Date: 1979
Director: John Badham
Production Company: Universal

Stars: Frank Langella, Trevor Eve, Kate Nelligan, Donald Pleasance, Laurence Olivier, Jan Francis
Location(s): Cornwall, Sussex

Region(s): ,


Lots of darkness and fog but not many fangs as Dracula plies his trade.

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Screen captures by SJ

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Aaah, rocks and a coastline supposed to be Whitby, Yorkshire but we think Cornwall; that's Crinnis Rock on Carlyon Bay, subject of much debate over development plans there. Eve motors up to Dracula's shipwreck. Charlestown Harbour (Eagle Has Landed et al.) is only a mile or so away.

image no 1

Now. A slightly lower tide. SJ.

Pleasance's asylum, Camelot Castle Hotel where the stars stayed when filming.

image no 2

In Tintagel, north coast of Cornwall. SJ.

Nelligan greets Pleasance and Eve in the driveway.

image no 3

Now. SJ.

Eve and Nelligan on the Cornish coast by the hotel

image no 4

That's the remains of Tintagel Castle now. SJ.

Extras, sorry background artistes, doing a grand job at Francis's burial but we're more interested in that building, the back of drac002, a hotel where one can stay even now.

image no 5

Castle Hotel still. SJ.

  • 'Now' required

Nelligan's carriage approaches Langella's "Carfax Abbey". In fact it's St. Michael's Mount near Marazion close to Penzance.

  • 'Now' required

Olivier arrives at Whitby but probably not really Whitby at all..."Sheffield Park station on the ever reliable Bluebell Railway." Spotted, with our thanks, by Jonathan Horswell

Mevagissey also seen in Johnny Frenchman, Never Let Me Go and The Next of Kin.

image no 8

Now, almost an identical angle to Johnny Frenchman. SJ.


image no 9

Now. SJ.

Pleasance looks thoughtful as Olivier emotes in Mevagissey.

image no 10

Now. SJ.