Date: 1951
Director: Pat Jackson, Anthony Pelissier and Harold French
Production Company: Two Cities Films

Stars: Nigel Patrick, Roland Culver, Peter Graves, Kay Walsh, Noel Purcell, Glynis Johns, Terence Morgan
Location(s): London, Monte Carlo (Monaco)

Region(s): ,


A dramatisation featuring three short stories by W. Somerset Maugham

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Replacement and additional screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson.


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From his garden on the French Riviera, W. Somerset Maugham introduces the first part of the film in this piece to camera.

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As he outlines the film's content, shots of the grounds at Maugham's home are shown.

The first segment of the film is entitled 'The Ant and the Grasshopper'. An establishing shot of London shows Piccadilly in W1.

image no 3

Apologies: I had the wrong place here in the previous now, since 2008! But no-one noticed for 8 years or perhaps was being over-polite! Here is the correct view on St. James's Street, SW1, looking towards Piccadilly. SJ

Working at his brother's club as a doorman, Tom Ramsay (Nigel Patrick) turns to see his businessman sibling leave the building. St. James's Square SW1.

image no 4

Very much St. James's Square, in the northeast corner. The Flag belongs to the Naval and Military Club, the In & Out, not a tribute to Alex's recreation in 'A Clockwork Orange' but to it's original in and out gates when based in Piccadilly. The same location by Simon.

Tom whistles for a taxi and rides to the pavement on it's running board. St James's Square in the St James area of London.

image no 5

No. 6 has been rebuilt . . . . and has since been rebuilt again! Image by SJ.

The cab's door is opened for Harry Bateman (Charles Victor) as he bids farewell to George Ramsay (Roland Culver).

image no 6

No. 5 and a rebuilt No. 6 on St. James's Square. SJ.

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George negotiates the sale of the family home to Harry as Freda Ramsey (Alison Leggatt) walks with Mrs. Bateman (Margaret Withers).

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A price is agreed and the Batemans depart.

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Car dealer Philip Cronshaw arrives at the Ramsay's house.

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Philip Cronshaw (Peter Graves) tells George that he was looking for Tom after a car was stolen from one of his garages.

In order to avoid police involvement, George pays Cronshaw £200 who, in turn, hands it over to his friend Tom.

image no 11

David Dixon identifies the "bank" as No 33 St. James's Square, now offices. It all makes belated sense given the earlier filming in the Square and the number is now set in brass to make changing it more difficult.(RL)

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With the money, the crooked pair go to Monte Carlo in the south of France where Tom meets and marries the third richest woman in the world before returning to England and buying his family home from Harry Bateman.

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'Winter Cruise' is the second part of the film and features tea-shop owning spinster Molly Reid who takes a winter cruise to the Caribbean. Peter Brown advises that the ship here and in 013 is the SS Jamaica Producer owned by Jamaica Direct Fruit Line (Blue funnel with a black top and two white bands). She ran mainly bananas from Jamaica to London, usually docking at East India Dock which did have cranes of the pattern shown. Actually torpedoed by a U-boat in March 1943 she managed to get to port and was back in traffic within two months. She was finally broken up in 1962 without hostile involvement! (RL)

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The ship sets sail for Kingston, Jamaica.

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A stock or second unit shot of the quayside in Kingston.

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The final section of the film is entitled 'Gigolo and Gigolette'.

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In Monte Carlo, Stella Cotman dives from a great height into a tank of water from during her successful nightclub act.

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Stella visits a casino in an attempt to raise enough money to quit the show. Casino de Monte-Carlo on Place du Casino in Monaco.