Don’t Open till Christmas

Date: 1984
Director: Edmund Purdom
Production Company: Spectacular Trading International

Stars: Edmund Purdom, Belinda Mayne, Caroline Munro, Gerry Sundquist, Mark Jones, Kevin Lloyd
Location(s): London



Somebody with very little Christmas spirit is killing people who are dressed as Santa.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

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Dressed as Santa Claus, a Man (John Aston) blows into his cold hands while waiting for his Girlfriend to arrive. Bourlet Close in London W1 identified by Simon James.

image no 1

The cool round window has given way to the mundane. (PW)

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The Man and his Girlfriend (Maria Eldridge) climb into the back of his Volvo Estate before the two are attacked and killed by a masked Assailant. SJ recognised this as Bourlet Close off Riding House Street in Fitzrovia.

image no 2

The same dead end. (PW)

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Following the murder of Mr. Briosky who was dressed as Father Christmas at party, Chief Inspector Ian Harris is given the job of tracking down the killer. The former New Scotland Yard that stood on The Broadway SW1.

image no 3

The old New Scotland Yard has been moved to the new Scotland Yard which was originally the old Scotland Yard. (PW)

<?php echo 4; ?>

The Detective Inspector and Detective Sergeant Powell visit the man’s daughter Kate who lives with her boyfriend Cliff. The junction of Marshall Street and Broadwick Street in W1.

image no 4

Apart from the addition of cakes and greenery there isn't much change here. (PW)

<?php echo 5; ?>

Questions are asked about Mr. Briosky's death but no clues are forthcoming. William Blake House rising above Marshall Street.

image no 5

A very similar view. (PW)

<?php echo 6; ?>

As the two Policemen return to the "Yard", reports of the murders are broadcast on the radio. To the left stands Dickins & Jones at the corner of Regent Street and Little Argyle Street. The department store closed in 2006.

image no 6

A daylight shot but the Christmas decorations are on display again. (PW)

<?php echo 7; ?>

Nearby, another Santa (George Pierce) roasts chestnuts before the masked assassin strikes again. This is the right hand side of Bourlet Close W1.

image no 7

No nuts here now . . . . except me reflected in the window. (PW)

<?php echo 8; ?>

A Motorcyclist sets of to make a delivery. Wardour Street, London W1 with Flaxman Court going off between the Volvo and the motorcyclist.

image no 8

The same location captured on a busy Christmas Eve. (PW)

<?php echo 9; ?>

Secured on the Yamaha's pillion, a Christmas present with a label reading ‘Don’t Open till Christmas’ is carried through the streets. Facing south on Regent Street at the junction with Foubert's Place and Conduit Street.

image no 9

A pause in the traffic allowed this shot to be taken. (PW)

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The Rider leans into a corner.

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Reaching his destination, the Motorcyclist delivers the package to the home of Chief Inspector Harris. Holland Park, London W11

<?php echo 12; ?>

With pressure mounting from the Assistant Commissioner, the investigation continues. Looking up at New Scotland Yard from in front of the St. Ermin's Hotel on Caxton Street.

image no 12

Now you see it, now you don't. The building was demolished in 2017. (PW)

<?php echo 13; ?>

Dressed in his festive outfit and laughing to himself, a Drunk (Ashley Dransfield) staggers along an alley before meeting his doom at the hands of the killer. Kemp’s Court, looking from Hopkins Street toward Berwick Street in Soho.

image no 13

Modernisation has attacked both sides of this passage. (PW)

<?php echo 14; ?>

Friends greet Kate Briosky (Belinda Mayne) as she walks through Middleton Place W1.

image no 14

Recognisable as the same place. (PW)

<?php echo 15; ?>

Giles Harrison (Alan Lake) catches up with Kate claiming to be a reporter from the Daily News. Middleton Place running between Riding House Street and Langham Street in Fitzrovia.

image no 15

Plants adorn the location now. (PW)

<?php echo 16; ?>

After leaving Scotland Yard, Chief Inspector Ian Harris (Edward Purdom) pauses to watch the Police Band play carols. The Broadway SW1 with the corner of Caxton Street to the top centre. A similar view is seen in 'The File of the Golden Goose'.

image no 16

A little quieter now that New Scotland Yard's band has moved away. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

Chief Inspector Harris walks past shop windows decorated for the festive season.

<?php echo 18; ?>

As Gerry (Kevin Lloyd) leaves a tube station he comes across Cliff Boyd (Gerry Sundquist) and Kate busking. The entrance to the Bakerloo Line within Marylebone station in NW1.

image no 18

The entrance that opened in 1943 was redesigned in the late 1980s. (PW)

<?php echo 19; ?>

Cliff introduces his old friend to Kate. Marylebone station has been seen in many films including 'Violent Moment', 'The Day of the Triffids', 'Ring of Bright Water', 'The Internecine Project', 'Rotten to the Core', 'A Hard Day’s Night', 'The IPCRESS File' and 'One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing'.

image no 19

Due to obstacles, this is looking in the general direction of the screen capture. (PW)

<?php echo 20; ?>

Kate leaves the two pals alone and the pair head for the station bar. The then spacious concourse of Marylebone station on Melcombe Place NW1.

image no 20

A little more 'occupied' these days. (PW)

<?php echo 21; ?>

Talking over a pint, Gerry tells Cliff that he has his own studio and invites him round that evening. This is the station bar at Marylebone station.

image no 21

The 'Travellers Fare' decor that had lingered on from the 1970s has long given way to something easier on the eye. With thanks to the management and staff of the Victoria and Albert at Marylebone. (PW)

<?php echo 22; ?>

Cliff and Sharon (Pat Astley) are spotted by a Constable and a WPC when they get locked outside Gerry’s small studio following a photo shoot. Meard Street W1. The short street features in 'King of the Underworld', 'Saturday Night Out', 'Man at the Carlton Tower', 'The Frightened City', 'Danger by My Side', 'The Six Men', 'The Teckman Mystery' and 'Something in the City'.

image no 22

And now in daylight. (PW)

<?php echo 23; ?>

Running from the Officers, the model hides in an alley where the masked murderer is waiting. Portland Mews in Soho.

image no 23

Some alteration are apparent but it's recognisable as the same location. (PW)

<?php echo 24; ?>

The two Police Officers find Sharon after her encounter with the serial killer. Portland Mews W1 with D’Arblay Street visible in the left background.

image no 24

On the left hand side in the entrance to the mews, the same old sign is sill fixed to the wall. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

The following day Detective Inspector and Detective Sergeant Powell make their way to Sharon's flat to ask questions. Portobello Road in W11 with the corner of Lonsdale Road in the right background. Various parts of the famous thoroughfare appear in many films but this section is seen in 'Otley', 'The File of the Golden Goose', 'Villain', 'The Moon Over the Alley' and 'The Gentle Trap'.

<?php echo 26; ?>

Santa visits Sherry Graham at a peep show during his lunch break from a department store. Looking from Brewer Street into Walker’s Court W1.

image no 26

Walker's Court is currently boxed in due to massive reconstruction as more buildings with character are torn town to be replaced by the bland. (PW)

<?php echo 27; ?>

Pondering the case and his future, Harris walks through Covent Garden. This is the lower level of the former fruit and vegetable market.

image no 27

Decorated for Christmas and accompanied by flute and violin. (PW)

<?php echo 28; ?>

Feeling that he's being followed, the Chief Inspector continues his window shopping. Covent Garden in London WC2.

image no 28

A quieter moment on the lower level. (PW)

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On the advice of Giles Harrison, Detective Sergeant Powell (Mark Jones) follows the Inspector.

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A quick mover, this Inspector. He's now been spotted in Sloane Square SW1. The Peter Jones department store stands at the corner of King’s Road SW3 in the background.

<?php echo 31; ?>

Detective Sergeant Powell loses Harris . . . I'm not surprised really as we're now back in Covent Garden. Looking towards Covent Garden Piazza from the corner of King Street in WC2.

image no 31

The same location 34 Christmases later. (PW)

<?php echo 32; ?>

A little worse for drink, Santa (Sid Wragg) leaves a pub in the East End. The Town of Ramsgate public house on Wapping High Street in E1.

image no 32

The open door is a torment. (PW)

<?php echo 33; ?>

The sloshed Santa wobbles away on his bike. Facing the Grade II listed Town of Ramsgate at the top of Wapping Old Stairs on Wapping High Street. Facing the Grade II listed Town of Ramsgate at the top of Wapping Old Stairs on Wapping High Street.

image no 33

Knowing a little about the history of the surrounding buildings, the streets around here are eerily quiet in the daytime. (PW)

<?php echo 34; ?>

A group of Punk Rockers make fun of the costumed cyclist and begin to chase him. Looking towards Wapping High Street from Wapping Pier Head.

image no 34

The best possible shot without trespassing. (PW)

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Santa steers his way through muddy puddles until falling from his bike.

<?php echo 36; ?>

Running from his pursuers, Santa reaches London Bridge. Seen from the junction with Tooley Street, this is Joiner Street running beneath London Bridge station in SE1.

image no 36

Not as quiet, the road now forms part of the undercroft in a redeveloped London Bridge station. (PW)

<?php echo 37; ?>

Finding an unlocked door, Santa takes refuge in the London Dungeon. The entrance to the original London Dungeon on Tooley Street.

image no 37

After 39 years, in 2013 the "Dungeon" was relocated to the former County Hall building on the South Bank. (PW)

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Aware that he is being stalked, Santa makes his way through the maze of tunnels before being attacked with a machete. The inside of the original London Dungeon in the days before the three hour queues arrived.

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In an effort to trap the killer, Undercover Officers (Adrian Black and Derek Ford) are sent to a circus dressed as Father Christmas.

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While busking on Portobello Road, Cliff and Kate wonder if they are being followed when they spot the Chief Inspector browsing at an antique stall. The corner of Portobello Road and Denbigh Close in Notting Hill.

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After being questioned by Detective Sergeant Powell following the murder of her client, sex worker Sherry Graham (Kelly Baker) makes her way back to Soho.

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The camera follows Sherry as she turns a corner on the way to the club where she is a stripper in a peep show.

  • 'Now' required

Running from the club after being attacked, Sherry hides behind a wall as her attacker follows.

  • 'Now' required

When the coast is clear, Sherry continues to flee before being captured.

<?php echo 45; ?>

Evening falls and the West End comes to life. Piccadilly Circus in W1.

image no 45

The advertisements of a different era display themselves to the public. (PW)

<?php echo 46; ?>

In theatreland, a show is about to commence when a man dressed as Santa Claus enters through the stage door. The junction of Sherwood Street and Denman Street W1. The corner also appears in 'The Next Man'.

image no 46

Same junction, same theatre. (PW)

<?php echo 47; ?>

Santa Claus (Ricky Kennedy) is ejected from the theatre just as the Masked Assailant appears. Staff at the Piccadilly Theatre were unsure whether this was was part of the premises as alterations have been made over the years.

image no 47

This is the passage off Denman Street on which the Piccadilly Theatre's stage door is situated. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

When Kate phones the Chief Inspector at home, his Maid answers and tells her that once a month he visits Parklands Mental Hospital.

<?php echo 49; ?>

The streets are busy with shoppers as the run up to Christmas continues before a portly Father Christmas is murdered. Great Marlborough Street in W1 with the Liberty department store to the right.

image no 49

On the run up to Christmas once again. (PW)

<?php echo 50; ?>

After calling on Harris at home, Kate learns that the Inspector has been suspended when they talk over dinner. The Café Royal on Regent Street W1 which also features in 'A Dandy in Aspic'.

image no 50

No canopy to keep the rain off nowadays. (PW)

<?php echo 51; ?>

When the phone goes dead while Powell is calling Kate, police cars rush to her flat. Looking into Regent Street (South) from Oxford Circus.

image no 51

Different businesses occupy the background shops now. (PW)