Date: 1962
Director: Francis Searle
Production Company: Butcher's Film Service

Stars: Dermot Walsh, Glyn Houston, Zena Walker, Colin Tapley, Garard Green, Anthony Dawes
Location(s): London, Middlesex

Region(s): ,


When a little girl is knocked down it is discovered that there are only three donors of the right blood type to help with a life-saving operation.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson from source material provided by John Tunstill


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A young girl wanders through the streets during the titles.

image no 1

A205 Upper Richmond Road West at the junction with Carlton Road in Richmond spotted and captured by Alan Field.

The girl talks to her doll.

image no 2

Further along Upper Richmond Road West near the junction with Carlton Road again found by Alan.

She makes her way onto a main road.

image no 3

A216 Chertsey Road, almost opposite the Winning Post Pub, Twickenham. Located by Alan Field.

She drops her doll whilst crossing the busy road and is knocked down by a truck.

image no 4

Alan Field provided the picture that identifies this as Chertsey Road, just east of the Winning Post Pub, Twickenham.

The girl is taken to Marley General Hospital after where it is found she has a rare blood group. Putney Hospital, Lower Richmond Road, Putney, SW15. The hospital has been disused since 1999 and was also used in 'Nuns on the Run'.

image no 5

This is a cropped version of a later comparison shot of the hospital provided by Ivor.

The police are asked to find people with matching blood.

image no 6

New Scotland Yard now known as The Norman Shaw Buildings, Victoria Embankment, London SW1.

Inspector Harris (Glyn Houston) arrives at the Charlwood Atomic Research Establishment. Actually the back of the studios on The Barons in St Margarets, Twickenham, Middlesex and also used in 'Not So Dusty', 'Emergency', 'Breakaway' and 'Strongroom'.

image no 7

Richard Lovejoy sent in this image for 'Not So Dusty' but it also fits quite nicely here.

Jimmy Regan, a prisoner about to be hanged, has the same blood type. Wandsworth Prison, Heathfield Road, Wandsworth, London SW18. The location features in ‘The Cracksman’, ‘There Was a Crooked Man’, ‘Out of the Fog’, ‘The Criminal’, ‘Daybreak’, ‘Calculated Risk’, ‘Time Without Pity’, ‘Ooh, You Are Awful’, ‘The Dock Brief’, ‘Up in the World’ and ‘The Mail Van Murder’.

image no 8

At least I was only doing "Community (a) Service". (RL)

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Professor Graham (Garard Green) also has the same blood but is passing secrets from an atomic laboratory.

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The professor heads to meet his contact. Unidentified location.

Professor Graham meets his contact at The Tate Library in Brixton, London SW2.

image no 11

Richard Lovejoy sent in this shot and wonders if Reel Streets commissions scaffolding for these shots? (There does seem to be a proliferation of work in the film locations featured!)

Tilt shot from image emer011 of The Tate Library.

image no 12

Today's tilt shot by Richard Lovejoy. Brixton Oval in Brixton SW2.

The police look for Professor Graham. St. Margaret's Road, Twickenham with part of the studio buildings in the right background. Also seen in 'Strongroom', Double Bunk' and The Ghost Camera'.

image no 13

A nice white wall shows the demolition area. Now image by Richard Lovejoy.

The police on St Margarets Road, Twickenham.

image no 14

We can park there now the "copper's" gone! The same location now from Richard.

A police car drives away down St Margarets Road looking towards the junction with Kings Road.

image no 15

Leafier and busier but otherwise much the same. A sunny now shot by Richard Lovejoy.

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Professor Graham is pursued. Unidentified location.

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Professor Graham leaves a local snack bar. Unknown location.

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Undercover police watch Professor Graham. Unidentified location.

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Looking along the street from the snack bar. Unidentified location.

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Professor Graham makes for the film's Northfield Experimental Station. Russ Williamson explains that this building was on Aerodrome Road, Hendon NW9. The area has been redeveloped.

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Running across the airfield. Gordon Cruickshank identifies this as Hendon Aerodrome, London NW9 and now partly used for the RAF Museum. He says that the distinctive roof trusses of the WWl hangars that can be seen in the interior scenes have been preserved and are still in situ. Flying activity ceased in 1957. (RL)

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The police follow. Hendon Aerodrome, see emer023 (RL)

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The professor see's the police and attempts to escape. Hendon Aerodrome, see emer023 (RL)

Final shot of the General Hospital where the girl is given a lifesaving transfusion. Putney Hospital in SW15.

image no 24

Ivor provides this image of how the hospital looks now.