Diary of Anne Frank, The

Date: 1959
Director: George Stevens
Production Company: Twentieth Century Fox, George Stevens Productions

Stars: Millie Perkins, Joseph Schildkraut, Richard Beymer, Shelley Winters, Diane Baker, Ed Wynn
Location(s): Amsterdam (Netherlands)



The harrowing story of a young Jewish girl, her family and their friends who are forced to hide in an attic in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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1945, the Second World War is over. Westerkerk as seen from Westermarkt in Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands.

image no 1

No visible change was expected. (PW)

The Westerkerk stands to the left on Prinsengracht with the junction of Bloemgracht in the bottom right.

image no 2

Taken from canal level. (PW)

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Survivors are brought back to their homes by truck

The truck pulls up outside a disused spice factory on Prinsengracht.

image no 4

The number of tourists that visit the location is evident. (PW)

Otto Frank (Joseph Schildkraut) climbs down and looks at the building where he and his family hid during the war. Prinsengracht, 1016 GV Amsterdam.

image no 5

Taken from the same side of Prinsengracht. Is that the same lamp post? (PW)

The story recalls 1942, the year that the Frank family moved into their hiding place. Prinsengracht as seen from near the end of Bloemgracht.

image no 6

Clutter of a different sort graces this shot. (PW)

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This is the Frank family's view from their hiding place as depicted in the film. Whilst most of the film was shot at 20th Century Fox Studios in Los Angeles, California, external locations were the real streets around The Anne Frank House on Prinsengracht, Amsterdam.

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Another shot of the film's view from the upper rooms in the annex of Otto Frank's office building.

Soldiers march over a bridge and through the streets. Phil Bailey locates this as Staalstraat.

image no 9

Phil also provides this shot of the location from ground level.

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One of the establishing shots of Amsterdam that break up the studio based scenes.

More troops pass through the streets. Prinsengracht, Amsterdam.

image no 11

Taken in daylight with added vehicles and sightseers. (PW)

The months pass and winter snow covers the street outside the factory. The location exists on Prinsengracht as The Anne Frank House, a museum dedicated to wartime diarist Anne Frank.

image no 12

The same frontage sixty-eight years on. (PW)

Another establishing shot before the story moves back to the studio. Phil Bailey advises that this is a view of Rokin adding that the shot is probably filmed from the Allard Pierson Museum.

image no 13

Phil didn't have time to confirm where the shot was taken from . . . so for now, here's a ground-level shot.

As the war continues, the Jewish population is rounded up and moved out of the city.

image no 14

Also Staalstraat as shown in this comparison by Phil Bailey.

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The view over the rooftops above the Frank's window with Sint Nicolaaskerk (Basilica of St. Nicholas) prominent in the background.

A patrol passes outside the factory. Looking southward on Prinsengracht.

image no 16

No patrols today, just an incessant flow of tourists. (PW)

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Soldiers supervise as a family is taken from their home and greengrocery business. The junction of Staalstraat and Verversstraat identified by Phil Bailey.

The family is driven away. Phil Bailey advises that this is the view along Verversstraat from Staalstraat towards Raamgracht.

image no 18

The same street now captured by Phil.