Dracula AD 1972

Date: 1972
Director: Alan Gibson
Production Company: Hammer Film Productions

Stars: Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Stephanie Beacham, Christopher Neame, Michael Coles
Location(s): Hertfordshire, London

Region(s): ,


Count Dracula is raised from the dead in 1972 London and searches out the descendents of Van Helsing.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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The year is 1872 when in London's Hyde Park, Professor Lawrence Van Helsing battles with Count Dracula on a runaway coach. IMDB mentions Tykes Water Lake in Aldenham Country Park, Hertfordshire and this bridge is also seen in 'Voices'.

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After leaving a bridge, the coach crashes and both are killed. Dracula by a wheel spoke that pierces his heart.

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At St Bartolph's Church during Van Helsing's funeral, a Stranger (Christopher Neame) buries Dracula's remains.

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The action moves into present day London, depicted by planes, construction work and roadways.

Busy streets are shown.

image no 5

King's Road in Chelsea identified and captured by Peter.

A group of friends walk towards their favourite haunt, the Cavern coffee bar. Kings Road in Chelsea SW3. The background building is now know as The Porticos.

image no 6

A "now" shot of The Porticos from Peter. (RL)

Once inside the Cavern, Greg Pullar(Michael Kitchen) and Joe Mitchum (William Ellis) ask Johnny Alucard (Christopher Neame) about new experiences. King's Road, London SW3.

image no 7

The same location now from Peter.

After leaving his friends, Johnny nears home where he keeps the remains of Dracula. Hillgate Place at the junction with Farm Place in London W8. The location was seen in 'A Touch of Class'.

image no 8

Just a little pan to the right would show Jackson's house in "A Touch of Class." SJ

Bob Tarrant (Philip Miller) drives his girlfriend, Jessica Van Helsing, home. Peter advises that this is looking east on Fulham Road SW3 with Hortensia Road on the right. The part of the wall in Fulham Road has been demolished but remains in Hortensia Road.

image no 9

Peter found that the brick wall has been demolished and temporary screening added. This screening also hides development on the west side of Hortensia Road.

Jessica Van Helsing (Stephanie Beacham) gets out of the Citroën Dyane and enters the house. Julian Manhood found the property on Paultons Square in London SW3.

image no 10

Julian competes with parked cars for a shot of the house.

As Bob drives away, Lorrimer Van Helsing (Peter Cushing) approaches the house. Paultons Square in Chelsea located by Julian Manhood.

image no 11

Again avoiding parked cars, Julian captures the location now.

All seems normal on the day after Johnny brings Dracula back to life by performing a ritual in the now derelict St Bartolph's Church. King's Road at the junction with Beaufort Street.

image no 12

Peter found the scene refurbished or rebuilt.

The friends all meet up in the Cavern and Johnny passes the previous night's ceremony off as a fake. King's Road in SW3.

image no 13

The site of the 'Cavern' is now a busy little Yoga Club. Picture by Peter.

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Youngsters break into the boarded up St Bartolph's Church and discover the body of Laura Bellows.

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The Police Surgeon (Artro Morris) examines Laura's mutilated body and advises Inspector Murray (Michael Coles) and his Detective Sergeant (David Andrews) that it was the work of a maniac.

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A closer view of the high rise block seen in the right background of image dnst014.

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Inside Johnny's flat, Gaynor Keating is entertained before being taken to the church. This appears to be inside the entranceway seen in image dnst026.

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Marjorie Baynes finishes her washing at the launderette as Johnny watches.

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A policeman appears just as Bob climbs over the back gate of the Cavern looking for Johnny.

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After the discovery of Gaynor and Marjorie's bodies, Lorrimer works out that Alucard is Dracula spelled backwards and goes to St Bartolph's Church.

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Bob returns to the Cavern with Jessica . . . and Johnny is waiting.

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Lorrimer runs to the Cavern after phoning home and finding that his daughter has gone out. King's Road in Chelsea.

Finding the coffee bar closed, the descendant of Van Helsing heads for the rear entrance. King's Road SW3.

image no 23

Peter took this picture of the tidied up 'Porticos'.

Discovering Jessica's cross inside the empty Cavern, Lorrimer runs through the streets knowing that she is in great danger.

image no 24

The same street now from Peter.

Anna Bryant (Janet Key) pulls up when she sees Lorrimer and gives him Johnny's address. Outside the Essoldo Cinema on King's Road at the corner of Old Church Street SW3. The cinema is now Cineworld.

image no 25

Viewed from new cinema entrance on the King's Road. Picture by Peter.

A long shot from Chelsea Embankment showing the Thames with Chelsea Bridge and Battersea Power Station in the distance.

image no 26

Peter took this shot, the best you can get at present.

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Lorrimer tracks Johnny to his flat and kills him. The stairs seen in the distance of image dnst015.

Inspector Murray and the Detective Sergeant arrive at Johnny's flat to find an injured Lorrimer Van Helsing. Hillgate Place W8.

image no 28

The top has been altered. SJ

An establishing shot of Battersea Bridge in London SW11.

image no 29

The same bridge, by Peter.

Lorrimer Van Helsing goes in search of Dracula. Cremorne Road SW3 with Battersea Bridge in the background.

image no 30

Same corner, same railings, same post box. Picture from Peter.

The corner of Blantyre Street and Cremorne Road. The location was seen in 'Otley'.

image no 31

Peter found a different set of buildings on the far bank of the Thames, and a new pole for the road sign.

Lorrimer walks towards St Bartolph's Church. Blantyre Street, London SW3. All of what is seen here still remains after the destruction of the rest of the street.

image no 32

Well, nearly all. The foreground doorway has gone but the one next to the wall is still there. SJ