Ferry Cross the Mersey

Date: 1964
Director: Jeremy Summers
Production Company: Subafilms

Stars: Gerry Marsden, Freddie Marsden, Leslie Maguire, Les Chadwick (Gerry and the Pacemakers), Julie Samuel, T P McKenna, Deryk Guyler
Location(s): Liverpool, Birkenhead



Gerry and Fred Marsden, Les McGuire, and Les “Chad” Chadwick portray themselves in a romp through the early 1960’s Liverpool Beat Scene. Art students by day and musicians by night the boy’s big break comes by winning a local talent contest. But first, they must retrieve their instruments which have been mistakenly carried to the airport.

Additional Information:

Stills and location information provided by John Owens.  

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Opening sequence shows Gerry and the Pacemakers arriving by car through the Mersey Tunnel.

image no 1

This is the Birkenhead entrance to the Mersey Tunnel. Taken by John Owens.

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Possibly a cemetery near Liverpool Anglican Cathedral... St James's Cemetery, indeed next to the Anglican Cathedral. The sloping passages (carriage ramps from the days, until 1825, it was a quarry) are still there. The monument in the next picture is visible in front of these sloping drives. Info from Peter Gopsill with our thanks (SJ)

Same as fcm002.

image no 3

A monument in St James Cemetery next to the Liverpool Anglican cathedral, well spotted by John Owens.

Somewhere in Birkenhead on the banks of the Mersey.

image no 4

View across the Mersey from the car park opp.Horseman Place Birkenhead. Picture from Google view. Sent in by Dean

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Same as fcm004.

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Same as fcm004.

Near the Woodside ferry terminal in Birkenhead.

image no 7

Taken from the Birkenhead Woodside ferry terminal - the tower in the background is the Hamilton Square underground station. John Owens, him of the eagle eye, sorted this one.

On the Mersey ferry.

image no 8

On the Mersey ferry - the Anglican cathedral in the background to the right, John again.

Another on the Mersey ferry.

image no 9

The ferry again - the Liver, Cunard and Port of Liverpool - pier head buildings in the background. Snapped by John.

Street near Liverpool Anglican cathedral.

image no 10

26 Windsor St, Liverpool, sent in by Graham Leslie - Copyright 2010 Google.

The former Liverpool Art College building in Hope Street- former student - John Lennon.

image no 11

The former Liverpool Art College building in Hope Street - largely unchanged and now used by John Moores University. Our thanks to John Owens for this.

Same as fcm011.

image no 12

Hope Street outside the former Art College. Another picture by John.

Street near the Art College.

image no 13

Nelson Street in Liverpool's Chinatown. The Chinese arch is new - but the building visible through the arch and the houses on the left are still there. A serious bit of sleuthing for this one. Well done John.

Street near the Art College.

image no 14

Liverpool Kelly's Directory for 1966 shows the "Jung Wah"; restaurant at 36 Nelson Street. It's still there and still operating as a Chinese restaurant. Spotted by John Owens. Whilst the debate in Capture 15 text has been resolved, confirmation of the location and a story in connection with the filming has been provided by Peter Wong. Peter tells us that "the captures were taken outside my late grandfathers 'Jung Wah' (named after his 2 eldest sons Jung & Wah) restaurant at 36 Nelson Street. It's décor was Mary Quant 'black and white' themed, so, the producer requiring an 'oriental theme' created a 130cm x 50cm red and gold dragon to hang in the window! The dragon was adopted as a good luck charm and so stayed for a decade or so....." (RL)

Chinese restaurant - somewhere near Hope Street... Steven Middleton says 7, Falkner Street, now an Italian restaurant called The Quarter, but John's "now" seems to match Nelson Street a little further to the south-east. Will this open a debate? ... Just a brief one: Steven agrees Nelson Street. All is well. (SJ)

image no 15

Reverse shot of Capture 14, by John.

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Reception of the Adelphi hotel in Liverpool.

Liverpool Pier Head.

image no 17

Roadway down towards the Mersey Ferry terminal - the side wall has gone but it is the same location as the buildings in the background show. John Owens took this.

Possibly a lodge near Speke Hall.

image no 18

Lodge at entrance road to Speke Hall. Copyright 2010 Google. Graham Leslie.

Pathways leading to Speke Hall.

image no 19

Driveway to or from Speke Hall. Copyright 2010 Google. Graham Leslie.

Speke Hall - 14th century Tudor manor - on the outskirts of Liverpool.

image no 20

Speke Hall. Image courtesy of Waheed Ashraf. Copyright 2010 Google. Sent in by Graham Leslie.

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Same as fcm020.

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Co-star Eric Barker in front of Speke Hall.

Liverpool city centre - with St George's Hall in the background.

image no 23

Taken from Manchester Street looking towards St John's Gardens with St George's Hall in the background. We'll take this on trust, can't see the Hall for the trees, maybe John will go back in six months time and take another shot.

Co-star Julie Samuel driving out of the Mersey tunnel.

image no 24

Haymarket, Liverpool, Graham Leslie again. Copyright 2010 Google.

Co-star George A Cooper in an unknown Liverpool street. Dave Maguire says that this is the top of Dean Road where it meets Kensington. The building behind the man is Capaldi's Cafe.

image no 25

Deane Road off Kensington, Liverpool, via Google Street view, Sent by Dean

Boaler Street in Liverpool.

image no 26

Buildings in Boaler Street Liverpool - unchanged. This was the stage door to the Locarno Ballroom where the concert sequences were filmed. Thank you John Owens.