Endless Night

Date: 1972
Director: Sidney Gilliat
Production Company: EMI Films

Stars: Hywel Bennett, Hayley Mills, Britt Ekland, George Sanders, Per Oscarsson, Ann Way, Aubrey Richards, Peter Bowles, Lois Maxwell, Leo Genn, Windsor Davies
Location(s): London, Middlesex, Isle of Wight, Hertfordshire, Positano (Italy), Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Region(s): , , ,


An impoverished and mysterious chauffeur marries a wealthy heiress but things start to go wrong when the newly-weds move into their dream house. SJ

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The sweep of the Isle of Wight.

image no 1

Now. RJ

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A mysterious figure in the idyllic spot.

Spot the sign? Bennett on chauffeuring duty.

image no 3

Yes St. James's Street, London SW1. Original still from 29-09-2008. SJ

And there's his motor.

image no 4

St. James's Street looking towards Pall Mall, SW1. Also seen in The Breaking of Bumbo and Three Hats for Lisa. Original still from 29-09-2008. SJ

And here's his passenger after some successful shopping.

image no 5

Economist Plaza, also seen in Blow Up, I'll Never Forget What's 'isname and Sebastian. Original still from 29-09-2008. SJ

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The Rolls now parked in a humbler street when Bennett calls on his mother. Unknown yet.

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An establishing shot on the Amalfi Drive, Italy.

Albergo San Pietro, Positano on the Amalfi Drive, Italy.

image no 8

A (much) improved angle on my original first added 31/10/2008. SJ

Bennett fishes out his lunch including a bottle of wine: that's going some at midday in charge of a Roller. Reverse pov at the albergo.

image no 9

Awkward taking it from the coach but this is the nice shot of ubiquitous scooters. SJ

Bennett descends to the terrace of the Albergo San Pietro.

image no 10

It's still there but this is taken from the drive above. Originally added 29/09/08. SJ

Another view from the terrace.

image no 11

A lot of sea and coastline, east of Positano. Originally added: 04-11-2009. SJ

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And again; this is where Bennett meets architect Oscarsson

An interior but an important chance meeting. The Wardens of Amsterdam Drapers' Guild aka The Syndics by Rembrandt van Rijn, 1662, in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Or perhaps a studio mock-up?

image no 13

While we debate, here's the real thing taken by RJ in the Rijksmuseum.

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Bennett becomes disillusioned with his client in Amsterdam. In the background can be seen Gemeente Theater, which just means community, and I'm wondering whether this is really Amsterdam. Verdi's La Forza del Destino is thought to have a "bad luck" curse.

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First guessed as Grim's Dyke House. Peter Wilton correctly disagrees: no side of the house matches this picture and the style is different. Was it the house in The Collector?

South Downs? Steve Rattey says; On the Isle Of Wight just above Brighstone where Strawberry Lane meets Lynch Lane is a car park. Walking west on the lower footpath until you cross the footpath into Westover Down. This shot was taken with the tree line on the hill just behind and is facing south. Latitude 50°39'36.43"N Longitude 1°25'25.61"W.

image no 16

Photo from Steve proving his claim. Gypsy Acre, Isle of Wight. Originally added: 18-05-2012

Bennett meets Mills at Gypsy Acre.

image no 17

One from RJ in roughly the same spot.

Bennett's back.

image no 18

Now. RJ

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An old hag warning about Gypsy's Acre in front of the house seen above.

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Bennett arranges to follow Mills on his bike into town.

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Tea and this is the dining room of The Edgwarebury Hotel now Laura Ashley The Manor near Elstree, a very popular filming location.

Bennett follows Mills home into London.

image no 22

The east side of Lancaster Gate, London W2 also seen in 'Murder Without Crime' and briefly in 'Scandal'. SJ

Bennett parks his moped.

image no 23

Facing towards Hyde Park. SJ

Visit no2 to Gypsy's Acre.

image no 24

This is a good match from Steve Rattey.

Bennett takes a call when Mills lets him down.

image no 25

Replacing Andrew's off-angle shot from 2014 which established this as Grim's Dyke Hotel off Old Redding, Harrow Weald. SJ

Mills on way to meet Bennett on the South Bank.

image no 26

Jubilee Gardens, SE1. Four Weddings and a Funeral, A Warm December et al. SJ

Bennett reading a newspaper by the wall.

image no 27

Jubilee Gardens. SJ

They meet. Bennett has found out that she's an heiress.

image no 28

The Millennium Eye has interfered with the now. SJ

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The honeymoon in "Wales."

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Bennett and the family lawyer Sanders.

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As above. A London park with boating. Battersea? Dulwich? Kensington Gardens? Serpentine? Andrew thinks the latter but the jury is still out.

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Bennett sets up an antique business.

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The newly-wedded couple's house designed by Oscarsson.

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A visit from aged relatives, Way and Richards.

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Bennett sees policeman Davies about mysterious goings-on in the "Market Chadwell" vicinity.

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A garden party.

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An interesting photo ... snapped in Amsterdam. The Gemeente Theater again. Is that really Amsterdam?

An exterior shot of Grim's Dyke Hotel near Harrow.

image no 38

The north-west side of the hotel, a popular filming location. SJ