Dr. No

Date: 1962
Director: Terence Young
Production Company: Eon

Stars: Sean Connery, Ursula Andress, Joseph Wiseman, Jack Lord
Location(s): Jamaica, London

Region(s): ,


007 investigates the disappearance of a colleague which leads him to Dr No who is attempting mischievous mayhem with the US space programme.

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All stills supplied by SJ.


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A Kingston street.

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A Kingston street.

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A Kingston street.

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A Kingston street.

Liguanea Club, Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston.

image no 5

Much the same. SJ.

See what I mean by establishment shot. Dark to boot.

image no 6

From Waterloo Bridge. SJ.

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Norman Manley airport, Kingston, now altered.

Continuity confusion. Bond has been driven the wrong direction (east) which would take him back towards the airport. This pull-off is just off the Palisadoes Main Road, west of the airport.

image no 8

This is by ruins, called Rocky Fort. Info, with thanks, from "Doctor" who served me lunch at Morgan's Harbour. That's looking north across to Kingston. SJ.

Looking south over the sea.

image no 9

Note the mounds, and Lime Cay on the horizon, which I think is just caught in the film. SJ.

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Connery with dead chauffeur drives up to King's House, Hope Road, Kingston. They want a letter 2 days in advance to visit this.

Port Royal, Palisadoes, west of the airport, Kingston.

image no 11

Vegetation has taken over. Just to the west of Morgan's Harbour Hotel. SJ.

Port Royal, Palisadoes, west of the airport, Kingston. Morgan's Harbour Hotel in the background.

image no 12

The same brick building. SJ.

Round to Morgan's Harbour.

image no 13

Much the same. SJ.

Morgan's Harbour Hotel bar, now altered, but on the same site. From right to left, John Kitzmiller, Lester Prendergast and see that barman on the left?

image no 14

Could this be "Doc"? Here he is in 2010. You have my Reelstreets card, Doctor. Get in touch. Is that you in the then, or do you appear in the night scene following? SJ... This was followed up by famous Bond researcher Steve Oxenrider who gave Wilfred "Doc" a call and now we know, he appears in the night scene, and is still hoping to spot himself. Thanks for the info, Steve.

Connery at Morgan's Harbour Hotel.

image no 15

Same angle. SJ.

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Cited as Scotler's Wharf, Harbour Street, St Ann's Bay.

Bauxite docks just west of Ocho Rios

image no 17

Former Reynolds bauxite mine. Hotel in background is the Sunset Grande (it was the Intercontinental when I was there). Picture from "In The Footsteps of 007." This information and the still was provided by Andrew Brennan with thanks to him.

Bauxite docks just west of Ocho Rios

image no 18

Now. SJ.

  • 'Now' required

Quoted in the film as both 23 and 2171 Magenta Drive, possibly Sans Souci Resort, Ocho Rios, also cited as Super Club Grand Lido: Connery visits Miss Taro's Blue Mountain home.

Laughing Waters, seen before in Sea Wife.

image no 20

Not straightforward to get to. SJ.

When I had the Soldiers Shop in Lambeth, and before that managed the shop Tradition, in London's Piccadilly, we often used to supply Berman's and Nathans, theatrical costumiers with uniforms, weapons and equipment. Ms Andress' belt is a standard British army WWII belt, blancoed white. I kept it from the Tradition stock and it is now on display in my collection. John Tunstill.

image no 21

Now without Andress sadly. SJ.

Laughing Waters is west of Dunn's River Falls.

image no 22

Now. SJ.

And is fenced off.

image no 23

Now with vegetation loss on the headland, possibly Hurricane Gilbert in 1988. SJ.

But that doesn't deter the locals and location hunters.

image no 24

Now. SJ.

And it's a gorgeous spot.

image no 25

Now. SJ.

Also seen in Eureka 20 years later.

image no 26

Not a particularly aesthetic addition, the man-made channel. SJ.

Similar falls but these are the bigger and touristy Dunn's River Falls to the east.

image no 27

Or least I think so. SJ.

Dunn's River.

image no 28

Apologies but I am on holiday. SJ.