Date: 1958
Director: Montgomery Tully and David Paltenghi
Production Company: Anglo-Guild Productions

Stars: Rod Cameron, Mary Murphy, Meredith Edwards, Peter Illing, Carl Jaffe
Location(s): London

Region(s): ,


Enquiring about the mysterious death of a film star, an insurance investigator uncovers an exclusive psychiatric clinic where patients who want to escape the stresses of life are hypnotised.

Additional Information:

Michael Jaffé grandson of Carl Jaffé (1902-74) who appeared as Dr. Hoff in this film has kindly provided us with copies of posters and prints relative to the two titles under which it was released namely, Escapement, and The Electronic Monster. They can be viewed at PR prints for Escapement and The Electronic Monster that feature Carl Jaffé. Carl had a long and wide TV and Film career as evidenced in the imdb.

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

Also known as ‘The Electronic Monster’ (US Title)


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One of two scene setting shots of New York where Jeff Keenan is given the task of looking into the death of film star Clark Denver on the French Riviera.

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The investigator from Consolidated Assurance arrives in Cannes. Likely to be stock or second unit footage.

Jeff Keenan (Rod Cameron) checks into the Hotel Memours before starting his investigation into the film studio's $250,000 claim. Now this looks more British deco than French Riviera.

image no 3

Peter recognised the White House entrance at No. 1 Albany Street in London NW1, which was also seen in 'Tread Softly Stranger' and 'Gideon's Day'. The premises are currently called the Meliá White House.

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As part of his enquiries, Jeff calls on Verna Berteaux. Exeter House on Putney Heath in London SW15.

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Next call is the police station where Jeff meets with Gaston, the Police Commissaire.

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Acting on Gaston's information, Jeff drives to the Clinique Privée d'Amercon on the riviera.

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Jeff parks on the outside the establishment specialising in electronic dream therapy.

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Ruth Vance (Mary Murphy) greets her old flame at the door of the clinic run by Dr. Phillip Maxwell.

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More patients arrive as the glamorous movie star gives Jeff her address.

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Dr. Maxwell drives to visit Paul Zacon, owner of the clinic. Gordon Thomson advises that this is The Fairbanks Building at National Studios Elstree (now BBC Elstree), he knows, because he has worked there. (RL)

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The camera tracks the car as Dr. Maxwell pulls up outside the entrance of Zacon's offices.The Fairbanks Building, National Studios Elstree as advised by Gordon Thomson. (RL)

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Paul Zakon (Peter Illing) arrives at his office as, in the background, Jeff attempts to infiltrate the establishment by carrying boxes inside from a delivery van. The Fairbanks Building, National Studios Elstree as advised by Gordon Thomson. (RL)