Education, An

Date: 2009
Director: Lone Scherfig
Production Company: BBC Films, Finola Dwyer Productions, Wildgaze Films

Stars: Carey Mulligan, Peter Sarsgaard, Olivia Williams, Dominic Cooper, Alfred Molina, Rosalind Pike
Location(s): London, Paris, Oxford, Turville (Buckinghamshire)

Region(s): , ,


In the early 60s a 16 year old girl is given an artistic and cultural education by an older man but then they confuse matters by falling in love. SJ

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Mulligan's school at The Japanese School, 87 Creffield Road, Ealing, London W3

image no 1

Now. SJ

Mulligan's house at 45 Carbery Avenue, London W3

image no 2

Not too far south from the school. Almost a perfect match save the wheels. SJ

Mulligan's hangout with her friends at St John's Parade, Churchfield Road nicely converted to the period, London W13

image no 3

Back to normal now. SJ

Sarsgaard is parked by St John's Church, Ealing W13

image no 4

Now. SJ

More set dressing on St John's Parade and Mattock Lane.

image no 5

Now. SJ

Sarsgaard and Mulligan run for a concert in Lord North Street, London SW1

image no 6

The other end was seen in Atonement. SJ

Cooper and Pike greet the pair at St John's Smith Square, SW1

image no 7

Now: note the scars on the column. SJ

Gloucester Gate, London NW1

image no 8

Glos Gate? Silly me, I meant Cumberland Terrace south. SJ

Hmm a crescent, possibly near Gloucester Gate. Mornington comes to mind, yes Mornington Crescent at Mornington Place, NW1

image no 9

Now. SJ

Also seen in The Gentle Gunman, Street Corner and Night after Night after Night.

image no 10

Now. SJ

Back at Gloucester Gate, NW1

image no 11

That is, Cumberland Terrace, NW1. SJ

All outside no 17.

image no 12

Like that postbox. SJ

Gloucester Gate NW1, also seen in Another Time Another Place.

image no 13

Cumberland Terrace again. I need to be nearer the lamppost. SJ

This looks like the Ranelagh Bridge over the Thames at Richmond.

image no 14

Richmond Lock and Weir would be more precise. East side of the Thames. SJ

Trees nearby the bridge from Ranelagh Drive, TW1, to help identify whether it's the east or west side.

image no 15

East side, close to the footbridge which takes one over the stream running next to the Thames into Old Deer Park Recreation Ground, TW9. SJ

Walthamstow Dog Track, now closed, in London E4. The stadium was also used in 'There Is Another Sun'.

image no 16

Blown up (hence the fuzziness) from a shot for "It Was an Accident," also filmed here before it closed in 2008. The neon sign, Victoria Line's Las Vegas, has been restored after 8 years of decay but behind it are now new apartments at "Stadium Place." SJ

  • 'Now' required

Mulligan going to no 34

  • 'Now' required

reverse POV of educ017

Back to Creffield Road, W3, similar to educ001.

image no 19

At a lower angle. SJ