Date: 2003
Director: Carl Bessai
Production Company: BV International Pictures, Emile Productions Inc., Helkon SK

Stars: Ian McKellen, Deborah Kara Unger, Theo Crane
Location(s): London, Victoria & Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Region(s): ,


Retired professor returns to his niece and her daughter in British Columbia after abandoning his two brothers years ago in Saskatchewan.

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McKellen passes a church in E1. St John's, identified by Rupert Candy, on Scandrett Street. This is 'Long Good Friday' territory.

image no 1

Snapped by Richard Lovejoy at almost the same time of the year, but not quite!

Another shot but when one sees the next one, McKellen is heading the wrong way! The pub on the left is The Turk's Head and to the right is the former school that was Ebenezer's house in 'Scrooge (1951)'.

image no 2

The Turks Head is no longer a pub but at least it has re-opened. Image by Richard (RL).

McKellen passing the Town of Ramsgate in Wapping High Street. As well as 'The Long Good Friday', shot here are films such as 'Hussy', 'Jack & Sarah', 'The Squeeze', 'Secret Partner', 'Hue & Cry', and even TV's 'Friends'. See Simon James' London Movie Guide for details.

image no 3

Ahhhh! The Town of Ramsgate, mines a pint! (RL)

Wapping tube station, also seen pre-modernisation in 'To Sir With Love'.

image no 4

A few years earlier and that was "home". Not the station or the pavement! (RL)

McKellen at Paddington Station, to take a train for him to fly for Canada, hmmm.

image no 5

Not much has changed in the years. (RL)

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Now in Canada, British Columbia to be more precise, along with some Danish subtitles.

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McKellen and Crane walking parallel to Belleville Street, Victoria, BC, with the Royal British Columbia Museum in the background.

The Fairmont Empress Hotel across the dock on Government Street.

image no 8

This "now" is supplied by Jason Mitchell, our correspondent in Victoria BC, with our thanks (SJ)

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By the Pacific.

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A windswept beach and road, Dallas Road to the southeast of Victoria?

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McKellen arriving to receive his honorary degree. Perhaps the university of Victoria?

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The flatter scenario of Saskatchewan but would a crew bother to go all that way? Probably British Columbia still: it would be a miracle to find these shacks if they're still standing.