Diamonds are Forever

Date: 1971
Director: Guy Hamilton
Production Company: Eon, Danjaq

Stars: Sean Connery, Jill St.John, Charles Gray, Bruce Glover, Putter Smith, Norman Burton, Jimmy Dean, Lana Wood, Bernard Lee, Desmond Llewelyn, Lois Maxwell, Bruce Cabot
Location(s): Las Vegas, Nevada, Palm Springs, California, Los Angeles, California, Amsterdam, Holland, Dover. Kent.

Region(s): ,


Bond goes in search of diamond smugglers to discover his arch enemy Blofeld up to mischief again.

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All stills by SJ.


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Hotel du Cap, Antibes, South of France.

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Dover Ferry terminal, Kent. The dock complex and surrounding roads were seen in 'Johnny English', 'Bond of Fear', 'San Ferry Ann' and 'The Fourth Protocol'.

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Dover Ferry terminal, Kent.

Magere Brug aka "Skinny Bridge", Amstel Canal, Amsterdam.

image no 4

A well trod tourist spot. SJ.

Margaret Lacey's body is found in the Amstel.

image no 5

Just beyond the bridge. SJ.

Smith and Glover on the Magere Brug.

image no 6

This one by brother Robin on a separate trip (RJ).

"Mrs Whistler did want some pictures of the canals for the children."

image no 7

That tower block has gone. SJ.

Connery approaching on the Reguliersgracht in a yellow Triumph

image no 8

Now, facing south: this is to the west of Magere Brug. SJ.

Crossing the bridge.

image no 9

On Keizersgracht. SJ.

St.John's apartment, Reguliersgracht 36.

image no 10

Now. SJ.

Up the stairs.

image no 11

Now. SJ.

At the door.

image no 12

Robin respecting local privacy. Taken by wife Alison.

Connery in a doorway.

image no 13

SJ in a doorway, agh wrong place, just. See above for correct place. Taken by wife Victoria.

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LAX, USA, recognisable for its iconic Theme Building.

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Slumber Inc, sometimes quoted as the Las Vegas Visitors Building on Highway 10. Actually a real mortuary called Palm, South Boulder Highway, Henderson.

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McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The Las Vegas Hilton, known then as the International, with a false back.

image no 17

Now, well, in 1986 actually, extended sideways, dwarfing neighbouring Landmark Hotel. SJ.

Corner of Convention Centre Drive and North Paradise, close to the demolished Alpine Village Inn and the Landmark Hotel, the tower just visible.

image no 18

An old photo found at by Steve Cook who adds that the Shell Garage was, as noted, on the other side of Paradise Road from The International next to the Alpine Village Inn. (SJ)

Shot possibly with a long lens from the Landmark Hotel. Wonderful period shot showing how undeveloped Las Vegas was in 1971. Dunes was demolished in 1993.

image no 19

My shot with a lesser lens in 1986 from the Landmark. SJ.

As above

image no 20

Also from vintagelasvegas, Steve found this shot confirmimg that this was shot from the Dunes rather than the Landmark and is looking over Bonanza Casino. (SJ)

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John Manville Gypsum Plant, Gypsum Road off East Lake Mead Road.

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John Manville Gypsum Plant, Gypsum Road off East Lake Mead Road.

Fremont Street with the construction of the Plaza Hotel nearly finished

image no 23

Now, rather in 1986, with the Plaza lit up at the end of the street. SJ.

The Mint, Fremont Street, merged in 1988 into Binion's Horseshoe.

image no 24

Taken in 1986! But there's Vegas Vic as mentioned in 024. SJ.

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The Pioneer Club no longer a casino but it still sports its iconic Vegas Vic, a waving neon cowboy. Note the crowds enjoying the Mustang car chase.

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The Golden Nugget, still going. 5 blocks of the Fremont were pedestrianised and roofed for the Fremont Street Experience in 1995, so the sky has now gone!

The Landmark elevator, now gone.

image no 27

The Landmark in 1986. SJ.

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Elrod House, 2175 Southridge Drive, Palm Springs, California. Designed in 1968.

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These shots are from Rim Rod below. Available for rent. Costs thousands per night but sleeps 10.

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Port of LA, San Pedro. Berth 14?