End of the Line, The

Date: 1957
Director: Charles Saunders
Production Company: Fortress Film Productions Ltd.

Stars: Alan Baxter, Barbara Shelley, Ferdy Mayne, Jennifer Jayne
Location(s): Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, London

Region(s): ,


The wife of a country hotel and night club owner frames an American writer for her husband’s murder.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson


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The Golden Arrow draws into Victoria station in London SW1.

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American author Mike Selby (Alan Baxter) alights from the train after his journey from Paris. Victoria station.

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Mingling with other passengers, Mike passes through the ticket barrier.

The writer heads towards a waiting taxi. Looking onto Terminus Place outside Victoria station.

image no 4

With so many changes happening at Victoria it is difficult to capture scenes accurately but Peter has done a fine job here. (RL)

The cab pulls away. Facing on Terminus Place outside Victoria station.

image no 5

Peter admits he "nearly got the column in". (RL)

Mike is carried through the Capital. Piccadilly Circus in W1 with the corner of Shaftesbury Avenue on the right and Glasshouse Street to the left.

image no 6

The new advertising system was under test when Peter arrived at the location, hence the wall of colour which was cycling through different hues.

The taxi nears its destination. West Street WC2 with Upper St. Martin’s Lane in the right background. The location is seen in 'Midnight Episode' and 'The Comedy Man'.

image no 7

Peter returns to the location for this shot.

The fare is paid and Mike walks towards the theatre’s stage door. The junction of West Street and Litchfield Street with Tower Court to the right.

image no 8

Moving along, Peter captures the Ambassador's Theatre.

Mike enters the theatre to meet with producer Henry Bruce to discuss reworking a play. The stage door of the Ambassador’s Theatre at the Tower Street end of Tower Court.

image no 9

The same stage door appears in Peter's modern view.

Renting a car, Mike drives to the remote Crawford Farm Hotel in the film’s Marlow. The Crown public house on Church Lane in Penn, Buckinghamshire.

image no 10

Not quite the quiet country pub I was expecting. (RL)

Mike enters the hotel suggested by Ann Bruce back at the theatre. The Crown in Penn to the west of High Wycombe.

image no 11

Just before the lunchtime rush. (RL)

George the hotel porter shows Mike to his accomodation in a cottage across the road from the main hotel. Crown Cottage at the corner of Church Lane and Paul’s Hill in Penn.

image no 12

Well it says "Crown Cottage". (RL)

As hotelier John Crawford introduces himself to the author, his wife Liliane Crawford (Barbara Shelley) arrives with fresh flowers.

image no 13

No longer does it say "Hotel". (RL)

Having recognised his old girlfriend Liliane, Mike gets on with checking and rewriting the script.

image no 14

The lunchtime rush is still to happen. (RL)

John Crawford (Arthur Gomez) takes Mike to the Golden Bowl club for the evening. Outside The Crown in Penn.

image no 15

Not quite the right angle but it was difficult enough getting this shot. (RL)

The two men get into the Humber Hawk for the drive to the club that Crawford also owns. This is the car park adjacent to The Crown on Church Lane, Penn.

image no 16

A structural addition. (RL)

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The Journey towards London continues. Facing west on Maidenhead Road in Clewer, Berkshire. Out of sight in the distance stands The Windsor Lad public house which is seen later.

After she and Mike have planned to rob her husband, Liliane announces that the arrangements have changed.

image no 18

No, still no one eating outside. (RL)

Anne Bruce (Jennifer Jayne) waves to Mike after arriving from London. The junction of Church Lane and Paul’s Hill in Penn with Holy Trinity church in the background.

image no 19

I think they must have moved the gate entry. (RL)

Watched by private eye Max Perrin, Mike sets off to rob Crawford at the Golden Bowl. The car park at The Crown in Penn, Buckinghamshire.

image no 20

Not a Sunbeam Rapier in sight. (RL)

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The Hillman Minx turns onto the main road to London.

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Looking through his window, Mike sees a police car across the road as Inspector Gates knocks at the door. This appears to be the junction of Church Lane and Paul’s Hill as seen from the grounds of Crown Cottage.

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A meeting is arranged between Mike and Max Perrin, the private detective employed by Crawford. The sign for The Windsor Lad on Maidenhead Road in Clewer, Berkshire.

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Believing that he killed Crawford during the robbery, Mike arrives at the pub. The car park of The Windsor Lad on Maidenhead Road.

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Mike enters the bar where Max is waiting. Although altered, The Windsor Lad still stands on Maidenhead Road in Clewer.

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Max Perrin (Geoffrey Hibbert) runs from Liliane’s car as she accelerates towards him. More of The Windsor Lad’s car park.

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Liliane speeds away leaving Max lying on the ground. Looking across Maidenhead Road from the car park of The Windsor Lad in Clewer.

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Seeing Max’s body when he leaves the pub, Mike races after Liliane to be held up by a slow moving tractor and it’s load.

Mike approaches the hotel. The War Memorial at the corner of Church Lane and Paul’s Hill in Penn, Buckinghamshire.

image no 29

Difficult to tell whether those properties have been demolished or are just hidden. (RL)