Dick Barton Strikes Back

Date: 1949
Director: Godfrey Grayson
Production Company: Hammer Films

Stars: Don Stannard, Bruce Walker, Sebastian Cabot, James Raglan
Location(s): Lancashire, London, Surrey

Region(s): , ,


Special Agent Dick Barton uncovers a ring of international psychopathic criminals with plans to dominate the world using a terrifying weapon of mass destruction.

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Dick Barton (Don Stannard) and Snowey White (Bruce Walker) arrive at the airport to meet an agent off the flight from Prague. This is the entrance to Heathrow, sorry, London Airport on Bath Road opposite the junction of Sipson Road. The background garage still exists, albeit enlarged and redesigned.

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Following the deaths of an entire village population, Dick and Snowey head to investigate.

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The car slows as a barrier manned by the military is encountered.

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An Military Policeman moves the barrier aside and Dick drives on, into the village of High Glen.

Dick and Snowey enter the centre of the deserted village. Facing north-east on High Street in Haslemere, Surrey.

image no 5

Now, not so deserted. SD

Nothing moves as the two continue along the main street. Haslemere's High Street.

image no 6

Like JT, my mother was also a young Dick Barton fan and would run to the radio when the call went out across the gardens. SD

High Street in Haslemere with the corner of West Street just visible to the right.

image no 7

Now, on a busy Saturday afternoon. SD

Dick stops the car. High Street, on the opposite side of the green to The White Horse Hotel.

image no 8

Now. A deserted shot. SD

The pair enter an unattended shop through the open doorway. The shops stand on High Street, almost facing West Street.

image no 9

34/36 High Street. The shop fronts were altered in the 1960s. SD

Continuing to explore, the detective and his sidekick pull up and enter a hotel where full glasses still sit on the bar. Facing Petworth Road from High Street in Haslemere, Surrey.

image no 10

Now, another deserted shot. SD

Lord Armadale (James Raglan) and Major Henderson (John Harvey) pull up outside the hotel and go inside to find Dick and Snowey. High Street in Haslemere with the, still trading, White Horse Hotel to the left.

image no 11

The White Horse doing good trade today. SD

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Whilst staying as a guest of Lord Armadale and meeting Tina, Dick walks through the grounds of the house.

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The Army set up a base after another nearby village is wiped out.

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Following a clue in Beach's Fair, Dick and Snowey drive to Blackpool. Facing north on the Promenade in Blackpool, Lancashire.

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Nicholas (Tony Morelli), one of the workers from Beach's fair, makes his way through the holiday crowds. Blackpool has been seen in a number of productions includng 'A Taste of Honey', 'Holidays with Pay' and 'They Met in the Dark'.

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When he's spotted by Dick and Snowey, Nicholas is followed. Victoria Street in Blackpool with Coronation Street and the Winter Gardens in the background. Also seen in 'Hindle Wakes (1952)'.

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After she rescues the pair from Lord Armadale, Dick and Snowey comfort Tina (Jean Lodge) after she's shot by Fouracada.

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Dick fights with one of the henchmen in the lift to the top of the Tower where Lord Armadale is operating his sonic device.

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When the henchman is defeated, Nicholas appears and the fighting continues until Dick is victorious. Looking up at the structure of Blackpool Tower.

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After Dick defeats Lord Armadale and switches off the machine, Snowey appears at the top of the tower. Looking north towards Fleetwood from Blackpool Tower in Lancashire.