving the phone box, Rex notices a Man watching him from across the street. The ground floor shops of Ranelagh Gardens Mansions on Station Approach SW6. The building is visible through the bridge in the previous image.

Rex calls on fellow reporter Willy Summit. Redcliffe Mews in SW10 with Harcourt Terrace beyond the archway.

image no 5

Rex would not be able to park there now. (RL)

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After questioning Mrs. Halloran in her flat, Rex leaves the building.

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A car drives past as Rex looks along the street after becoming suspicious about a Man leaving the tea shop where he talks with Sammy and his wife Maxine. Mary French places this as Russell Road, Shepperton with the junction of Manygate Lane foreground. You can drop into the Red Lion down the road when you take the "now" shot. (RL)

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Rex arrives outside the home of Julius and Lola Meyerling.

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The journalist gets out of his car and approaches the Mayerling’s front door.

A taxi brings Lola and Rex to her London apartment. Redcliffe Square in SW10, which is also seen in ‘Defence of the Realm’.

image no 10

Rather more difficult for a taxi to pull up now. (RL)

Lola Mayerling (Valerie Vernon) waits as Rex pays the fare. Redcliffe Square, West Brompton.

image no 11

That foot scraper made the identification much easier. (RL)

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Rex and Maxine Hamilton Banner (Honor Blackman) arrive at Wilson’s farm.

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Fred Bissett (Mark Daly) waves as the strangers approach.

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Mrs. Bissett (Katie Johnson) leads Rex into the house as he carries Maxine when she pretends to faint.

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Towards the end of the film, Sammy drives to the Wilson’s farm. In this darkened shot, the Land Rover is passing beneath a railway bridge.