Dublin Nightmare

Date: 1958
Director: John Pomeroy
Production Company: Penington Eady Productions

Stars: William Sylvester, Marla Landi, Richard Leech
Location(s): Dublin (Ireland), Middlesex

Region(s): ,


Loot goes missing in robbery double-cross. Gang members, an ex-lover and a handsome stranger are left to sort it out.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson from source material provided by John Tunstill.


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Second unit establishing shots of Dublin are used during the titles. Parnell Square with the Abbey Presbyterian Church in the background.

image no 1

The same location. (PW)

The Parnell obelisk on O'Connell Street, Dublin. Ireland.

image no 2

The same location on a dreary March morning. Nelson's Pillar, in the right distance, was destroyed in 1966 and replaced by the Spire of Dublin in 2003. (PW)

Cork Hill in Dublin 2 looking towards Lord Edward Street and Christ Church Cathedral.

image no 3

From a similar viewpoint now. Image copyright Google Streetview.

Looking along Winetavern Street from High Street, Dublin.

image no 4

Dublin's 'Bridge of Sighs' now. Slightly the wrong angle as this was taken from a passing bus. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

Dublin again, and Norah Mason advises that the location is the junction of Great George’s Street South, Dame Street and College Green looking towards Cork Hill.

The Northumberland Arms, perhaps somewhere in Dublin... No, not in Dublin, but in Isleworth! The former address is: Northumberland Arms, 10 The Square, Isleworth, Middlesex. Information by Greg Mishevski.

image no 6

The Northumberland Arms public house is now divided into 14 apartments and is renamed Northumberland House. The address is: Northumberland House, Lower Square, Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 6RL. Discovered by Greg Mishevski through the Britmovie forum. Image copyright Google Streetview.

Two members of 'the Movement' arrive at the Northumberland Arms Hotel in Dublin. Lower Square, Isleworth.

image no 7

Alan Field found the location and sent in this picture.

Steve Lawlor (Richard Leech) and the gang set of to rob a security van. Lower Square, Isleworth. The Northumberland Arms was also seen in 'Jack the Ripper' from 1959 and 'Calculated Risk'.

image no 8

Now image provided by Alan Field.

Heading for the target bank in Armagh.

image no 9

Cornmarket, Dublin looking from High Street with the spire of St. John the Baptist and St Augustine just visible in the left centre background. Image copyright Google Streetview.

Security guards leave the bank carrying the money.

image no 10

Alan Field identified this place as Little Green, Richmond.

After swapping cars, the gang watch the security van pull away.

image no 11

Little Green, Richmond again identified by Alan.

The gang follow the van.

image no 12

Alan Field located this shot at Little Green and Duke Street, Richmond.

The security van is tailed through the streets of Armagh.

image no 13

Confirmed as Church Street, Twickenham by Alan Field.

The gang gain on the security van. Church Street at the junction with Mill Plat, Isleworth, Middlesex. The location was also used in 'Salt & Pepper' and 'The Challenge'.

image no 14

Now shot by Alan Field.

The van is stopped. Mill Plat in Isleworth looking towards Church Street. The area has been redeveloped but the buildings in the background still stand.

image no 15

Alan Field took this image of the same location now.

A scuffle as the money is taken.

image no 16

Mill Plat, Isleworth with Church Street in the background taken by Alan.

The gang make their getaway down Mill Plat, Isleworth.

image no 17

Swinging around from the previous image - now by Alan Field.

Speeding away with £40,000!

image no 18

Back to Church Lane, Twickenham identified by Alan.

The Garda start to chase as the getaway car speeds past.

image no 19

Another location found by Alan Field, Church Lane / Riverside, Twickenham.

The Garda in pursuit.

image no 20

Riverside, Twickenham found and taken by Alan.

Inspector O'Connor (Jack Cunningham) calls to ask questions at the Northumberland Arms Hotel. Lower Square, Isleworth.

image no 21

Now image provided by Alan Field. Also see pictures dubni007 and 008.

A stock or second unit shot of O'Connell Street Bridge and O'Connell Street in Dublin just to let you know that the film is still set in Ireland.

image no 22

From ground level. (PW)

John Kevin (William Sylvester) walks through Dublin on his way to take photographs.

image no 23

Not Dublin - Brewer's Lane, Richmond. Now shot by Alan Field.

A final reminder that we are in Dublin not Middlesex! The Four Courts, Inns Quay alongside the River Liffy.

image no 24

The same location now. (PW)

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John takes more pictures. Alan Field adds 'Trumpeter's House, Richmond, as seen from the riverside. A large hedge now completely blocks the view. The lawn in the foreground was dug up by Channel 4's "Time Team" in 1998, as they looked for the remains of Richmond Palace'.

A stranger watches and follows John.

image no 26

Alan Field found the steps up to Richmond Bridge.

John becomes aware that he is being followed. Ingrams Almshouses, Mill Plat, Isleworth.

image no 27

Alan Field took this shot and advises 'My Great Aunt lived in one of the almshouses at the far end, but I don't know if she was living there at the time the film was made'.

  • 'Now' required

The stranger pushes John into the water. This may be The Duke of Northumberland's River between Mill Plat and Manor House Way in Isleworth.