Flaw, The

Date: 1955
Director: Terence Fisher
Production Company: Cybex Film Productions Ltd.

Stars: John Bentley, Donald Houston, Rona Anderson
Location(s): Dorset, London, Shoreham, East Sussex.

Region(s): , ,


Chap has to establish alibi for himself while he murders his wife having married her for her money. But has he covered all angles or is there a small flaw? SJ

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Paul Oliveri (John Bentley) wins the race. Silverstone Circuit, Towcester, Northamptonshire. SD

Lulworth Cove, Dorset, where Oliveri proposes marriage to the unsuspecting Monica (Rona Anderson). The location is seen in 'Out of Season', ‘The Boys in Blue’ and ‘Four Sided Triangle’. SD

image no 2

Also seen in 'The Four Sided Triangle' and appears to be the same piece of footage. Originally viewed further along the path to West Point (seen in 'The Black Rider') which is now fenced off. SD

Lincoln's Inn, Camden, London, WC2, where solicitor John Millway (Donald Houston) has his office. SD

image no 3

It remains a peaceful haven. (RL)

The Strand Theatre, Aldwych and Catherine Street, WC2, renamed the Novello in 2005 after Ivor. It's Never Too Late, a comedy written by Felicity Douglas, was filmed soon after in 1956.

image no 4

Now showing Mamma Mia, also filmed. SJ

Another shot as Bentley drives away.

image no 5

Looking up Catherine Street from the theatre. SJ

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Oliveri waits for Millway to leave his club. Unknown location. SD

Confident of a perfect murder, Oliveri plans to dispose of the body. SD

image no 7

Now. 44 Dyke Road Avenue, Hove, East Sussex. A neighbouring house was seen in 'Smokescreen'. SD

With the body in the car Oliveri leaves for Southaven. Dyke Road Avenue, Hove, East Sussex. SD

image no 8

Dyke Road Avenue now. SD

Oliveri arrives at the house in Southaven to the surprise of housekeeper Mrs Bower (Doris Yorke). Kingston Bay Road, Shoreham By Sea, West Sussex, SD

image no 9

Kingston Bay Road now. SD

Oliveri drags the sack containing Millway from the rear of the house and onto the beach. Shoreham By Sea, West Sussex. SD

image no 10

The beach to the rear of the house now with better sea defences. SD

Oliveri boards the boat to dispose of Millway but will soon discover the flaw in his plan. Shoreham harbour, Shoreham, East Sussex. SD

image no 11

Shoreham Harbour now. Also seen in 'Shadow Of Fear' 1963. SD