Don’t Look Now

Date: 1973
Director: Nicolas Roeg
Production Company: Casey

Stars: Julie Christie, Donald Sutherland, Hilary Mason, Clelia Matania, Massimo Serato
Location(s): Hertfordshire, Venice (Italy)

Region(s): ,


After the tragic drowning of their daughter a couple take on restoration work in Venice, hampered by a series of murders in the city and Sutherland’s increasingly destabilising premonitions. SJ.

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Identified on the Britmovie forum as Baas Manor Farm, Baas Hill near Broxbourne, Hertfordshire and confirmed by Phil Wilkinson who once spent the night in the converted schoolhouse just out of shot to the right.

Santa Maria di Salute on the Grand Canal, Venice. Sutherland stands on the terrace of the famous Hotel Bauer.

image no 2

The view from onto the Canale Grande in front of the Hotel Bauer towards Santa Maria di Salute. Manuel/Google (SJ)

One of many canals but ? ... Now found, the water cab with Sutherland onto the Rio Santa Marina next to the Fondamenta Felzi. In the background the Ponte Minich, where the people are watching the filming.

image no 3

A freight barge between the Ponte Minich and the Ponte dei Conzafelzi, on the right side the Fondamenta Felzi. Manuel/G (SJ)

? sign says sotoportego e corte botera ... The policemen are waiting at the Sotoportego next to the Ponte dei Conzafelzi.

image no 4

Above the Rio Santa Marina the balcony to the Sotoportego e Corte Botera, Manuel/G (SJ)

A local would get this in a flash... but the honour goes to the Swiss and Manuel. The view from the Ponte dei Conzafelzi towards the Palazzo Tetta, with the Rio de San Giovanni Laterano to the left, in the background the Ponte de l'Ospealeto. On the right side the Rio della Tetta with the Ponte Tetta in the background.

image no 5

A freight barge moves towards the Rio Santa Marina and underpasses the Ponte dei Conzafelzi. Manuel/G (SJ)

The side of San Nicolo dei Mendicoli, a little off the beaten tourist track. Manuel adds, "The Ponte dei Morti across the Rio de le Terese."

image no 6

but brother Robin J was not undaunted.

The front of the church, right out to the west on the Canale della Giudecca... Manuel adds, "The main entrance of the church on the Fondamenta Tron near the Ponte de San Nicolò."

image no 7

Now. RJ.

And the side again... Manuel adds, "The water cab onto the Rio de le Terese stops at the Fondamenta Tron just in front of the church."

image no 8

Now. RJ.

The waterfront of Bacino di San Marco with the campanile in view. Christie and Sutherland are walking along the Riva degli Schiavoni.

image no 9

The view over the Riva degli Schiavoni, in front of the splendid Hotel Gabrielli, which served as the fictional “Europa Hotel” Manuel/G

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Maybe the Giardini della Biennale.

Unknown...until Manuel takes on the challenge. Sutherland crosses the Campo San Isepo, just at the edge of the Giardini della Biennale, towards the Fondamenta San Isepo in the background.

image no 11

And here's Manuel's proof from Google. (SJ)

Schiavoni. A clue, ie. The Riva della Schiavoni on the Bacino di San Marco.

image no 12

Nowadays the stazione San Zaccaria near the Ponte de la Pietà across the Rio dei Greci. In the background the known Hotel Pensione Wildner. Manuel/G (SJ)

Unknown for quite a while but now found. Overlooking the calle Rielo nearby the corner to the Campiello Tron.

image no 13

At the same point with the view towards the Fondamenta Tron at the Rio de le Terese. Found by Manuel and G. (SJ)

Partial sign at top says rieto. Manuel points out my misreading. Rielo. "So the protagonists are standing at the corner of Rielo and the Fondamenta Lizza Fusina."

image no 14

The sign "Trattoria al Canestrello" as well as the Pepsi-Cola advertisement have disappeared. Manuel/G (SJ)

Unknown but a gondolier would recognise it in "un attimo"... Now solved: How did it remain a mystery so long?!

image no 15

A view from the Fondamenta Rielo towards the Ponte de la Piova across the Rio de San Nicolò dei Mendicoli and the Fondamenta de la Pescaria on the opposite site. Also the towers of the church San Raffaele Arcangelo can be seen. Manuel/G (SJ)

The waterfront...Sutherland disembarks at the station San Marco Vallaresso nearby the Fondamenta dei Gardini.

image no 16

The same place nowadays with the Ponte de l’Academia dei Pittori and the Palazzino Selva on the left side. Manuel/G

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Another canal and bridge but fear not. As Manuel points out, it's been seen before in "If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium" so it's the Rio Ca'Widmann.

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? it's sotoportego del magazen... Verified by Manuel.

I think that sign says calle de castel forte s. rocco..."A close up from the Par(r)oc(c)hia Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari to the corner of the Scuola Grande di San Rocco “SR” and the Calle de Castelforte San Rocco," as Manuel more precisely puts it. (SJ)

image no 19

Looking from the same point today shows the “SR” too. Manuel/Google

Nope... Manuel says yes. Sutherland still at the waterfront of the Parrocchia Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari.

image no 20

A view towards the corner of the Rio delle Muneghete and the Rio de San Pantalon, and, to the left, the Rio de la Frescada. Manuel/G

A wider canal walkway. Danny Coope says that this is looking from the Chiesa San Nicolo dei Mendicolo that Donald was restoring along Campo san Nicolo to Fondamenta Tron. Dorsodura district. Phil Gray confirms the location stating that the view is looking towards Fondamenta de L’Arzere having stayed in an apartment close to the bridge in 2016. (RL)

image no 21

"This shot shows the bridge that the film shot was taken from. Donald Sutherland would have been standing just the other side of the bridge on the right. You can identify the street lamp that is above his head and the shuttered windows next to it, the church doorway on the left, and the house in the centre, which is where I stayed in 2016 (the window with the blind askew!)." Thanks to Phil Gray for this one.

Coming from the Calle de Castelforte San Rocco, Sutherland goes along the Scuola Grande di San Rocco towards the Rio de la Frescada.

image no 22

At the Parrocchia Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari next to the Rio delle Muneghete. Manuel/G

Ponte del Vinanti...A Venetian police detective follows Sutherland and crosses the Ponte dei Vinanti over the Rio de San Pantalon.

image no 23

Nowadays named as Ponte Vinanti, with the view from the wooden bridge towards the Salizada San Pantalon. Manuel/G

Back in England. Hertfordshire again?

image no 24

Yes, back in Hertfordshire says Geoff Dodd, Heathmount School at Watton-at-Stone to be precise and he provides this Google Earth shot to support. Geoff adds that it also featured in Inspector Morse - Fat Chance. (RL)

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San Stae, Grand Canal.

On the steps outside San Stae. Danny Coope provided the still.

image no 26

And here is the now shot sent in by Danny.