End of the Affair, The (1955)

Date: 1955
Director: Edward Dmytryk
Production Company: Coronado Productions

Stars: Deborah Kerr, Van Johnson, John Mills, Peter Cushing
Location(s): London



A man falls in love with his neighbour in wartime London.

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Chester Terrace, The Regent's Park, London NW1. Start of a pan.

image no 1


Panning, but Graham Green, when he wrote the novel set it in, on and around Clapham Common, site of Sunday Bloody Sunday, and Millions Like Us.

image no 2



image no 3


Panning. Look at the Victorian columns beside the door.

image no 4

Now. Doorway put back to original Georgian, without the columns.

image no 5

Now. Another view.

image no 6

Now. Where the columns used to be attached above the door.

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Is this just down the road, where "Gideon's Day" was made? Can't make it match. Brother Brian

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A minor "stately" home, but included as it isn't a regular tourist venue.

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Mark adams in his book 'movie locations' suggests Wilton House, Near Salisbury. Obviously not the main house, but a cottage in the grounds? One to ponder. Brian Tunstill.

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Cumberland Place/ Chester Place, The Regent's Park.

image no 12


Chester Place.

image no 13


Chester Place.

image no 14

Now: nearly aligned with the lamppost. SJ

Chester Terrace, see "It Happened Here" and "Trials of Oscar Wilde".

image no 15

A clearer shot in daytime. SJ

Chester Terrace.

image no 16


Chester Terrace/ Cumberland Place.

image no 17


Chester Terrace/Cumberland Place, again.

image no 18


Chester Terrace.

image no 19


Cumberland Place.

image no 20


Again, and this corner was reused in Angel, Love and Romance.

image no 21


Warwick Crescent.

image no 22



image no 23


Warwick Crescent on the left and Westbourne Terrace Road starts by the white house.

image no 24



image no 25

Warwick Crescent (1953) by David Tindle. Owned by Government Art Collection DCMS.

Once more.

image no 26

Now. Pic by Simon James.

Looking across the water at Blomfield Road.

image no 27


I did have a photo of the GPO cover in the road, showing where the telephone box was connected......But I've lost the picture....Tch! The "Basin", Little Venice, Regent's Canal.

image no 28


Hyde Park Corner, near where Mum and Dad were in "This Happy Breed", and Norman Wisdom skated round in "Trouble in Store".

image no 29

Now. Marble Arch. SJ.

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Not too sure about this one. Is it Chester Place? The reason that all this bomb damage was filmed in The Regent's Park, is because Cambridge Terrace and some other sites were really war damaged and not rebuilt for years. Does anyone have the dates of the bombing or any more info? I used to live there, in the 70s/80s, so I am interested in the history of the park. Brother Brian.

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Wherever we thought this might have been, Denis Hoare has found evidence that it was actually Robert Street, London NW1. looking westward. I have yet to find out whether any copyright is attached to the photo evidence that Denis has provided. (RL)

Hyde Park Corner

image no 32

From Tyburn Way looking towards Edgware Road. SJ.

And panning

image no 33

Panning past Edgware Road. Many changes but the Connaught Place terraces (to the left) clinches it. SJ.

The side of a church?

image no 34

A church indeed, St. Mary Magdelene in Munster Square, London NW1 says Denis Hoare who provideda Google Earth capture to support. There cannot be many drainpipes so distinctive. Thanks to Denis and his "informer" who watched the filming both here and in Chester Terrace. Google now replaced by SJ