Evil Under the Sun

Date: 1982
Director: Guy Hamilton
Production Company: EMI Films, Titan Productions, Mersham Productions Ltd

Stars: Peter Ustinov, Colin Blakely, Diana Rigg, Jane Birkin, Nicholas Clay, Roddy McDowell, Maggie Smith, James Mason, Sylvia Miles, Dennis Quilley
Location(s): Mallorca (Spain), Yorkshire

Region(s): ,


At an exclusive island resort, Hercule Poirot investigates how a millionaire wound up with a fake diamond. But when a murder is committed, everyone has an alibi.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by John Tunstill with additional research and comments by Phil Wilkinson.


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Seen in the prologue: a body is discovered on the Yorkshire moors. The Police Station is played by the former Muker Literary Institute, Muker on the B6270 near Hawes in North Yorkshire.

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Clever reflection but is this really London?

Maggie Smith's hotel set on "Daphne Island near Tyrania". The website Silver-Screen-Spain advises that this is Cala d'en Monjo.

image no 3

Lionel and Cynthia Sear say that this was the best that they could do as they were not actually in charge of the boat's bridge. (RL)

Clay and Birkin arrive.

image no 4

Looking down from the site of the hotel to an old landing stage on the east side of the cove. We normally blur peoples faces for publication of shots but Lionel and Cynthia have here blurred the whole of the naturists! (RL)

Smith, McDowall, Miles and Mason on the terrace.

image no 5

Lionel and Cynthia Sear went back to Cala den Monjo where they overlooked on their last visit. To reach this terrace they had, they tell us, a superb walk through the pines with a rise and fall of some 500 feet each way. They will go anywhere, and as we know, risk life and limb for Reelstreets!

Ustinov preparing to leave for the island. Noonday gun on the cliff above. Identified as Cala de Deía by Silver-Screen-Spain.

image no 6

Cala de Deía is a beautiful cove sitting some 600 feet below Deía where Robert Graves lived and is buried. To make life slightly easier for themselves Lionel and Cynthia travelled by bus for this one.....and then walked, to take this shot looking towards the right hand side of cove. (RL)

Another shot of the location in the previous image. Cala de Deía, Mallorca.

image no 7

Lionel and Cynthia say that this is looking out to sea from the cove, so how did Lionel know that some of the foreground needed blurring for privacy and decency? (RL)

Ustinov arrives at the resort with Rigg, Quilley and Hone.

image no 8

Lionel and Cynthia took this, duly averting their eyes, from the landing stage shown in 004 and report that the wooden part is no more. The view is looking west to an attractive little beach. (RL)

Another view of 003. Cala d'en Monjo in Mallorca, Spain. Alex adds that the hotel itself was demolished after filming.

image no 9

Another by Lionel from the landing stage looking up to the site of the "hotel". Cynthia may be seen sitting quietly looking down and once more clutching the insurance policy. (RL)

Ustinov on the terrace.

image no 10

Lionel and Cynthia go up on the cliff at the site of the "hotel"looking out to sea. (RL)

Birkin from her hotel room.

image no 11

Venturing to the Raixa Estate Lionel and Cynthia managed this shot of the south side of the house that is at the end of a long gallery......just before the heaven's opened. (RL)

Elegant terraced steps. Thanks for quoting Silver Screen Spain. This is The Raixa estate, also seen in Presence of Mind. Bob Yareham, Silver Screen.

image no 12

Yes, this is looking up the steps not down but Lionel and Cynthia say that the rain had turned to a thunderstorm and the steps were cascading like a waterfall. Clearly they do draw a line sometimes but having had an account of the journey back to the hotel they pay the price later. The lions apparently echoed their feelings. (RL)

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Rigg alone with her thoughts on her private beach.

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Hone and Birkin on their private beach.

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Smith on a cliff top bench.

Clay and Miles take out a motorboat.

image no 16

Whilst attending to 010 they moved more to the west of the "hotel". (RL)

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Ustinov questions McDowall. The Raixa Estate.Bob Yareham