Date: 1972
Director: Peter Sasdy
Production Company: Tigon

Stars: Ian Bannen, Judy Geeson, John Paul, Simon Oates
Location(s): London, Cornwall

Region(s): ,


Dumped cylinders off the Cornish coast lead to local islanders’ acromelagy.

Additional Information:

Screen captures and uncredited now images by SJ

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A nice establishment shot of Polkerris, south coast of Cornwall, near Fowey.

image no 1

This one means climbing into a field. SJ.

Bannen approaches Polkerris.

image no 2

Much the same, taken from the jetty as close to the sea as possible. SJ.

Reverse shot. Definitely Twickenham-ish.

image no 3

More of Cornwall on the horizon. SJ.

Polkerris seafront.

image no 4

The window to what is now Sam's has changed to allow sunset views. This used to be to be a bucket and spade shop and before then a lifeboat house. SJ.

Up from the beach.

image no 5

Now. SJ.

  • 'Now' required

Suddenly looks a different location. Polperro and Mevagissey often cited as locations on the internet but yet to be proved. Perhaps a set.

Wheel Coates mine, St Agnes, North Cornwall where Bannen tests seagull eggs.

image no 7

To the east of Chapel Porth. The building on the right is Wheal Coates and that on the left is Towanroath Shaft. This shot was taken from the slopes on the west side of Chapel Porth. Image and information from Lionel Sear.

Back at Polkerris.

image no 8

The bridge to the pub has gone. SJ.

Inside the local pub, the Rashleigh Inn.

image no 9

And yes the same interior. SJ.

Another shot of the seafront of Polkerris.

image no 10

Sam's again. They have a poster of Doomwatch inside as well as, intriguingly, Monster which was filmed in Oregon, USA. SJ.

Panning to the right.

image no 11

Leads to a nice cliff walk. SJ.

Battersea Heliport, London SW11, with the four chimneys of Fulham Power Station, SW6, behind.

image no 12

Best I could do poking the camera through the gaps in the fencing. SJ

And another power station, Lots Road SW10.

image no 13

I need to be further round but the new development at Lots Road and Chelsea Harbour would obscure the power station anyway. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Back at the mysterious set-like location.

  • 'Now' required

And again. Much the same as doom006.

Bannen and Geeson on the jetty of Polkerris.

image no 16

Now. SJ.