Finding Your Feet

Date: 2017
Director: Richard Loncraine
Production Company: Eclipse Films, Catalyst Global Media, Powderkeg Pictures

Stars: Imelda Staunton, Timohty Spall, Celia Imrie, Joanna Lumley, David Hayman, John Sessions
Location(s): Hertfordshire, London, Rome

Region(s): , ,


After fleeing a comfortable home and her husband’s infidelity, a keen ex-dancer moves into her sister’s housing estate and finds her identity. SJ

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Sessions and Stauton's comfortable Surrey mansion. In fact it's Hertfordshire, Bannits' House, Chalfont Lane, Chorleywood in Hertfordshire.

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And we see the front of this Arts and Crafts house as caterers set up for a party to celebrate Sessions' knighthood.

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Hayman on his canal boat next to Spall's on the Regent's Canal alongside Blomfield Road, London W9.

This could either be Hampstead No. 3 Pond for mixed bathers, or, nearer Highgate, the Kenwood Ladies in which case a now could be restrictive unless we can find female help.

image no 4

This is prepared to be very much temporary, but I include it to show that the background is similar. I should be a pond further back but I hadn't brought my trunks. SJ

Her ladyship Staunton, slightly intimidated, arrives at sister Imrie's estate. This is Jesson House, part of the Rodney Estate east of Walworth Road, SE17.

image no 5

This is Jesson House, part of the Rodney Estate east of Walworth Road, SE17. SJ

Staunton and Imrie meet at the less cluttered entrance.

image no 6

Jesson House is on the east side of Orb Street opposite Nursery Row Park. Also seen in TV's Dr Who (The End of Time). SJ

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Spall visits his wife who is permanently hospitalised with Alzheimer's.

Imrie and Staunton chew the fat after a funeral on Pancras Road, NW1.

image no 8

Peter provides this comparison.

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They emerge from dance classes at the Round Chapel. This is the corner of Lower Clapton Road and Powerscroft Road E7.

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Imrie jumps aboard Spall's canal boat with Maida Avnue W2, in the background.

The trio Imrie, Lumley and Staunton head for a park bench.

image no 11

Nursery Row Park in front of Orb Street SE17, also seen in 'Daphne'. SJ

Imrie struggles with back pain as she ascends with Spall, Staunton and Hayman to make up a quartet.

image no 12

Holly Bush Steps NW3, also seen most recently in 'Hampstead'. SJ

They turn right onto Holly Mount.

image no 13

To reveal The Holly Bush pub also seen in 'The Killing of Sister George'. SJ

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The dance class celebrate Christmas in an elaborate "mash-up" at Piccadilly Circus W1.

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The dance goes viral - the wonders of social media - as Sessions drives from Perrin's Court, also seen in 'Hampstead', onto Hampstead High Street NW3.

Spall and Staunton saunter around the West End. Charing Cross Road next to Wyndham's Theatre WC2.

image no 16

Not too many changes here . . . but it was only shot last year! (PW)

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Regent's Street in W1.

Chinatown's Gerrard Street WC2.

image no 18

The gates are open wider. (PW)

Ed's at Moor Street and Old Compton Street W1.

image no 19

The same junction. (PW)

Staunton tells Spall about her dancing ambitions turning up for an audition here.

image no 20

Catherine Street alongside the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, WC2. This corner was also seen in 'Never Let Me Go' (1953). SJ

They turn the corner to locate Spall's van, parked ill-advisedly.

image no 21

This is Russell Street looking towards Catherine Street. Drury Lane is behind me. SJ

Spall finds that his van is to be towed and so takes drastic action. Suddenly we've moved from WC2 to EC1.

image no 22

This is looking east on St Cross Street, off Hatton Garden EC1. SJ

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Thanks to the viral sensation caused at Piccadilly Circus, an invitation is extended to the dance troupe to perform in Rome. The Hotel Baglioni, 72 Via Veneto.

The troupe see the sights.

image no 24

Ponte Sant'Angelo, Rome. SJ

Spall and Lumley pause on the bridge to allow the sisters to catch up.

image no 25

A daytime shot of the Castel Sant'Angelo. SJ

Spall guides Staunton through the routine of three wishes for three coins thrown into the fountain.

image no 26

The Fontana Trevi, seen in most films set in Rome. SJ

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The Piazza Navona, eerily deserted as it's first thing in the morning, looking south.

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The crowd walks up from the bathing pool after casting of ashes on Hampstead Heath. Tris pinpoints the spot as Lime Avenue,

Staunton chases after Spall's canal boat. Identified by Tris, this is the entrance to Blomfield Road moorings in W2.

image no 29

And here's the proof from Tris.

She finally catches up with him as he emerges from the Islington Canal tunnel at Colebrooke Row N1. That's a four mile dash: she must be keen!

image no 30

Tris provides this view looking west to the entrance of Islington Tunnel from the towpath running at right angles to Colebrooke Row.