Foreign Body

Date: 1986
Director: Ronald Neame
Production Company: Orion

Stars: Victor Banerjee, Warren Mitchell, Dennis Quilley, Amanda Donohue, Eve Ferret, Anna Massey, Stratford Johns, Trevor Howard
Location(s): London



Indian immigrant accidentally finds love and an esteemed position as a sympathetic but nevertheless untrained doctor. SJ

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Banerjee finds himself in a bustling market. Shepherd's Bush Market in W12 with the viaduct carrying the Hammersmith & City Line curving away southward on the right.

Enjoying the sights of Trafalgar Square, London WC2.

image no 2

Looking towards the National Gallery. SJ

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Buying a paper to find a room. Oxford Circus, W1.

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Finds a flat at "Shepherd's Bush." I think indeed this is Uxbridge Road looking east.

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No. 320. But if it is Uxbridge Road, more like 230 or so.

Banerjee walks along minding his own business in Mayfair.

image no 6

92 and 93 Mount Street, London W1. SJ

A 73 bus knocks over Donohue in Mount Street and Banerjee comes to the rescue.

image no 7

I think the 73 bus got lost: perhaps it was on diversion. SJ

Banerjee brings Donohue into 94 Mount Street.

image no 8

The view from outside Pringle of Scotland at 94 Mount Street. SJ

Deciding to become a doctor, Banerjee rents a consulting room.

image no 9

This is 1 Upper Wimpole Street. SJ

Banerjee surveys his newly-found status.

image no 10

The west side of Upper Wimpole Street, W1. SJ

Banerjee is fast becoming established.

image no 11

Looking north up Upper Wimpole Street. SJ

Off to the bank to open an account. RL has spotted Chesterfield Street looking towards Charles Street, W1.

image no 12

Looking north along Chesterfield Street. SJ

Lloyd's bank at no15. Chesterfield Street, alas but predictably no longer a bank (RL)

image no 13

Now a "microtel" SJ

Banerjee's clients include the prime minister Quilley.

image no 14

Looking north on Upper Wimpole Street. SJ

A deceptive sign. We are a little to the west of Harley Street looking south on the corner of Weymouth Street and Upper Wimpole Street.

image no 15

Sign's moved and changed back to its proper name. SJ

Some more signs to distract us, while onlookers are gazing up at a medical disturbance.

image no 16

Looking west on Weymouth Street at the junction of Upper Wimpole Street. SJ

Howard is rescued by a fireman.

image no 17

The Weymouth Street side of the corner. SJ

A rescued Howard is led away.

image no 18

Looking east along Weymouth Street. SJ

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Ferret knows that Banerjee is an imposter and calls him to negotiate an arrangement.

A meeting is arranged. That Gucci sign should help identify this, and I walked past it a few days before publishing this film. Old Bond Street looking south towards Piccadilly, thank you RL.

image no 20

Gucci (to my right mostly out of shot) is still at 34 Old Bond Street. Only the building on Piccadilly is easy to recognise. SJ

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And Banerjee walks past a Car Parking sign.