Derby Day

Date: 1952
Director: Herbert Wilcox
Production Company: Herbert Wilcox Productions

Stars: Anna Neagle, Michael Wilding, Googie Withers, John McCallum, Peter Graves
Location(s): London, Surrey

Region(s): ,


Different people with varying agendas head for a day at the races.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson.


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Derby Day has just begun. Dawn is breaking over the Epsom Downs where, in a few hours, half a million people will be packed into the stands and enclosures . . .

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Gilpin (Tom Walls Jr.) the trainer is up early, taking a final look around the stables.

Today, all roads lead to Epsom.

image no 3

Indeed they do and Peter Brown pinpoints this as Banstead Crossroads looking west along Winkworth Road, supporting with a shot from Google Earth and remarking that the bus stop remains in the same location. (RL)

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John Lollard the chauffeur opens the door for Lady Helen Forbes (Anna Neagle) and Sir George Forbes (Edwin Styles) to get into the Rolls Royce to be driven to Epsom.

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In Hackney, Jim Molloy reads the newspaper while his wife Betty prepares breakfast for their lodger, Tommy Dillon.

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Jim Molloy (Nigel Stock) sets off to work, suspicious about his wife and the lodger.

Newspaper cartoonist David Scott (Michael Wilding) hails a taxi to take him to The Derby. Fleet Street in EC4, also seen in 'The Day the Earth Caught Fire', 'The Big Job' and 'Strange Bedfellows'.

image no 7

And Peter has also been here before . . . several times.

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At the apartment block where Mrs. Harbottle-Smith lives, the maid Michele Jolivet (Suzanne Cloutier) answers the front door to Jock (Ewan Roberts), the driver of a car sent from the film studio.

Sir George Forbes' Rolls Royce turns onto Chelsea Bridge from Grosvenor Road in SW1. In the background rises the chimney of the Western Sewage Pumping Station.

image no 9

The chimney is still there. SJ

The camera tracks the car as Battersea Power Station comes into view.

image no 10

The towers in mid-renewal, and the power station itself partially hidden by "luxury flat" development . SJ

Nearing work after a long journey, Jim's doubts get the better of him and he returns home to catch Betty with Tommy before being pushed to his death down the stairs. Grosvenor Road in SW1 also seen in 'The Deadly Affair'.

image no 11

The power station is currently minus its chimneys. The embankement wall now has a concrete addition along its length. SJ

When Mrs. Harbottle-Smith falls and hurts her leg, Michele takes her place on a day out with film star Gerald Berkeley which was won in a raffle. Horse Guards Road with the South Block of the Government Offices forming the background.

image no 12

Now. SJ

Gerald Berkeley (Peter Graves) takes a minute to admire himself before his guest arrives. In the background stands Hyde Park Corner Lodge off Knightsbridge in W1.

image no 13

Peter found the same spot, now with added seating.

Bill Hammond (Ralph Reader) is shocked to find that Michele has turned up instead of Mrs. Harbottle-Smith. To the left stands the Entrance Screen of Hyde Park on South Carriage Drive. The location was seen in 'The Magic Box'.

image no 14

Unfortunately, Peter found that the tree spoils the shot.

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The Coalman (Cyril Conway) makes a delivers to the Molloy's where he discovers Jim's body in the cellar.

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Tommy Dillon heads for Epsom where he knows he can find Captain Goggs, a contact who will help him flee the country.

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In a queue of vehicles, David Scott's taxi creeps closer to the race course. Barrie Gilbert identifies this as looking along Fir Tree Road from the Drift Bridge crossroads in Banstead, Surrey.

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When the engine seizes up, Joe Jenkins (Gordon Harker) tries to fix his cab while David accepts a lift from Lady Helen.

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Betty Molloy makes her way to Epsom to catch up with Tommy. Facing north on the A217 Brighton Road across Banstead Downs at Banstead Crossroads, identified by Barrie Gilbert.

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Tommy's train arrives at Tattenham Corner station. At the time of filming, the station stood on Tattenham Crescent in Tattenham Corner near Epsom, Surrey. The station has since been reduced in size with Emily Davidson Drive now occupying part of the site.

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Thousands of people converge on Epsom for The Derby. The stand backed onto Tattenham Corner Road on Epsom Downs, Surrey.

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At the end of the meeting the crowds disperse.