Fahrenheit 451

Date: 1966
Director: François Truffaut
Production Company: Anglo Enterprises, Vineyard Film Ltd

Stars: Oskar Werner, Julie Christie, Cyril Cusack, Anton Diffring
Location(s): Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Loiret (France), London

Region(s): , ,


In totalitarian future where a firemans duty is to destroy books, Montag begins to question the idea of book burning. After killing his superior whilst burning his own home he escapes to find the book people . . .

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Screen shots uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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The firemen leave the station to go book burning. The station is a store in the grounds of Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath.

A subversive book reader (Jeremy Spenser) eludes capture on The Alton Estate situated in Roehampton, southwest London.

image no 2

The same, rather messier, location taken by Mark O'Neill.

The firemen arrive on Alton Estate in Roehampton SW15 which was built in the late 50's to mid 60's.

image no 3

Quite tricky to tell the blocks apart. This is Denmead House, grade II* listed. SJ

The Captain (Cyril Cusack) waits whilst Montag (Oskar Werner) leads the firemen onto Alton Estate. The cupola of the Lulham Building of Roehampton University can been seen through the trees behind the 'fire engine'.

image no 4

Not a lot can be seen through the trees at all. SJ

Dunbridge House on Highcliffe Drive on the Alton Estate. The background blocks of flats are on Sherfield Gardens.

image no 5

The area below the bank (see fahr004) is grassed now. SJ

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The firemen return to the station in Pinewood Studios.

Establishing shot of the SAFEGE (Société Anonyme Française d'Etude de Gestion et d'Entreprises) Monorail which features prominently in the film. Built in 1959 the infrastructure was dismantled around 1970. The vehicle still exists albeit in a derelict and vandalised state.

image no 7

Probably one of the most obscure pictures on Reel Streets. The only remaining part of the screen shot is the now disused telegraph pole. Image copyright Google Maps.

Montag and Clarisse (Julie Christie) alight from the Monorail. The line was 1.4km long and ran on ground owned by construction company Baudin Châteauneuf in Chateauneuf-sur-Loire.

image no 8

The Monorail followed a railway line into the premises of Baudin Châteauneuf alongside Rue de la Cigale. Factory expansion has obliterated much of the evidence. Image copyright Google Maps.

A proving shot for the location in image fahr008. Note the style of the telegraph poles alongside the old railway line.

image no 9

Close up of telegraph pole in shot fahr008n. This is the second pole from the left in image fahr008a, just next to the Monorail support. Image copyright Google Maps.

Montag and Clarrise walk from the Monorail stop to their homes.

image no 10

The same location next to a Level Crossing just off Rue de Grands Billions in Chateauneuf sur Loire. Image is copyright Google Maps.

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Clarisse's house in an unknown location.

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Montag heads home on Linkway in Edgcumbe Park, Crowthorne, Berkshire.

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The fireman approaches his front door.

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An unknown location. The firemen turn up at the Book Woman's house after a tip off that there are hidden books.

Minstead Gardens on Alton Estate with Roehampton University buildings in the background. Citizens are asked to look out for Montag who is now on the run.

image no 15

The same place now. Image from Mark O'Neill who was followed by the local hoodies through the area!

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Montag escapes across waste ground on Alton Estate.