Double Bunk

Date: 1961
Director: C.M. Pennington-Richards
Production Company: George H. Brown Productions

Stars: Ian Carmichael, Janette Scott, Sid James, Liz Fraser, Dennis Price
Location(s): London, Middlesex, Surrey

Region(s): ,


When an engaged couple face eviction they purchase a run down houseboat but end up in France with no fuel or supplies whilst on their belated honeymoon.

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Additional screen captures by Phil Wilkinson


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The film opens with a view over Hammersmith. This is Westcroft Square in W6 with Stamford Brook station in the centre background.

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A Milkman makes a delivery to Madame de Sola's lodging house where engaged couple Jack Goddard and Peggy Deeley have rooms.

Having seen an advertisement in the newspaper, Jack and Peggy arrive to view a houseboat. Facing north-west on Hampton Court Road, Hampton, which was in Middlesex at the time of filming.

image no 3

Robin Brooks found that not much has changed in fifty years.

The couple drive over the bridge to the film's 'Christmas Island'. Robin Brooks advises that in reality, this was the old Bailey bridge access to Tagg's Island on the Thames below Hampton Court which collapsed in 1965.

image no 4

Robin adds that a replacement bridge was built the collapse but by 1978 this too was considered unsafe and vehicles were forbidden to use it. It was finally pulled down and rebuilt 80m upstream in 1982. A section of the ramp from the original bridge still exists on the opposite bank, allowing this spot to be pinpointed.

Alfred Harper (Reginald Beckwith) greets the pair before showing them the houseboat 'Jasmine Cot'. Throughout the film, Jasmine Cot is referred to by the cast as Jasmine Gay.

image no 5

Taken over a hedge, it is the same row of houses in the background. Image from Robin Brooks.

To raise money for the purchase of the houseboat, Jack calls on a car dealer friend to exchange his Bentley for a Bubble Car and £100 cash. Angela Shrieves spotted St. Margaret's Road in Twickenham, formerly Middlesex, with Crown Road in the background.

image no 6

Angela provides this image advising that the cars are parked outside the St. Margaret's public house on St. Margaret's Road which is directly opposite the entrance to Twickenham Film Studios.

Jack Goddard (Ian Carmichael) locks up his workshop as Sid Randle (Sidney James) looks over the Bentley.

image no 7

Robin Brooks found that both wall and gates on St. Margaret's Road have been replaced.

After Jack finds a bible on the seat of the Isetta, Sid agrees to the a deal. St Margaret's Road with properties on The Barons in the top background.

image no 8

The Barons from St Margaret's Road by Robin Brooks.

Sid and Jack ties a lucky horseshoe onto the Bubble Car's door while Sid attaches ribbon. St. Margaret's Road with the corner of The Barons on the right.

image no 9

Two of the buildings have gone but the rest of the row remains. The blue sign welcomes visitors to Twickenham Studios in this image from Angela Shrieves.

Prepared for his wedding to Peggy, Jack gets ready to drive away. St. Margaret's Road, a location that also features in 'Strongroom', 'The Ghost Camera' and 'Emergency'.

image no 10

From a similar position now by Angela Shrieves.

Peggy Goddard (Janette Scott) hails a bus to go shopping as Jack and Sid make repairs to Jasmine Cot's engine. Hampton Court Road, Hampton.

image no 11

Robin Brooks notes the same wall, but the bus stop has gone.

Charlie (Gerald Campion) arrives on Christmas Island to join Leonard Watson on his yacht White Wings. Robin Brooks advises that "Tagg's Island has been hugely redeveloped as a residential area for houseboats, including the construction of a lagoon in the middle".

image no 12

Robin continues "The former car park is now a rabbit warren of hedges, lanes, trees and boats, making comparison shots almost impossible. All that remains is a section of concrete ramp from the original bridge, which is visible over the left shoulder of the cyclist".

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Returning home, Peggy is covered in soot and falls into the river when the engine backfires. Tagg's Island in the Thames on the reach above Molesey Lock.

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In a hearse that he can't sell, Sid and his girlfriend Sandra arrive for Jack and Peggy's honeymoon cruise along the river to Holehaven. Tagg's Island, Hampton.

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Jack and Peggy carry Sid's luggage onto Jasmine Cot.

When Jack starts the engine, Members of the Sailing Club look on in amazement. The River Thames off Tagg's Island.

image no 16

Robin Brooks tells us that "This view is taken from the current bridge to the island. The long wooden building next to the weir is the same in both shots and Jack and Peggy's ramshackle home was sited roughly where the three storey houseboat is moored on the right.

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The comments continue as the Club Members watch Sid's attempt at casting off.

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Sid returns to the houseboat as Sandra accidentally signals Jack to reverse the engine.

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With Sid at the helm, Jasmine Cot speeds along the river causing havoc in her wake.

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Jasmine Cot approaches a lock. This appears to be Sunbury Lock near Walton-on-Thames in Surrey.

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Thames Conservancy Officers call for Jasmine Cot to stop after receiving numerous complaints from people along the river.

On their way again, the houseboat proceeds through London, passing the Houses of Parliament en route to Holehaven.

image no 22

The time is pretty accurate as well. (RL)

Watched by two River Police Officers, Jasmine Cot passes beneath Tower Bridge.

image no 23

Little activity as the river cruise boat turn out of view. (RL)

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Viewing Holehaven through the binoculars, Sid and Jack decide to continue on to Ramsgate.

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During a foggy evening Jack, Sid and the girls end up in Calais where they encounter a Harbour Official as Leonard Watson brings his yacht into harbour.

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Discovering that the houseboat is to be impounded within twelve hours, Jack steers Jasmine Cot out of the harbour the next morning.

Taking a bet from Watson, Jasmine Cot and White Wings race back to Christmas Island.

image no 27

Robert Oldfield is convinced that this is the same location, rather over grown some 56 years later. This shot is taken from a bridge over the stretch of Thames above Sunbury Lock looking back towards Walton.

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The birdhouse is knocked as Jasmine Cot passes under a low bridge. This footbridge is just down river from Sunbury Lock on the Thames and connects Sunburylock Ait to Surrey.

At a sailing club, Granville-Carter (Michael Shepley) prepares to give his Assistant (Toby Perkins) the order to start a race. Manor House opposite Desborough Sailing Club in Shepperton identified by Stephen Cook. The building also appears in 'Take a Girl Like You'.

image no 29

Stephen Cook provides this shot of Manor House.

Jasmine Cot's engine backfires and starts the race which causes mayhem as White Wings passes through. (Correction to the events recorded in our initial caption provided by Bill Godwin). The River Thames at Shepperton with Manor House in the left background. This part of the river is also seen in 'The Teckman Mystery'.

image no 30

The Manor House from the river, by Stephen Cook.

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The Sailing Club Members watch the return of Jasmine Cot. Tagg's Island in the River Thames at Hampton in Middlesex with the bridge to Hampton Court Road crossing the background.

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Knocking the Members into the river, Jasmine Cot returns to her mooring. Wikipedia advises that 'Jasmine Cot' was in reality 'Joan Mary', a 48 foot Admiralty Personnel Launch conversion based at Newmans Shipyard in Twickenham.