Dirty Dozen, The

Date: 1967
Director: Robert Aldrich
Production Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), MKH, Seven Arts Productions

Stars: Lee Marvin, Richard Jaeckel, Charles Bronson, Donald Sutherland, Clint Walker, Telly Savalas, Ernest Borgnine, Robert Ryan, Jim Brown, George Kennedy, Trini Lopez, Robert Webber
Location(s): Bradenham Manor (Bucks), Albury, Little Gaddesden (Herts), London

Region(s): ,


12 military convicts are recruited for a do-or-die assault on a French chateau in WWII. SJ

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Marvin arrives to pick up his dirty dozen. Ashridge Management College, Little Gaddesden, Hertfordshire, with thanks to Tony Reeves.

image no 1

Lionel Sear went down "memory lane" with Cynthia to capture a scene from his past. (RL)

Savalas and Bronson among the convicts.

image no 2

With no convicts available Lionel and Cynthia concentrated more on the tower. (RL)

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On inspection. Hendon Aerodrome, London NW4, closed in 1968 and demolished. Ian McGreevy tells us that the white RAF bases are still visible on Aerodrome Way and grahame Park Way near a convenience store. (SJ)

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On manoeuvres.

Aldbury, Herts.

image no 5

Also seen in Crossplot. SJ

Aldbury, Herts

image no 6

Also seen in Crossplot and in the dvd extra scenes of Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason. SJ

And again.

image no 7

Nice house, car, pond. SJ

Marvin is driven to the War Games headquarters: Bradenham Manor, Bucks

image no 8

Great matching photo by Peter Wilson with our thanks (SJ)

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A picturesque village in Bucks or Herts, not too far from Borehamwood probably.

Close-up of Borgnine observing the war games in the same place as above: Chandler's Cross, Herts., looking through the entrance to Yew Court Farm identified by Mike Lewis...I think this is a building in Little Gaddesdon, says Lewis Randall. Who is correct?

image no 10

Lewis not only had the grace to admit a memory default but also proved it with this shot confirming Chandler's Cross. Well done, that man! (SJ)

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Bit dark, but this is the "Rennes chateau." sadly a set on the MGM backlot at Borehamwood. It looks a little like Waddesdon Manor though.

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Sutherland in front of the set to make it a dozen stills.