Fool’s Gold: The Story of the Brink’s-Mat Robbery

Date: 1992
Director: Terry Winsor
Production Company: London Weekend Television (LWT)

Stars: Sean Bean, Trevor Byfield, Larry Lamb, George Jackos, Sharon Maiden, Bryan Croucher, David Cardy
Location(s): London

Region(s): , ,


A dramatised speculation of what happened in November 1983 when thieves carry out a heist that became known as the Brink’s-Mat Robbery.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded from source material provided by John Tunstill.

A film made for television.


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An armoured security van rounds a corner. Unidentified location.

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A car overtakes the van, forcing it to a halt, as another pulls up behind.

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Whilst the robbers attempt to break into the van, a lorry draws up.

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One of the gang turns his gun to point at the lorry driver as other members struggle to rob the van.

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Traffic builds up behind the lorry as the heist continues. Alan Draghi places this as Hoskins Street, London SE10. (RL)

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Police sirens are heard as the loot is loaded into the getaway car and Micky McAvoy (Sean Bean) walks towards the lorry driver. Crowleys Wharf, Greenwich, London SE10 says Alan Draghi. (RL)

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Taking the lorry driver's keys, McAvoy throws them into the river before the gang make their escape. Crowleys Wharf, Greenwich, London SE10 again says Alan Draghi. (RL)

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A police car approaches the traffic standing behind the disabled lorry. Alan Draghi also places this as Hoskins Street, London SE10 but a reverse POV to foogo005. (RL)

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A panning shot starts as the credits roll. Unknown location.

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The shot settles outside McAvoy's house where Jimmy Kimpton pulls up outside.

Jimmy Kimpton (Trevor Byfield) tries to persuade McAvoy to pull another job. Columbia Road in London E2.

image no 11

A closer view of the property. (PW)

McAvoy walks away from fence Kimpton after complaining about how the last operation went. Columbia Road.

image no 12

The same location now. Further along the road is a location seen in 'The Krays'.

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At Heathrow Airport, a Brink's-Mat armoured van arrives outside the warehouse. Unidentified location.

With McAvoy on board, planning goes ahead for the next robbery as Bernie Clarke (Stephen Frost) is released from prison. Wormwood Scrubs on Du Cane Road, London W12.

image no 14

Still 5mph sign but the crest's been nicked. SJ

Clarke walks free after eight years to be met by McAvoy and Brian Robinson.

image no 15

Looks like a longer drive: all do with the lens, he says "technically". SJ

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Customers leave The Fisherman's Arms whilst, inside, final preparations are made for the robbery. Unknown location.

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Panning and tilting upwards from image foogo016, the camera finds the window of the room where the gang members plot.

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The gates of the warehouse stand open following the biggest robbery in Britain.

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McAvoy leaves the Fisherman's Arms after a tense meeting with the gang that, unexpectedly, netted £26 million in gold bullion.

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Kimpton meets with McAvoy after their inside man at the warehouse is kept in police custody. Steve Cook advises that this is Royal Victoria Dock in E16 taken from the Excel side with the Tate & Lyle factory in the distance.

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McAvoy is told to 'leg it' before it's too late. Located by Steve Cook, this is Royal Victoria Dock with Spillers and Millennium Mills across the water.

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After McAvoy and Robinson are identified and detained, McAvoy's Wife is driven to Brixton Prison by Kimpton. Unidentified location.

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Undercover police watch as Jackie McAvoy (Sharon Maiden) gets out of the car and crosses the road.

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Jackie enters the prison gate to visit her husband.

Kimpton heads to see crime boss The Brother and asks him to help spring McAvoy from prison. Columbia Road, London E2.

image no 25

The view from street level. (PW)

As Kimpton enters the building, a plain clothes officer walks past. Columbia Road in Tower Hamlets.

image no 26

Filming seems to have taken place from an upper floor of the school opposite. (PW)

After The Brother agrees to help, Jimmy Kimpton drives to meet with a contact.

image no 27

Riverside in Twickenham, Middlesex. (PW)

Kimpton gets out of his car and looks across at the contact's house. Facing Eel Pie Island from the end of Church Lane, Riverside.

image no 28

The buildings on Eel Pie Island have been replaced or rebuilt. (PW)

A Detective watches as Kimpton crosses the bridge from the island.

image no 29

The bridge across to Eel Pie Island from The Embankment in Twickenham. (PW)

Kimpton returns from the rendezvous. This area and the bridge also featured in 'A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square'.

image no 30

The same bridge over the Thames on a sunny July day. (PW) Image originally added 29-08-2013.

A boatman rows out into the Thames after Kimpton departs.

image no 31

The same stretch of water now. (PW)

The Detective watches the boatman as Kimpton drives away.

image no 32

The River Thames seen from the junction of Church Lane, Riverside and The Embankment in Twickenham. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

A helicopter brings Ross to meet with Kimpton and receive payment for the jail break. Millennium Mill on the south side of the Royal Victoria Dock in West Silvertown, London E16. The building was also seen in 'Madhouse' and 'The Sandwich Man'.

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During an exercise period, Micky McAvoy and Brian Robinson (Brian Croucher) walk through the prison yard. Unidentified location.

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Police watch as the gold is moved from it's hiding place. Unknown location.

When McAvoy is transferred to Winchester Prison before being sprung, Kimpton returns to see The Brother. Columbia Road E2.

image no 36

The same location now. (PW)

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Kimpton arrives to see Kenny Noye at The Brother's insistence. Unidentified location.

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A sample of gold from the robbery is taken to the highly experienced and well placed fence.

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Noye drives Kimpton and the gold to a group of outbuildings in the countryside. Unknown location.

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Kenneth Noye (Larry Lamb) leads Kimpton into a shed where the gold will be recast to hide it's markings.

  • 'Now' required

After Clarke is found not guilty, Kimpton visits him on the Costa del Sol whilst McAvoy and Robinson begin their 25 year sentence. Unidentified location.

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Coles (Rob Spendlove) greets Kimpton at the gates of the Spanish villa.

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Bernie Clarke languishes in the pool as Coles brings Kimpton through the villa.

Under the watchful eye of undercover officers, another load of gold is about to be shipped to Noye. Paddington station, London W2.

image no 44

Not easy to find a seat here now. (PW)

After briefcases are exchanged, one of the couriers boards a train. Platform 1 at Paddington station in W2. The location was also seen in 'Murder She Said', 'Dr. Terror's House of Horrors', 'The White Bus' amongst others.

image no 45

No train at the platform in this comparison. With acknowledgement to the Network Rail staff at Paddington. (PW)

The briefcase containing the bullion is taken from the station. Paddington station, Praed Street, London W2.

image no 46

Taken from the bottom of a now closed stairway on platform 1. With thanks to the Network Rail staff at Paddington station. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

After reading about Noye's capture, McAvoy tells Robinson that their appeal is jeopardised and speaks with his solicitor about doing a deal.

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After the two prisoners agree to hand back their half of the gold, Jimmy Kimpton drives to visit Kathy, McAvoy's girlfriend. Unknown location.

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Kimpton gets out of his new car at Kathy's new house.

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Kathy (Eve Bland) greets Kimpton before telling him of McAvoy's deal with Deputy Assistant Commissioner Worth.

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With the aim of investing their cut, The Brother takes Kimpton along to meet with a Businessman (David Peart) in London's Docklands. Royal Victoria Dock in E16 again, advises Steve Cook, with Spillers and the Millennium Mills in the background.

Detective Chief Superintendent Brian Boyce (Michael Redfern) and Deputy Assistant Commissioner Brian Worth (Jeremy Child) look for Georgie Bishop who is the agreed go-between for the handover of the gold. South Bank in London SE1 with Hungerford Bridge in the background.

image no 52

At least Hungerford Bridge is the same! (RL)

The two high ranking officers spot Kimpton, who betrays McAvoy by changing the terms of the deal.

image no 53

Even the sculpture has gone. (RL)