Don’t Raise the Bridge, Lower the River

Date: 1968
Director: Jerry Paris
Production Company: Columbia Pictures Corporation, Walter Shenson Productions

Stars: Jerry Lewis, Terry-Thomas, Jacqueline Pearce, Nicholas Parsons, Bernard Cribbins, Patricia Routledge
Location(s): London, Surrey

Region(s): ,


George (Jerry Lewis) plans to get money out of and old cohort, H William Homer (Terry-Thomas)when his wife, Pamela (Jacqueline Pearce) who is filing for divorce, demands he puts their house back in order after converting it to a Discotheque/Restaurant while she was away. George then decides to steal the plans to a new drill from Dudley Heath (Nicholas Parsons), and get H. William Homer to sell the plans to some Arabic investors for a fifty-fifty split.

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Screen captures uploaded by Raymond Edwards


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Opening scene with credits rolling, we see George Lester (Jerry Lewis) walking through London, carefree and happy. This is at the corner of Regent Street and Glasshouse Street by Piccadilly Circus in London. Glasshouse Street is now paved over.

image no 1

Peter found that the road is now paved over.

As George goes to cross the road a Routemaster bus passes by and the movie's title appears.

image no 2

Well . . . . . it's a comparison of sorts.

George continues his jolly walk in London as the credits continue to roll.

image no 3

The Saqui & Lawrence clock and barometer have long gone in Peter's comparison.

Although an American, George is looking the British gent with his bowler hat and umbrella. This is outside the Royal Academy on Piccadilly, London. Thank you RL.

image no 4

Less patriotic flags adorn the building in Peter's comparison.

Continuing his stroll, George passes a Parkistan International Airlines office in London. RL tells us the Parkistan International Airlines was at No:45 Piccadilly, London.

image no 5

And here's Peter's modern view of the address.

Whistling as he goes, George continues on his way.

image no 6

Peter captures a modern image of Piccadilly.

Strolling along Piccadilly in London, George passes a bank at number 208-9 Piccadilly. Today this is the NatWest Bank now but was the National Provincial then.

image no 7

A gap between pedestrians is exploited by Peter.

Avoiding an obstruction on the pavement, George cuts out onto the road to get around a delivery lorry.

image no 8

Peter uses part of an earlier shot.

Walking past a Midland Bank in London. But, as a would-be city gent, George fails. His trousers are too short!

image no 9

More short trousers in Peter's picture.

Crossing the road from the Midland Bank. RL knows this location very well. It was the Midland Bank Overseas' West End Office on the corner of Regent Street and Piccadilly, London and became branch of the Yorkshire Bank.

image no 10

The bank is now a Clydesdale in this shot by Peter.

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Carrying on with his walking during the credits, George passes a display of artwork, but where?

The miracles of movie magic! George, continuing his walk, somehow manages to get from Piccadilly to King's Road in Chelsea SW3. The famous road was also seen in 'Smashing Time' and 'The Servant'.

image no 12

Peter mysteriously arrived in Chelsea too . . . . by bus! This is looking west from King's Road at the junction with Tryon Street.

Still in bowler hat, George uses the zebra crossing to cross Anderson street whilst walking along King's Road, Chelsea, London.

image no 13

On his way to Chelsea, Peter took this shot of the now defunct Chelsea Building Society is now a colourful '110 KING'S ROAD' . . . . whatever that may be.

Having walked along this road, George pauses to donate to a charity. RL identifies this location as Hanover Street looking towards Regent Street, London.

image no 14

The best shot possible as workers replacing a manhole cover had blocked the pavement behind Peter.

Initially passing this lady, George turns round and smitten with her and leaves a "Will you marry me?" message along with his donation. The lady is Pamela (Jacqueline Pearce).

image no 15

Peter captured this from a little further along the road.

The movie then cuts to this church for a wedding.This is the Saint Mary Magdalene Littleton, it is just around the corner from the Shepperton Studios.

image no 16

The long awaited repairs to the roof were in hand during my visit but I just managed to avoid the ladders. (RL)

And we pan down to see George and Pamela leaving the church having just got married.

image no 17

The most intrusive ladders had been moved before I finally left. (RL)

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The movie goes on to show George dragging Pamela around the world to various adventurous locations, all of which are stage shots. Increasingly we see Pamela is getting bored with this life and keeps hinting at wanting to be back in London. We then see their home in this night shot which looks to have been filmed in daytime with filters.

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George seen here approaching the front door of his home. Still with his short trousers and even, perhaps, long johns!

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George's home now converted to a Discotheque/Restaurant.

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Meanwhile Pamela arrives back at the airport.

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Pamela and her love interest, Dudley Heath (Nicholas Parsons) are driven home.

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Next day, after a threat of jail from Pamela, George drives to Fred Davies (Bernard Cribbins) to get him, unwittingly, to act as a courier to get a set of plans abroad.

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George arrives at Fred's garage.

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Fred greets George. In the background can be seen what the movie calls, Portuguese Bellas. Scouring the internet finds that these cars are probably mockups. The general feeling is they are Bond Mark Fs, which were three wheelers. Possibly converted with two wheels at the front for the movie.

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Arriving at Fred's garage is Girl Guide Leader Lucille Beatty ( Patricia Routledge) and for the eagle eyed, an uncredited actress playing a girl guide, Sally Geeson. Again a Portuguese Bella!

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Lucille out of her 'Bella' trying to attract some attention. Maybe the house in the background can help with the location.

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A nice view of Tower Bridge, London as the movie switches scenes to George going into London to meet H Wiliam Homer (Terry-Thomas)

Close up of Tower Bridge as the camera zooms in to see George driving along it.

image no 29

Peter took this more recent close up.

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George in his E-Type Jaguar drives along George Row,London passing 'Fleming House', here filmed from Wolseley Street.

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Driving along George Row passing 'Brownlow House', George overshoots Jacob Street on the left. Stops, reverses and takes the left turn.

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Having finally turned into Jacob Street, George pulls up outside H William Homer's warehouse. Also seen in "River Beat".

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George tries the door of the warehouse.

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George after leaving London heads for the airport.

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George and his E-Type Jaguar zoom alongside the airport.

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London Airport's No.1 Building Europa.

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After his first trip to Portugal, Fred returns to George's home.

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Fred riding a mini-motor bike outside George's home.

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Daytime shot of George's car and home.

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Having landed in Lisbon, Portugal, Fred disembarks in pain, unaware his tooth ache is because secret plans have been engraved on his tooth. Very likely this is Heathrow Airport or another British airport as later stills will indicate.

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Passing under his aircrafts wings in pain, Fred heads for the terminal building.

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Having trouble, Fred tries to leave the Lisbon air terminal.

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Having emerged from the terminal building, Fred heads for a waiting taxi.

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The taxi pulls away with Fred onboard.

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Fred's taxi arrives outside a local dentists in 'Potugal'. This looks likely to be a set possibly on the Shepperton Studio lot, certainly on the lot, see, (RL)

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Meanwhile back in England, George having discovered Pamela and Dudley were spending time in a secluded cottage, heads for them and is seen here driving up the cottage's driveway.

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George seen here knocking on the cottage door

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At the cottage, George learns from H William Homer, in Portugal, that the Arab Investors are not happy. With this, George, incognito, heads for Portugal following Fred, and Pamela, feeling something is up, follows George also incognito. Here George follows Fred in a taxi from Lisbon Airport. Did the Portuguese, in 1967 have zebra banded street signs, and red and white "no entry" ones?

  • 'Now' required

In Portugal, Fred, George and Pamela flee the angry Arab Investors and chase ensues through the street of a Portuguese town. Again this looks like a stage set and it was a set, see (RL)

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The Arab Investors run up a dead end and return back down the road.

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Fred heads for car which has H William Homer inside, and all get in and return home.

Back home Pamela and George make up and the movie ends.

image no 52

Peter provides this comparison from a lower angle.