Die Screaming Marianne

Date: 1971
Director: Pete Walker
Production Company: Pete Walker Film Productions

Stars: Susan George, Barry Evans, Christopher Sandford, Judy Huxtable, Kenneth Hendel, Leo Genn
Location(s): London, Brighton, Algarve. Portugal.

Region(s): , ,


Coming of age into money and guilty family secrets leads girl into more trouble than it may be worth. SJ

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Mallorca or as imdb suggests Algarve

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Close-up of above.

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George skipping through sunny streets.

Sandford, George and Evans in London, SW3ish.

image no 4

Good guess; in fact SW7. The west side of Roland Gardens. SJ

Preparing to marry at the registry office.

image no 5

Chelsea Town Hall, King's Road, SW3. Also seen in Up the Junction. SJ

After the ceremony.

image no 6

Chelsea Manor Street SW3, down the side of Chelsea Old Town Hall. Alan Field. Once again before the ink's dry, and within 12 hours, Alan (AF) has nailed this and those below. Google image replaced by this better angle. SJ

Evans in a London street.

image no 7

Roland Gardens SW7, looking towards Old Brompton Road. Found by AF back in 2013. At the top to the right is Roland House, seen in Double Exposure. SJ

That tower!

image no 8

Langton Street, SW10, looking towards Gertrude Street and the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. Replacing Google, found by AF. SJ

That definitely says Chelsea on the roof.

image no 9

Langton Street, SW10, looking towards King's Road. Replacing Google, found by AF. St John's Mission Hall on King's Road has also been replaced by the World's End estate. The row of shops was also seen in "The Sorcerers". SJ

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George in short shorts.

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Sandford arrives in Portugal.

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Evans is about to be snatched in London.

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Sandford at no 44

This is Brighton. 11 Dyke's Road, Grade II listed.

image no 14

Now a theatre. SD

George with a big clue.

image no 15

If you haven't guessed, it's Brighton Station, Queens Road. SD

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Genn's place in Algarve

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Nice shot of George below the villa.

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A town.

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George approaches the killing ground, a sort of monastery ruins

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A hot of the villa and beach below.