Double Confession

Date: 1950
Director: Ken Annakin
Production Company: Harry Reynolds Productions

Stars: Derek Farr, Joan Hopkins, Peter Lorre, William Hartnell, Naunton Wayne
Location(s): East Sussex, Hertfordshire, Isle of Wight

Region(s): ,


Visiting his unfaithful wife and finding her dead, a man makes her lover suffer before the truth is revealed.

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At 3.30am, the Ticket Collector (Roy Plomley) asks Jim Medway (Derek Farr) for his ticket as he arrives in Seagate on the mail train. The locomotive carries the number 45097 and the coaches carry 'M' prefixes to the numbers, which places this station on the London Midland region of British Railways. Rod Grealish quite rightly points out that all the station features here are the same as those in Capture 22 so this must also be Bricket Wood, Hertfordshire. (RL)

image no 1

With less atmosphere. (RL)

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Having walked from the station, Jim descends a cliff path as he makes his way to the beach house where his wife lives. Possibly the Cliff Path leading to Orchard Bay House near Ventnor.

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A light is burning as Jim crosses the beach to approach the building. Orchard Cove, south-west along the coast from Ventnor on the Isle of Wight.

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Jim takes cover when he sees Charlie Durham (William Hartnell) leaving. Maybe a set, maybe Orchard Bay House.

Later that morning, a bus arrives bringing day trippers including Ann Corday (Joan Hopkins).

image no 5

De La Warr Parade, Bexhill, East Sussex. The modern building is on the corner of Sea Road. SD

The Primrose Bar, one of the businesses owned by Charlie Durham. The art deco De La Warr Pavilion, Marina in Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex.

image no 6

De La Warr Pavilion now. SD

The camera tilts down to find Jim as he heads towards the building. Designed by the architects Erich Mendelsohn and Serge Chermayeff, the De La Warr Pavilion was constructed in 1935.

image no 7

In 2012, sculptor Richard Wilson balanced a full sized replica of the coach from 'The Italian Job' on the roof of the De La Warr Pavilion. SD

Jim makes his way onto the beach where he starts talking with Ann. The beach at Bexhill on Sea.

image no 8

Facing West Parade, with the building to the right on the corner of Park Road having gained an extra storey. SD

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Police begin their investigations after Mrs. Lorna Medway is found dead. Orchard Bay House stands just above the high water mark in Orchard Cove near Ventnor.

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Inspector Tenby (Naunton Wayne) discusses the case with local newspaper boss Hilary Boscombe (Ronald Howard). Again, this may be a set even though the well defined shadows are cast correctly for Orchard Bay House.

After arranging to have lunch with Ann, Jim goes to the Primrose Bar and confronts Durham. This is the De La Warr Pavillion in Bexhill on Sea.

image no 11

I had afternoon tea there. SD

Paddling in the sea, Leonard (Leslie Dwyer) plays with his model yacht. Bexhill-on-Sea with the De La Warr Pavilion and the King George V Colonnade in the background.

image no 12

I decided the sea looked too cold and far too rough for paddling. SD

Another day tripper, Kate (Kathleen Harrison), enjoys splashing about in the water. More of the beach at Bexhill on Sea.

image no 13

A deserted beach with the storm clouds moving in. Yes, it's British Summertime!. SD

Having got to know each other a little better, Jim and Ann run toward the sea. The beach at Bexhill on Sea with the derelict Metropole Hotel, which was demolished in 1955, at the top of the image.

image no 14

Now, with a clear view of the De La Warr Pavilion. SD

Durham's associate Paynter climbs into a speed boat after watching Jim and Ann enter the water. Hastings Pier in Hastings, East Sussex. Opened in 1872, the pier was storm damaged in 1990 and devastated by fire in 2010. The pier is also seen in 'Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday' and 'The Dark Man'.

image no 15

The end of the pier now. SD

Speeding across the water, Paynter tries to run Jim down as he swims. In the right of centre distance stands Marine Court on Marina in St Leonards-on-sea, East Sussex.

image no 16

Marine Court was also seen in 'The Dark Man'. SD

Jim and Ann swim towards a boat being rowed by Sergeant Swanton, who has been tailing the two. Facing the Promenade and Eversfield Place in Hastings.

image no 17

Now, viewed from Hastings Pier. SD

Hoping for a romance to begin, Kate approaches Leonard. The beach below West Parade Promenade in Bexhill on Sea.

image no 18

Not viewed from the sea due to my reluctance to paddle. SD

An establishing shot of holidaymakers enjoying the gardens of fictional Seagate. The gardens between the De La Warr Pavilion and the King George V Colonnade.

image no 19

Viewed from the roof terrace of the De La Warr Pavilion. SD

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Paynter (Peter Lorre) enters a pub and begins to get drunk. This looks to be a real location but may be a studio set. Either way it's good to see Peter Lorre in a British film.

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Constable Miller looks up at the crowds gathering on the cliffs after the news breaks. Looking from the shingle beach toward Orchard Bay House in the then named Orchard Cove near Ventnor, Isle of Wight.

Jim escorts Ann to the station for her train home and, not wanting to say goodbye, decides to travel with her. The station is Bricket Wood in Hertfordshire which was also seen in 'Night of the Demon', 'Impact' and 'She'll Have to Go'.

image no 22

Not quite as exciting without steam. (RL)