Emergency Call

Date: 1952
Director: Lewis Gilbert
Production Company: Nettlefold Films

Stars: Jack Warner, Anthony Steele, Sidney James, Freddie Mills, Sydney Tafler
Location(s): London, Surrey

Region(s): ,


Injured child needs rare blood transfusion.

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There's possibly a clue in the picture, but is it, was it a real street?

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Maybe the old hospital in Hammersmith, quaintly called the Charing Cross hospital, whilst the real Hammersmith Hospital was at Wormwood Scrubbs. Confused...mmmm.

It's godda be 'ammersmith Bridge...again. Victim, Night and the City, Repulsion and now Emergency Call, as well as The Man Who...(coming soon to a screen near you).

image no 3

A little less dark. SJ

These location managers, don't they ever learn? Didn't they go to the pictures? Or perhaps they did, in order to steal other people's locations.

image no 4

Now. SJ

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Possibly the same place, dark and gloomy as it was. Atmospheric was the term used then, I believe.

Yes, the same shot, same place, the evening before, or after, when Richard Widmark was topped in Night and the City. No actor, no reason for including this street in the film, but how many times has it turned up, that we've found so far? Half a dozen perhaps? Why? It's not a well known landmark. What was its attraction I wonder. Repulsion, Man Who Never Was and all the others.

image no 6

Now. SJ

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An alleyway, nearby?

This one's not easy.

image no 8

Hedley England sent this in; It's No 35 Bridge Street, Walton on Thames, opposite The Bear pub. The shops have recently been rebuilt, to original design, and No 35 was shut, so I could not get a shot through the window.

Nor this one. Hedley England says; Shepperton. This shop is at the entrance to Church Square, off Church Street Shepperton. Unchanged. It was also used as a location for a late 1950's episode of Edgar Wallace.

image no 9

...and Hedley England took the pic.Copper goes to arrest suspect. This shop is still unchanged. Church Square, Shepperton. Perfick!

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Nor even this. Any ideas on these last three?

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Would you believe...Earl's Court?

......and one we missed! Which Hedley spotted and sent in. Well sleuthed. Anne advises that being so near the studio's the "stars" used to frequent the "chippy" and the kids took their autograph books there when they went. (RL)

image no 12

....with a now shot of the exterior of Capture 8.